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A young guy killed himself by jumping off the overpass at highway. It was discovered after checking his body that it had prescribed medication and kratom inside. Now the question arises that among the two, what was the one to put blame? Ian Mautner was the name of the boy and his mother who was an employee in the hospital and working as a recovering alcoholic surgical nurse. She took no time in putting the blame of his death on kratom.

What Is To Be Blamed?

He was using antidepressants which are recognized as the drugs which persuaded the users for suicide in the past. While the other one has never shown such consequences and it is known for its energy and mood enhancing characteristics.
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Ban On Kratom – Who Will Get Benefit From That Ban?

A demand to put ban has been made from his mother who herself is a part of the medical industry using her son’s death as a medium and politicians have been supporting the ban as well. Why are they supporting? They need to gain more voters and among the supporters, one of the biggest support for them is from the pharmaceutical industry. To make them satisfied, politicians are offering their favor to these companies which have the target to block the use of this herbal cure so that their profits are not troubled.

Drug Addiction

People of South Florida along with the entire country are becoming the victims of the pharmaceutical drugs that cause an addiction. As soon as people found another herbal remedy instead of using the same pharmaceuticals, they have moved to this herb which is the reason why the image of these companies is spoiling. To protect themselves, they are trying hard to sacrifice kratom whose record is clean unlike other drugs from which patients are running away now.

Herbal Remedy is Beneficial

We cannot forget the benefits which this herb can give, at the top of which is the release from addictive drugs. But these pharmaceutical companies are not letting it to be used rather than their prescribed medicines.

Their support for the campaign of Mrs. Mautner is only for their own benefit to block the usage of the herbal medicinal.

Disadvantages Of The Ban

  • A major disadvantage of putting the ban is that there will be more people who are going to be harmed than those who will have benefits.
  • The severity of harm is more than the benefits people going to get from it.
  • People will have to rely again on the prescribed painkillers whose effects are for some short period and therefore, people will lose an opportunity to get permanent remedy.
  • They will be deprived of their right to get a quick remedy.
  • Addiction is getting common and now with this ban, number of addicted people will increase more.
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Kratom benefits are unforgettable before release from addictive drugs. But these pharmaceutical companies are not allowing it in the state to purchase.

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