Kratom finds its origin in the Southeast Asia countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. The tropical tree runs in the coffee family called Rubiaceae. Mitragyna speciosa has found importance in relieving chronic pain, controlling opioid withdrawal, and even as a recreational drug. It is according to science. Kratom has alternatives like any other drug out there. The best of them are those that strive to copy Kratom’s effects on human anatomy. The drugs work towards stimulation, energy addition, and pain relieving. The illustration below is about such drugs. They try to serve the purpose and are not entirely as great as Kratom.

1. Melatonin

This particular drug can be prepared at the comfort of one’s home. It is prepared by the pineal gland in the brain. It works in regulating the sleep of the user. It has a similarity with Kratom. It works to check on insomnia.

What it Treats:

  1. Used as a supplement for treating seasonal affective disorder(SAD)
  2.  Exhaustion from long flights.
  3.  Insomnia
  4. Chronic cluster headaches

It does not have all its effects even though it potentiates Kratom when used together. It is among the best replacements that one can find. It is not for consumption by expectant mothers and has side effects of nightmares, sleepiness, and hypothermia.


It is a benzodiazepine that reduces the severity of anxiety. It treats the following cases;

  1.  Alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Works to relax our muscles.
  3. Is an anti-seizure drug
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Its combination of Kratom leads to sedation when taken in large amount and excitement among users. It may turn out to be addictive and is not recommended for those who have suicidal issues and pregnant women.

3.Vitamin B6 Capsules:

Vitamin B is necessary for the production of dopamine using L-Tyrosine. Depression becomes normality if this does not happen. It treats;

  1. Headaches.
  2. Nausea.
  3. It Reduces stress.
  4. Induces joy among its users

It combines with Kratom and forms anti-depressant drug effects. This combination has some adverse effects such as dizziness, tremors, and panic attack.


This particular drug has proved to be of medicinal importance after a series of experiments on it. It enhances the following;

  1.  Better the performance of those affected with Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. As an anti-inflammatory drug.
  3. Useful for allergy reactions.
  4. It Helps in loss of weight.
  5.  Treats sexual dysfunction and also helps fight off diseases

Its side effects are irregular sleep, menstrual patterns, and prominent headaches. It works to improve one’s mood and as a stress reliever. It resembles the functioning of Kratom by enhancing mental stability in a patient and induces euphoria too.


It is used a forerunner of catecholamine’s that are found in our brains. It works against stress, improves memory, and attentiveness. It is not recommended to those who suffer from recurring headaches. It can replace Kratom by reducing stress and enhances one’s mood.

5. Mucuna Pruriens:

This drug leads to the production of dopamine that improves moods and thinking. It works to reduce stress and anxiety. Those who use it have an uplifted spirit and low lethargy. It does not supersede the greatness of Kratom because it has various side effects such as worsening of moods if taken frequently and interfering with sleep.

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6. Phenibut:

This particular drug was first used medicinally in the Soviet Union and has been similar to GABA in some way.
It is useful for;

  1. Managing anxiety
  2. Reduce stress
  3. Enhancing energy
  4. Causes sedation

It may be regarded as a replacement to Kratom due to its ability to combat alcoholic troubles and improve sleep regularity. Its effects comprise relaxed muscles and calmness. Its single major setback is addiction tendencies.

7. Kava Kava:

This drug finds its way on this list because of its effects that include euphoria and relaxation. It is comprised of Alkaloids that cause sedative and hypnotic effects. It is similar to Kratom in that way and also because it reduces sleep irregularities. Caution needs to be observed when using Kava Kava with alcohol because it increases the effects of alcohol. Hepatotoxicity is also an effect of too much consumption of the same.

8. Passionflower:

Passionflower does not lead to addiction. It is different from very many drugs. It is useful for;

  1. Opiate withdrawal symptoms
  2.  Reducing anxiety
  3.  Controlling chronic pain
  4.  Improving sleeping patterns
  5. Asthma control
  6.  Controlling seizures

It is almost the same as Kratom because it is a solution for panic disorder.


This drug has its effects on the user’s gut. It treats traveler’s diarrhea. It has a calming effect but does not work to improve its working. The side effects are dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness, and problems in passing stool. It is not wise for those who have cases in the seat to take this drug. It is similar to Kratom because of its calming effects. It does not increase its capability because it crosses the blood-brain barrier in a very low amount. It has thorough side effects. It is for this reason that its combination with Kratom is not recommended. It has side effects such as sleep disorders and exhaustion. It leads to nausea and vomiting in severe cases.

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10. Akuma Seeds:

These seeds come from an indigenous tree in Africa. The tree has provided treatment for malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia. The similarity of these seeds with Kratom are both opiate receptor agonists. The mechanism shared is their impact on anti-inflammatory and analgesic nature. The basic effects of Akuma seeds include relaxation and stimulation tendencies. It also works against little pain.


Using a variety of herbal medicine as a replacement for manufactured medicine has been a trend in the present world. Kratom has surpassed its competing drugs in performance. It is because the effects of its chemical alternatives are life-threatening to the user. It has been praised to induce a feeling of wellness that leads to joy when acting against stress, sedation, and euphoria among those who use it. The above-explained drugs do not perform as Kratom does even though they have similar characteristics. It is for this reason that they are referred to the Best Kratom Opiate alternatives. They are significantly regarded because they come close to overtaking Kratom in its top position.