Kratom and moisture are adversaries of each other. Similar to any other herb, kratom is likely to expire and lose its efficiency once it exceeds its shelf life. As a result, the question of how to preserve it from moisture comes up. Below are some of the dos and don’ts to ensure kratom survives a long period of freshness.

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1. Keep kratom away from heat

Kratom can deteriorate fast during hot conditions. Make sure you keep kratom away from any heat source; direct sunlight, heaters, fireplaces, etc. The reason behind this is that high temperature brings moisture which in turn increases the rate at which it expires. It is best to keep it in a cold environment to prevent this.

2. Keep it sealed in

Exposure to oxygen causes oxidation which shortens the product’s shelf life. Kratom that is freely exposed to plenty of oxygen goes through a process called cross-linking that reduces their freshness and lose their effectiveness over time. Eventually, it goes wrong and becomes unsuitable for consumption. The best way to avoid exposure is by storing kratom in airtight containers and bags. This will go a long way to keep moisture at bay.

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3. Retain dryness

The drier you keep them, the longer they are likely to last. Humidity is a major cause behind the growth of mold which consequently ruins kratom leaves. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the dry leaves safe away from any moisture. There are many ways to achieve this such as placing the leaves in a microwave.

4. Stock in apothecary jars

Apothecary bottles, popularly known as medicine bottles are excellent kits for primary storage in to seal kratom. They are mainly well known to have airtight lids which are a plus in storage. Investing in them is a sure way to prevent exposure to moisture and thus preserve the effectiveness and potency of your kratom.

5. Use oxygen absorbers

Oxygen absorbers are the little packets inside medicine bottles to keep the containers oxygen-free by taking the oxygen out of a particular space, more so sealed environments. For this case, too is advisable to put some oxygen absorbers inside containers with kratom for times when you open the container exposing the kratom to air. Oxygen absorbers are particularly beneficial since they inhibit mold and oxidation and d at the same time helps retain the freshness of the leaves.

6. Store your kratom in a cool area

Keep your kratom in a place with controlled temperature. This can either be in a cold room in your house or be investing in a refrigerator or a freezer. When storing in the fridge or a refrigerator, be sure to remove as much air from the containers or storage bags; any air leaves for the potential of moisture and eventually mold growth. It is also important to keep in mind keep in mind that you should not open the bag up until it the product has reached room temperature; in doing so you reduce the chance of creating any condensation of the kratom leaves.

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7. Keep it free from moisture

Kratom absorbs moisture easily from the atmosphere around where it is held in reserve. It is good to know that you should avoid keeping kratom in places where humidity is bound to be, a good example being on top of refrigerators, near dishwashers or laundry rooms and any other place where moisture is bound to be present.

8. Kratom needs to be kept free from oxygen

Kratom oxidizes the moment they come into contact with oxygen. Most times, some air is always present between the kratom leaves or powder. This is why it is advisable to use oxygen absorbing bags. Oxygen-absorbing bags contain iron and salt. When inserted in a container, the remaining oxygen oxidizes the iron, producing rust. However, only consider this option if you plan on stowing kratom for an extended period.

Storing kratom in a way that it does not see eye to eye with moisture is super easy. It takes little time and effort to follow the above steps on how to protect your kratom from moisture and maintain its original properties while preserving freshness and potency.

9. Keep it in a closed, cold room

One of the ways of keeping your kratom moisture-free is to store it in a room that is cooler than other parts of the house. If you have a room that doesn’t have any windows, it will be best to keep the kratom there. Although storing the kratom in a refrigerator is active, the best way is to keep it in a room where the temperature is continuously low and does not fluctuate.

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10. Keep your kratom away from sunlight

When storing the kratom, make sure that it is not exposed directly to sunlight. If you will put it in a glass jar, ensure that the pot is not placed in an area that it will exposed to direct sunlight. However, if the room you are storing the kratom does not have any windows, there isn’t a possibility of that happening. The reason for not allowing sunlight to interact with the herb is because the ultraviolet rays of the sun might alter the molecular makeup of the kratom. This will not just change the taste of the herb, but will also make it less potent than before.

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More tips on kratom storage

  • Preventing kratom from moisture could include more than just the above suggestions. For example, it would seem wiser to consider purchasing the product in small amounts. They are easier to manage and to provide storage.
  • Likewise, attempt to acquire good quality containers that are capable of maintaining the freshness and strength for the most extended duration possible. Go for containers with relatively strong seals.

In conclusion,

Even though the type and quality of kratom can affect its durability, proper care and storage go a long way to maintain, and to some extent extend its duration. Fresh kratom yields better effects than stale fusty kratom so make a point to keep off moisture as much as possible.