Even though Kratom is becoming extremely popular amongst its users, so many people do not understand how the different strains work and their dosages. Kratom strains serve different purposes including boosting of energy, relieving pain and stress relief. In this article, however, we are going to focus on the stress relief aspect of Kratom strains. Here, we look at the 4 best Kratom strains for stress relief together with their doses. We will also provide you with any other relevant information on the same.

1. Borneo Kratom Strain

As you may have guessed, the Borneo Kratom Strain is one of the best when it comes to relieving stress. As aforementioned, people use Kratom strains for different reasons. In that case, study has shown that many people rely on this particular strain for stress relief.

Why the Strain is Good for Stress Relief

This can be attributed primarily to its high alkaloid content thereby putting it in good condition to help one relieve stress. The strain has high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine. Even though this alkaloid is famous for relieving pain and anxiety, it has low mitragynine levels, which makes it suitable for stimulating the nerves and helping in reducing stress.

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Just like any other Kratom strain, the Borneo Kratom has a dosage that you should adhere to for the best results. however, it is also important to note that every person is different and may react differently upon ingesting the Kratom strain. Even with that in mind, we can estimate that a beginner needs around 2 grams of the Borneo Kratom. This is considered as a mild dosage.

Depending on how you react with this strain, you can increase the dosage to between 3 and 5 grams per dose if you experienced little or no effects. As time goes by, you can improve your dosage to between 7 and 12 grams. From here, you will be able to notice the relaxation kratom effects.

If you choose to use this strain for the purposes of relieving stress, it is important to start with small doses as you proceed, especially if you are a beginner. Anything other than that will result in adverse side effects thereby beating the logic of taking the strain in the first place.

2. Indo Kratom Strain

Given that Indo Kratom Strain has qualities and features similar to the Borneo strain, it follows that it too is a good strain for stress relief. Coming from the interior parts of Indonesia, Indo Kratom continues to gain popularity amongst its users because of its stress relief abilities.

Why Indo Kratom is Good for Stress Relief

One aspect that makes Indo Kratom suitable for stress relief is its sedative abilities. Once ingested, the strain helps calm the nerves of the user. The strain is also known to relieve pain, relaxes the brain and boost a person’s confidence, all of which are critical to the process of stress relief. The moment the Kratom alkaloids start attaching to particular receptors, they release serotonin, which is responsible for stress relief.

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People react differently to the intake of indo Kratom thereby making it hard to determine the accurate dosage for everybody. However, following a string of studies and researches, we can come up with an average dosage for everyone. For instance, if you are a beginner, starting with a dose of 0.5 to 2 grams is a good idea. If you notice little or no effects, increase the dose to between 3 and 5 grams. Continue increasing the dose but do not go over 10 grams as that would be an overdose. Given that the strain is very sensitive, an overdose may result in adverse side effects.

3. Bali Kratom Strain

Today, this is the most purchased Kratom because of its sedative abilities. Many users consider it one for beginners because of mild effects. However, the Kratom is very useful in its course and should not be mistaken for an average strain.

Why Bali Kratom is Suitable for Stress Relief

According to experts, Bali Kratom is highly anxiolytic. This means that it can reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety thereby keeping the user in a good mood at all times. Even though it is very mild, most users like it because it is very affordable and widely available. However, most strains of Bali Kratom are available so you should be very careful while choosing the best one for you.


Since this strain is considered a mild one and suitable for beginners, telling its exact kratom dosage is somewhat difficult. However, it is right to say that a dose of between 2 and 4 grams for a beginner is reasonable. From there, if you do not experience any meaningful effects, increase the dose to up to 10 grams. Anything above that would be an overdose and may result in unwanted side effects.

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4. Red Vein Kratom

Finally, the Red Vein Kratom wraps up our list of the 4 best strains for stress relief. Coming from Southeast Asia, the strain is effective in stress relief and pain reduction. In fact, many people who suffer from chronic pains rely on this Kratom for relief.

Why Red Vein Kratom is Suitable for Pain Relief

As aforementioned, the red vein Kratom strain has alkaloids that help suppress pain and relax the muscles. The alkaloids also help the brain of the user to relax thereby keeping the whole body stress free. The strain relies majorly on its sedative effects to achieve its goals. So far, we can say the strain is very effective given the positive feedback that we are getting from its users.


Anything between 0.5 and 2 grams of the red vein Kratom is okay for a person who has never used it before. However, if you do not notice any effects after using the strain, consider increasing the dose up until you can feel something. Do not exceed more than 10 grams as that will be an overdose and will result in unwanted effects.


Even though many Kratom strains are available today, very few can help you relieve stress. However, those that have been earmarked to do so, they are very effective in their course. This article has identified 4 of the best stress relieving Kratom strains and we have looked at why they are suitable for the job. We have also provided you with their dosages above hoping that the information will be useful to you. Every this is depend upon how to use kratom. You can either use it as a kratom capsules / kratom pills or powder, tea , coffee or smoke it directly.