Over the years, there have been suspicions about the benefit that Kratom use can offer to users. Even the legal status of the product itself was in question both in the US, Europe, and Asia because it appeared to belong to a cocaine or cannabis family. However, gone are the day’s people had these suspicions in mind; researches done have significantly changed this perception of people; the findings of these researchers have been a breakthrough in the world of herbal supplements. Researchers have approved that Kratom has immense benefits, and people are trying the product now.

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The only problem that used to face people was less availability of the Kratom vendors, but finding the vendors of Kratom today has become relatively easy. It’s no longer an underground phenomenon, and if you are wondering where to buy the product, it’s likely not that you don’t have an alternative of where to buy it, but you’re looking for the smart way to buy it.

Some of the emerging issues in today’s market is getting a consistent, strong, fresh, and high-quality product with the best prices. In this article, we explore the best online Kratom vendors where you can get a consistent and high-quality product in Europe.


Kratomgardens is one of the leading suppliers of Kratom in Europe. They are based in the Netherlands where all their products are dispatched. Their products are fresh and of high quality; the Kratom they sell are without any additives thus making the product 100% pure natural and meets high-quality standards. The company’s Kratoms are sourced from Asian countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Some of the wide varieties of Kratom products they offer include:

  • Pontianak Maeng Da
  • white green and stem
  •  vein extract
  • Bali Kratom
  • Pontianak Red Horn
  • Malay green
  • Pontianak White Horn
  • Red Thai
  • Red Sumatra
  • Pontianak Green Horn
  • Borneo red
  • Indo Kratom

Having known that Kratom trees produce powerful leaves, Kratomgardens have also made it available, and clients can have access to the products. Indigenous communities in Asia have been using these trees, and people in Europe have discovered the magic and value of this natural herb; it has positive kratom effects on your body and mind.

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With the firm reputation that Kratomgardens have built, they are one of the fast and reliable European Kratom vendors. Furthermore, they offer combo and sample size packs; therefore, if you’re new, you don’t need to worry about the product; you can always try any of their product before you buy in bulk. The range of the products they offer depends on the yield and quality of their Kratom thus fluctuation of their stock and product may occur. The prices of the product are reasonable and affordable as well.

You can place an order on their website. Once you have placed an order, they will send a confirmation email with a unique code, which you can always use to retrieve the status of your package. All package are shipped from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Orders can pay through the following methods:

  •  Bank transfer
  •  iDEAL
  •  Mistercash
  •  Bitcoin
  •  Cash

Once they receive the payment, your package will be shipped immediately. The shipping usually takes place within 24 hours after the payment. Within Europe, shipping takes about 2-5 days. So, Kratom users within Europe can order the product of their choice through Kratomgardens online.

If you want to reach out to Kratomgardens, you can email at info@kratmogardens.com or call them at +31 (0) 612408812. The website link is www.kratomgardens.com.


Dekratomshop operates from the Netherlands, and it’s one of the leading Kratom suppliers in Europe. Being one of the top European Kratom Vendors, the Dekratomshop offers fresh and high-quality Kratom powder. The products are never more than 1 month old. The Kratom powder is made of premium quality tree leaves sourced from Asia, and to ensure that what they offer to the customers is quality, Dekratomshop handpicks their harvesters after a series of vetting and selection. Furthermore, they always travel to Indonesia to meet the producers and ensure that they find something exciting for their customers every year.

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As a result, you don’t have to worry about the origin of the Kratom you buy from their shop (kratom near me ); it’s coming from the Dekratomshop producers in Kalimantan and Sumatra. Even though they source from reliable and trusted producers, Dekratomshop continuously tests the products to ensure they don’t compromise on the quality of products delivered to their customers.

When you visit their online shop, there are wide varieties of Kratom offered at very competitive prices. Even the wholesale prices for high-quality products they offer are pocket-friendly. This is because they source directly from the producers at attractive prices. Doing so helps them cut the intermediaries, thus can offer the Kratom powders at such low prices. Some of the Kratom they offer include Red vein Kratom, white vein Kratom, green vein Kratom, and Kratom in capsules. Their popular products are red vein Sumatra, red Malay; red horn Thai, and red VB among others.

If you want to try their Kratoms, they offer sample packs.

You can order on their website, and after they receive your order and payment has confirmed, they usually proceed to ship your package from the Netherlands within one day. The customer services they provide is superb because they will keep you in the loop when shipping your product; in case they fail to ship within one day, they will always communicate with you.

For goods above €125, they normally offer free shipping; furthermore, they have a 10% discount for products that cost above €95.

Lightproof air cushion envelopes are materials used to put the Kratom and delivered to customers in airtight vacuum seal bags. It can also put in a box.

Dekratomshop offers the following payment options:

  • Regular bank transfer
  • Ideal (only for Dutch banks)
  • Giropay (Only in Germany)
  • Bancontact / Mister Cash (Belgium)
  • Mybank (Italy, Spanish, and some Greek banks)
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If you may have additional queries or need more details, you can contact their customer support at info@webdesigndiensten.nl or call them at +06 4085 0000. or visit: Dekratomshop.nl


The Kratom.eu offers high-quality product sourced directly from the growing areas such as Sumatra, Riau in Indonesia, the Malaysian Peninsula, and Patani in South Thailand. Kratom.eu import and store the products in a dry and lightproof area. The types of Kratom strains they offer include:

  • Borneo Kratom
  •  Thai Kratom
  •  Malay Kratom
  • Sumatra Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Philippines Kratom
  •  Other herbs

The company is based in the Netherlands, but they ship the product from Germany. They only box the products once an order has been placed.

Because they can buy the Kratom directly from the producers, they sell at fair prices. They also buy the Kratom in timely batches to ensure that customers can enjoy fresh Kratom product.

To facilitate and satisfy new users, they provide a sample size package. They also engage their customers on how they can improve the quality of their products. Their fundamental mission is to satisfy customers; so, they welcome questions, suggestions, and criticism to help them customize their services and enhance the quality of the Kratom product they sell.

Furthermore, they collaborate with scientific institutions, which are interested in Kratom research. They give these institutions special conditions together with Kratom for research and studies.

You can place your order on their website, and it will be delivered via DHL or Deutsche Post in a neutral and lightproof air cushion envelopes. Orders above 1kg are delivered in a parcel. Orders placed before the 2 PM are dispatched the same day from Germany. The deliveries are assigned a tracking number and covered.

Within the EU, shipping will be within 1 working day after the payment has received. Orders above €300 are shipped free of charge; within Germany, the shipping of goods above €60 is free.

If you’re a new customer, the company will offer you a 5% discount on every strain and amount exceeding €60. The 5% discount is automatically available at the end of the ordering process.

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The modes of payment include bank to bank and cash on delivery in Germany.


Kraatje is the most extensive European Kratom Vendor based in the Netherlands, Europe. The company is famous because of its affordable prices. They prioritized quality products; superb services and fast delivery. They also choose the same high-quality products from a regular supplier. Their products are shipped daily from their warehouse to entire Europe, and they stock large quantities of Kratom varieties.

Some of the products you can get on their online shop include Kratom powders, enhanced strains, capsules, extracts, and samples as well. The company promises fresh Kratom products thanks to a high turnover in their warehouse. They also operate as Kratom wholesalers selling to retailing outlets and stores.

When processing the product, the company uses high-quality laboratory grade equipment certified for food and medical use. The company is very keen on hygiene: Their production facilities are clean, and they use an automatic filling machine to fill the bags to avoid contamination. The kratom pills are also filled with a capsule-filling machine, accurate laboratory mixers are used for mixing, and sealing is done using an automatic sealer to ensure perfect and clean seals.

They offer free shipping within the Netherlands. Their shipping cost to other countries varies. They have provided the tabulation for the shipping cost to various countries on their websites. The con about the company is that they don’t ship to some countries like Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Romani, and Denmark and a couple of others outside Europe.

All their packages don’t contain any references, and they deliver the products to consumers using the DHL. The packaging of the products is done as follows: the product is put in a sealed bag with a zip fastener that cannot easily open. The bags are also waterproof and are aluminum coated. These bags contain an exclusive printed sealed number. In some other countries like the UK, they use neutral labels.

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For payment, they accept most credit cards and support online payments methods. They also accept cash payment in their store.

To contact them, you can either email info@kraatje.eu. Or call them on work-days between 9:00 and 17:00 on +31 (0)30-8200914. Or visit: Kraatje.eu


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Herbees is a wholesale supplier of Kratom in Europe; it’s a wholesaler of specialty and exotic herb sourced from Asian countries. They have a premium quality Kratom (Bikhuk Kratom) and freshly dried herb readily available in stock and at an affordable price. In Europe, they are the largest Bikhuk Kratom reseller, and their Kratom is not older than 2 weeks. It also offers a full range of Bikhuk kratom powders as well as extracts, including the Maeng Da and their new Takkra powder.

They are ready to ship on every weekday, and Herbees delivers virtually to all main areas of Europe. They ship overnight in Europe. Delivery time usually is 24 hours and the shipping service used is FEDEX. The shipping cost for goods weighing 1 Kg is charged $10 while the 2Kg product is charged $15. The full shipping cost for products has provided on their website.

To contact Herbees, you can email them at order@herbees.eu, or visit: herbees.eu


Buying your favorite Kratom from these online European Kratom vendors is the best thing you can do. First, you are guaranteed a consistent and top-notch product. Secondly, most of these vendors offer a sample pack before you can commit to buying in bulk; you’re assured that you will get the best Kratom that you’ll enjoy at an affordable price. Furthermore, some of them also have a refund policy; if you are not satisfied with their product, you can always return for exchange. Look at some of their clients’ review available on their websites; it will give you a clue about their product. Therefore, review and place your orders on their website and the product will be delivered to you within a short time.