Are you a Kratom enthusiast? Are you looking for Kratom vendor? If yes, then worry not since in the following discussion we are going to look at 7ohm Kratom vendor review.

The services and products that 7ohm offer

The organization is usually very busy and has notices and guidelines about processing and shipping of your luggage. After buying a product from 7ohm, the processing takes typically about 2 to 5 days while shipping takes 2 to three days.

The whole essence of all these days is mainly to allow the organization to be able to accommodate new and special offers for faster processing if possible. For a better service, you also provide them with your notice, and they will surely meet your requirements. However, the notice should be reasonable and plenty enough to allow all processes to be executed.

Given that the organization has in the past encountered problems related to processing and payment through a domestic payment processor, 7ohm is restructuring the problem so that things can just run smooth as expected by everyone.

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The first step in a move to enhance the entire system of the organization is coming up with a new website (7OHMLABS.COM) which is well customized to suit all the company’s services in the best way possible. With the new website, the product processing should take 1 to 2 days with BETA testing sale also to come.

How can I do order with 7ohm?

There usually are two ways in which you can place your kratom product order with 7ohm.

By Email:

Basically, this requires you to email your order to The company will then send you an invoice which is payable via PayPal, apple pay, debit, and bank transfer.

By Phone:

You can also place an order through a phone call by dialing this number- 425-395-4479.

When placing your orders ensure to include your name, order (Strain Name, quantity) and importantly the shipping address.

7ohm Products:

CBD Special:

A lovely product which is about 98.8 pure. Additionally, the product is known to be having cannabinoids traces including the CBN lab test which is usually available on 360 analytics under memes. The cost of this product is $25 per gram.

Extract Special:

It’s usually made from a leaf, and a 200x concentration cost $40. Other things that are included in the product include red elephant, EGMD, and super green. The red Maeng da from the MO’s leaf has 100x concentration and cost $25.

CBD Tincture:

A 1024mgs of the CBD full spectrum which is 55ml cost $80.

How is Shipping Done?

Shipping is generally divided into categories which also determines the price that you will be charged for the shipping of your product. For first-class shipping, you will be charged $3 flat rate.

  • For priority mail, you will be charged $6 flat rate.
  • For the express option, you add $25.
  • Therefore, provide your notice in time, and it will be processed as logistically as possible. Plenty of notes will streamline the entire process as your product is being shipped to you.
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7ohm Pricing

There are usually offers for the product depending on the amount you and quantity that you want to purchase. For $20/100, you buy 3 of the products and get 1 free. Similarly, for $40/250 you buy 3 products and smile all the way home with 1 free.

These offers are mostly given to people who purchase large quantities of the products. All the other existing members will get the product at their original price. If you want to get but large numbers of the kratom products from 7ohm, you can email them at better prices.

Moreover, 7ohm usually acquires its products from different countries across the globe. Let’s look at some of the major products and from where they are gotten.

Products from Medan, North Sumatra:

  • EGMs
  • Yellow Vietnam
  • white Sumatra
  • red horn
  • yellow gold
  • white Maeng da and green Sumatra.

Products from Malaysia:

  • White horn
  • Jambu
  • White puck and green elephant.

Products from Hulu Kapuas, west Kilimanjaro:

  • Green Papua
  • red Papua
  • red Maeng Da
  • Egm#2

Products from Ketapang Indonesia:

  • K puck 1
  • K puck 2
  • red elephant

Products from Jong Kong, Kalimantan:

  • Elephant red Maeng Da
  • golden Jong Kong
  • White Jong Kong
  • Elephant green Malay
  • elephant red Malay
  • Plantation Maeng Da
  • brown Malay
  • green light

New Products :

  • Medan – White Horn
  • Medan – Red Sumatra
  • Jong Kong – Super green
  • Jong Kong – Green Brunei
  • Pontianak – Red Malay
  • Ketapang -Red elephant
  • Ketapang – Gp-green potluck
  • Ketapang – egmd
  • Jong Kong – Green Papua
  • Jong Kong – White Kapuas
  • Jong Kong – Super red Borneo
  • Jong Kong – Plantation Green Md.
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The Classics:

  • Wild red Bentuangie (high 7ohm)
  • elephant super green Malay #61)
  • elephant yellow Thai (balanced)
  • elephant red Thai (Balanced)
  • plantation green MD – New Batch (Balanced)
  • red Kapuas (balanced)
  • Mellow yellow Malay (Blend)
  • elephant super green Maeng da (Dark),
  • Elephant Green Borneo (indoor high mg)
  • Red Magic (balanced blend)(Indoor Maeng da, outdoor Borneo)
  • Super Golden Malay (fast).

7ohm Featured Strains:

7ohm majorly features the elephant strains which are usually gotten from old growth. Elephant Leaf harvested from the wild. The leaves are traditionally characterized to be unique, 100% all natural and importantly only stems are removed, and veins usually left intact. The elephant strains are as follows:

  • Elephant white Malay (sun dom)
  • Elephant green Malay (balanced)
  • Elephant white Borneo (shade dom)
  • Elephant white Thai (sun dom)
  • Elephant green Thai (balanced)
  • Elephant green MD (dark, slower for an MD)
  • Elephant red Maeng da #4 (indoor)
  • Elephant red MD #2 (balanced)
  • Elephant red Borneo (balanced)

7ohm – The Premium Wild Strains:

These are known to have the highest concentration profile. They are dried outside, and veins and stem are usually present. They include:

  • Yellow Vietnam (slow version)
  • RED BORNEO (sun Dom)
  • RED BENTUANGIE (high 7ohm)
  • White Maeng da (balanced fast, Golden Bali (balanced)
  • Green Kapuas (balanced quickly) and RED SAMARINDA (high 7ohm.

Full spectrum elephant blend:

  • Super green (faster-balanced blend)
  • super Borneo (faster, full spectrum blend)

Premium plantation strain:

  • Golden Bali, Golden MD
  • Golden Sunda, plantation MD
  • Yellow Kapuas, yellow MD
  • red Bali
  • red Thai
  • red Sumatra
  • green Samarinda (sun)
  • green Borneo (100%dark)
  • red Malay
  • red horn
  • red bean
  • red Borneo (indoor)