Kratom, more formally known by the scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical, deciduous evergreen tree that originates from jungles of Southeast Asia, particularly the central to southern regions of Thailand.
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The tree grows to be 12 to 30 feet in height, but may also be found growing up to 70 feet tall in some areas. It is most notable for its large leaves, which may reach 7 inches in length and 4 inches in width, and its large round clusters of yellow flowers. Dutch botanist, Pieter Korthals named the plant based on his observations that the stigmas of the Kratom resemble a bishop’s miter.

1. Kratom Healthy Effects

Kratom has been used for thousands of years by the people of Thailand as an herbal remedy for a host of reasons, including:

• Treatment of inflammatory conditions like arthritis
Warding off depression
• To boost low energy and alertness
• To manage chronic pain related to short and long term illnesses
• Treatment of viral maladies and diarrhea

Kratom healthy effects vary depending on the strain of leaf used. These different strains of Kratom types can easily identify by the color of the plant’s veins, which change according to location and temperature.

2. Kratom Types – Leaf Strains

Red Veined strains – Kratom leaves with red veins indicate a plant with a higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid. This strain of plant produces a mild analgesic or sedative effect and is the most abundant of the different strains.
White Veined strains – Containing more of the property mitragynine, white veined Kratom leaves show an increase in cellular activity and increased cognitive abilities.
Green Veined strains – Because of its shared similarities, the green-veined Kratom is in the same classification as the white. Still, the green-vein is known to possess its unique effects.

Important Factors To Consider When Preserving Kratom

The Kratom plant contains more than 25 different alkaloids that can join in over 40 active Kratom types. The potency of the amalgamations is based on the method of planting, care during plant growth, harvesting techniques, and post-harvest handling. Readily recognizable names for each strain usually sell them.

The age of the tree, weather, and environmental factors may also contribute to the efficacy of the resulting product and only someone recognized as the best vendor to buy online from should be trusted.

3. Kratom Dosages

Usage of Kratom varies greatly depending on the strain and type of the plant consumed.

If Kratom is being purchased from the best vendor to buy online from the Kratom dosages will clearly state they vary based on strains and what affect the user is hoping to achieve. The following are recommended as a general starting line for Kratom dosages, although it is suggested that doses can be adjusted to user preference for optimal benefit.

3a) Super Kratom:

• 1-2 grams for minimum dosage
• 3 grams for light dosage
• 5 grams for potent dosage
• 8-15 grams for a strong dosage

3b) Premium Kratom:

• 2 grams for minimum dosage
• 4 grams for light dosage
• 5-10 grams for potent dosage
• 10-15 grams for a strong dosage

3c) Extract Enhanced Kratom:

• 1 gram for light dosage
• 2 grams for potent dosage
• 3 grams for a strong dosage
• 4-5 grams for an extra strong dosage

3d) Kratom Powder or Leaves:

• 2-4 grams for the mild stimulant effect
• 4-6 grams for medium stimulant and sedative effects
• 6-8 grams for a stronger sedative and/or analgesic effect

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Taking more than 8 grams of Kratom powder is not recommended.

It should be noted that when starting with Kratom, a minimum dose seems to be the general recommendation and the effect of the plant may take as long as 40-60 minutes to reach full efficacy. Keep in mind that what works for one user, may not work for the next.

4. Kratom Side Effects

Generally, when Kratom dosages are approached responsibly, like purchasing it with the best vendor to buy online from, unwanted Kratom side effects are minimal. However, some negative responses may be experienced if the recommended dosages are not followed. These negative Kratom side effects may include:

• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Constipation
• Facial discoloration
• A runny nose

Overdosing on Kratom usually leads to immediate expulsion of the plant via vomiting. The vast majority of Kratom overdose cases involved Kratom being mixed with other drugs, or alcohol.

5. Kratom Myths

It would be remiss not to address several of the well-known Kratom myths surrounding its usage and Kratom’s health effects.

5a) Kratom is a chemically designed drug – This is patently false. Kratom comes from a tree that grows naturally in the tropical climes of places like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The leaves are harvested by hand and then dried. These dried leaves are then ground down into a fine powder or crushed and may be consumed via capsules or in powder form by mouth. There are no chemicals added to Kratom, ever. It is entirely organic.

5b) Kratom is dangerous – Kratom has been around for thousands of years. There is not a single fatality that has directly attributed to Kratom, and negative side effects are minimal.

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5c) Kratom is addictive – Although Kratom is known to interact with some of the same receptors in the brain that opiates do, Kratom is not an opiate and is not considered to be addictive and has been used to combat the withdrawal symptoms that opiate addicts experience when coming off of certain drugs.

5d) Kratom is banned in some countries because it is dangerous – If bans are studied in-depth, it becomes quickly apparent that the bans are based on political motivations and fear. A great example would be the case of Kratom being banned in Thailand in the early 1940s. Kratom was banned because the government believed that this naturally occurring, non-toxic pain reliever would be too detrimental to their lucrative opium selling practices. Today, the Thai Narcotic Control Board (TNCB) has recommended that Kratom is decriminalized and recognized as an integral part of the southern Thai culture, laying waste to one of the nastiest Kratom myths.

5e) Kratom carries no health benefits – Contrary to this popular Kratom myth, Kratom strong effects are cited everywhere. It is well-known that Kratom fights the effects of depression and anxiety, as well as serve as an analgesic to those suffering from chronic pain. Kratom’s health effects have also been seen to help with insomnia, increase sex drive, promote energy, restore overall immune efficiency in the body, ease gastrointestinal issues, and even help to prevent the formation of certain cancers like breast cancer and leukemia.