Kratom is known for its unique ability to provide you with numerous results through various strains. The strains are dependent on the alkaloids present in the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. These alkaloids are the main source of different effects with the help of changed ranges for the dosages, according to the level of required effects. These alkaloids, which have some extraordinary abilities to give effective results, are being studied. In the past many years, they have been successful in doing that, which persuades the researchers to study the Kratom plant so that maximum benefits can take from that.

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How These Alkaloids Are Differentiated

The difference between the number of alkaloids arises as a result of:

  • Where the plant grows
  • Time of harvest

Location is the most important as the soil is different in different parts of the world, which means different strains of Kratom have different qualities. These strains include Maeng da strains, green Malay strains, Indo strains, red vein strains.

Most Common Alkaloid

  • Irrespective of the geographical location of the Kratom tree or the time of harvesting, there is one most common compound found in every strain of the Kratom, which is mitragynine.
  • When we see the level of potency of alkaloids, then we can find 7-Hydroxymitragynine. It is considered to be the most potent of all the alkaloids, and it is 30 times more powerful when compared with mitragynine while 12 times more effective than morphine.

Commonly Known Alkaloids And Their Effects

Here is the list of some alkaloids that are mostly found in Kratom leaves. They have discriminating qualities and have the capability of giving different and novel results that cannot be obtained through any other medicine in such a quick time.

  • Ajmalicine: An alkaloid that is used for the reduction in aggression in your behavior, an anti-adrenergic and sedative, muscle relaxant, and anticoagulant
  • Corynantheidine: This is recognized as an opioid antagonist
  • Ciliaphylline: This type of alkaloids has the qualities of an analgesic
  • Corynoxine: Known for being a dopamine smoothing anti-locomotive
  • Corynoxeine: It works as a calcium channel blocker
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine: A powerful alkaloid that is known for its effects as an anti-diarrheal, analgesic, and an anti-tussive
  • Epicatechin: This alkaloid is known as an anti-leukemic, an antioxidant with a useful ability to provide relief to the diabetic patients, an anti-inflammatory, and it also fights against cancer, bacteria, and lung diseases.
  • Mitraphylline: Identified as an immune diuretic stimulant, a vasodilator, and muscle relaxant.
  • Mitragynine: This is the alkaloid present in all strains of Kratom and people know it because of its ability to provide effects like painkilling and acts as an anti-malarial and anti-diarrheal.
  • Rhynchophylline: This is identified as a calcium channel blocker, vasodilator, and a hypertensive
  • Speciogynine: Muscle relaxant
  • Paynantheine: Another alkaloid with the muscle relaxation ability
  • Tetrahydroalstonine: This alkaloid is an anti-adrenergic and a hypoglycemic