Atlas Kratom happens to be one of the pioneers in the Ketum industry, especially in terms of experience. The company has been bridging the gap between quality Kratom and the general public way before the eCommerce store took over.

Perhaps, that explains why most beginner Ketum users have lots of unanswered questions about Atlas Kratom. Unlike other present-day stores, the internet doesn’t offer bulks of information about the company’s product range, pricing, Ketum quality, and other concerning domains.

Here in this post, that’s exactly what we’ll cover. We’ve researched Atlas Kratom to its depth and assembled authentic answers in this guide. So, read ahead to know what you need to!

What Is Atlas Kratom?

As mentioned earlier, Atlas Kratom is an experienced Ketum vendor. It is amongst the leading names of the industry.

Physically, you’ll find this store located in Hollister, i.e., the State of Missouri, USA. And there’s only one outlet in this shop. So, if you’re in town, you’ll be able to locate it conveniently. Be it with the help of Google maps or a random passerby. They’re popular for what they do, you see!

With that said, the company got founded by Jeremy Mercer. Apparently, his vision and mission with Atlas Kratom were to spread awareness about this medicinal herb in his very own community.

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Surely, it appears to be a thought-out and well-wishing cause. But Mr.Jeremy’s conduct and history make most customers question.

One of the customers reports that he has rather rash and irresponsible behavior. Although that doesn’t stop customers from coming for the low-priced, premium quality Kratom that Atlas Kratom offers, it still is a noteworthy aspect.

Product Range

We know Atlas Kratom is an established Ketum vendor that offers incomparable quality Ketum. But what’s their product line like?

On their website, i.e.,, they haven’t provided much data. All that they have to say about their product range is:

  • They offer 5-6 strains in Whites, Greens, Reds, and Yellows.
  • They offer Delta-8 gummies, cookies, and carts.
  • They offer wild lettuce tincture.

In the small paragraph that speaks of their products, they have also mentioned whatever products they are authentic. They claim to have conducted the third-party lab test. However, there is no evidence available to back the claim.

As per other sources, we know they also offer other kratom strains depending on the availability. Since it’s a walk-in store, you can expect to have a different range of products on the shelves every time you visit. The basics like the White Maeng Da kratom, Red Bali Kratom, and Green Malay Kratom are some constant varieties.

In case you wonder about the product forms, then they offer everything from Kratom powder to kratom capsules and edibles. If you wish to order something particular, you can do that too. Atlas Kratom also takes bulk orders. Just ensure that you communicate your needs timely.

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Pricing Of Atlas Kratom

Similar to the showcasing of product range, Atlas Kratom has been a bit hesitant with its pricing as well. On the website, we do not see anything that clearly depicts what do they charge for what.

However, there’s this dedicated section for acquiring a quote. When you land on their website, there’s this central blue button saying Get a quote.

Upon clicking on it, you will get directed to a page that asks for your:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Query/Concern

In the fourth blank space, you can inquire about their rates. And they will get back to you soon enough.

Other sources seem to be confused about Atlas Kratom’s pricing. Some term it as a low-priced Kratom vendor, while some say it’s super expensive. One analyst claims that an ounce of Kratom will cost you $15, which is twice as much as any other Kratom vendor. If that’s the case, then their product must be something.

The company’s generous discounts suggest otherwise. Let’s check this out in the next section.

Kratom Coupon Code

Atlas Kratom’s coupon code is available on their website’s landing page. The coupon code is: Jesus loves me.

You can get about $10 off from your first $20 purchase every single day with this coupon code. We find this extremely generous of Atlas Kratom. They increase the availability of Ketum goodness to the financially restrained. Thus, staying true to their mission.

Other than the coupon code, Atlas Kratom offers seasonal discounts. The best time to visit Atlas Kratom would be on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, or other occasions.

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Affiliation With American Kratom Association 

The accreditation of Atlas Kratom also has undefined grounds. Some sources claim that the company is affiliated and verified, while some claim otherwise.

But to deliver the authentic information to you, we dived deep to get to the roots.

American Kratom Association validates, approves, and accredits any Kratom vendor that acquires Ketum directly from the growers and imports it into the USA.

Atlas Kratom, on the other hand, is a small business that serves as an intermediary between Kratom sellers and Kratom buyers. They do not import Kratom, which explains why they may not have affiliation and accreditation with AKA. And legally, this mode of business is permissible and completely okay.

It is a question about where do they buy Kratom from? But since customers tend to love the Kratom quality provided by Atlas Kratom, they must be buying bulk quantities of Kratom from a reliable and reputable Kratom vendor.


Q. Is Kratom Legal In Missouri?

Yes! Currently, Ketum is legal in Missouri. Although history has noteworthy fluctuations in terms of legality, the public of Missouri has always stood by the side of Ketum.

Q. What Are Third-Party Lab Tests Of Kratom Products?

Third-party lab tests refer to quality checks. In these tests, companies or sellers send their products to independent laboratories for quality checks. These independent laboratories also adhere to certain legal boundaries. They can verify quality only if they are authorized to do so.

Once verified, these laboratories issue verification certificates, which make the vendor eligible to continue with the business.

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Q. When Does Atlas Kratom Open?

Usually, Atlas Kratom opens its doors for the general public at 9:00 am in the morning. They close at 8:00 pm.

However, on Sundays, they open at 11:00 in the morning and close by 6:00 pm in the evening.

Final Words

Conclusively, Atlas Kratom is a small-scale Kratom vendor. They started small with a genuine purpose in mind. And even today, they continue to do the same.

They do not aim to scale up and become giants in the Kratom industry like Golden Monk or SA Kratom. Instead, they only aim to bridge the gap between genuine Kratom goodness and users in need. We must say, they’re doing a good job at it!