The information and scientific evidence regarding Mitragyna Speciosa is so limited that numerous potential consumers know what authentic Kratom is. Unfortunately, many people are under a false impression due to this absence of critical knowledge.

Not only this, the fear and suspicion of using the herb have extended throughout the US ever since the botanical herb was introduced. People are dubious about the safety of this plant matter.

Mitragyna Speciosa users are picky, and rightfully so! However, it is crucial to receive authentic Kratom, and with a plethora of strains to decide from, the question is no longer what you purchase but where you buy it from. 

Authentic Kratom
 is an herbal substance sourced from the native habitat and provided to users securely and hygienically without utilizing any impurities or fillers. The Mitragyna leaves are imported from Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and the surrounding islands.

The trees belonging to these regions feature the correct alkaloid concentration and chemical composition. Therefore, some sellers might cultivate the plant in their separate facilities. However, authentic Kratom belongs to the Asian region.

Mitragyna Speciosa cultivates the best in hot and humid areas. So, the Mitragyna Speciosa plants grown in natural rainforests are authentic Kratom or real botanical substances.

How To Identify Authentic Kratom

Speciosa grows in hot climates, and the fragrance of these herbs is earthy, similar to the rainforests where it’s found. You can identify authentic Kratom from the look, aroma, and dense powder. The fine and moist powder is sold in varying shades of green, depending on the area it was derived from.

For example, Red Bali features a reddish hue and displays a rich aroma. When you open a bag of this kratom powder, the texture and smell alone will tell you whether you bought authentic Kratom or not. Likewise, Green Maeng Da displays a lighter green shade and similar aroma.

Some sub-par powders include preservatives that decrease the fine texture and make the strain look dry. The fragrance of these impure strains is also weak.

A trustworthy supplier sources their offerings straight from the source – the dense jungles of Southeast Asia. It pairs the top-tier customer service with lab test reports.

As a reliable, safe, and accountable store, it strives to create a gratifying marketplace. But not all vendors have the same work ethics. 

Expensive, Real, And Authentic Kratom – Which One To Choose?

The genuineness of any strain relies on the alkaloid content, which is achieved by professional manufacturing procedures and special packaging. 
Costly strains are considered authentic Kratom as the price is an indication of a hefty production cost, due to which its worth is higher. But this is not always the case!

Costly strains can be only expensive for something accessible at a lower cost somewhere else. However, they lead to organic, authentic Kratom when specific production actions are followed.

The speciality of strains is a rare attribute. This is only found when the manufacturer determines that the plant’s natural goodness was not lost in the manufacturing process. Authentic Kratom is prepared with great detail and offered in a way that can change your life!

What Makes A Credible Vendor?

As Mitragyna Speciosa grows in popularity, more and more vendors are emerging. A fraction of these new businesses are legitimate and offer high-grade products, whereas others are just trying to find quick profits.

An authentic Kratom supplier can explain their attributes and strong points in detail. Rather than just depending on fancy or typical blend names to sell their offerings, distributors can explain to you the reasons why their goods are extraordinary.

These sellers also have solid relationships with the established processors and farmers in Southeast Asia, sourcing their items carefully.

If an online store cannot offer sufficient information about their goods, this means that they have not tried it themselves, which is a huge red flag.

Although comprehensive product descriptions and other sections guarantee the genuineness, they form the first impression.

What To Look Out For

1) The Red Horn Scam

Recently unsavory suppliers are selling something with the name of Red Horn, with a more expensive price tag. But why?

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This strain is derived from the Borneo region and is similar to any red vein powder. The leaves of these trees grow horns, contributing to this scam item’s name.

It’s important to note that these horns don’t alter the alkaloid concentration of the strain. It’s not unusual for regional plants to possess irregular shapes. Charging more just because of the body without other properties is a scam.

2) Yellow Kratom Scam

Another scam without any science on its side is yellow Kratom. Experts suggest that this strain is just a blend of different powders, meaning that it’s not authentic Kratom. 

Cost Of Authentic Kratom

While judging the cost of different kratom strains, some factors influence them. Often, customers get used to purchase the same type of items without expecting any change.

This behavior requires a creative way to sell strains but unique techniques to differentiate the experience.

The factors that influence the value of Kratom are:

Good Packaging

If a vendor offers vacuum-sealed bottles and bags, it means that the item inside is fresh and valuable. Likewise, tinctures and kratom extracts must be placed in containers with a locking cap.

The packaging quality should be so high that the product inside is free of moisture and heat. The bottles are usually made of plastic but comply with the GMP criteria.

Lab Tests

The integral part of authentic Kratom is lab tests to ensure that the alkaloid content is potent. Lab tests conducted by a third-party, neutral facility are now an unavoidable feature of premium Kratom throughout the US.

How To Buy Kratom Specific Strains?

Lab tests are a strong indicator of realness. Any business can tell you that they conduct lab tests, but they don’t disclose their test criteria.

Powdered herbs are especially sensitive to adulteration or contamination because of how easily powders can combine. Even a company with good intentions who employs a date filler to cut the item ends up offering less than your money’s worth. In a bad scenario, powders can be contaminated with heavy metals that are dangerous for health.

So, independent third-party lab tests examine the products to confirm that they are exactly how they are advertised. Aside from carrying tests for preservatives and heavy metals, labs can examine the presence of mold that has the potential to grow when the powder is stored in low conditions.

Credible businesses will invest as much information as possible regarding their lab test reports and testing criteria on the website or share the individual batch test reports when you ask for one.

Industry Certification

Search for a seller verified from the American Kratom Association for Good Manufacturing Practices. As a national NGO devoted to the progress and promotion of Mitragyna Speciosa, the organization utilizes this certification to urge businesses to partake in the best possible hygiene, testing, and manufacturing processes.

Independent tests are just a facet of the extensive certification procedure. The procedural protocol is also needed to maintain the quality and safety of the herb.

Rather than just pouring the strain into the packages and selling it, GMP-certified vendors usually utilize pasteurization IoT numbers and test small batches to ensure that the end product is as safe as possible.

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Similar to any other consumable item, Mitragyna Speciosa should be distributed by tracking batch numbers and IoT. This offers further peace of mind to the customers.

Manufacturers Offering Free Samples

This is a two-tier factor – it surges the costs of strains. At the same time, simultaneously, it forces other sellers to elevate the price to compel users to purchase costly and inferior products. When free samples are shared, a surge in the customer base is obvious.

This marketing tactic allows the setting of an expectation for sales. For example, suppose a seller is providing authentic Kratom. In that case, there is a probability that they will distribute free samples that customers can taste and purchase a significant quantity for their needs.

State-Of-The-Art Facility

All Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are sourced directly from Southeast Asian countries. First, the producers of the strains set the processing facilities in the US. Then, they determine a hygienic and safe item that will fulfill their cravings.

The modern facility points to a processing unit loaded with effective machines to grind, extract, and package products.

Supervising teams of professionals also are another expenditure. Nevertheless, this is a vital part of the facility where Mitragyna Speciosa strains are tested, produced, and packaged.

Authentic Kratom Products At Smoke Shops

Smoke shops purchase different supplements from random sellers, depending on the quantity and cost. As these shops are focused on profits, they buy any affordable strain to boost the variety of kratom products, but at a low price.

It’s likely that whatever you buy from these spots is not authentic Kratom and includes preservatives. In addition, the packaging of these items is not properly sealed, which can give rise to the development of impurities, dust, and mold. Finally, the freshness of strains is based primarily on the product’s age. The older a strain is, the less fresh it is.

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While online vendors determine fresh batches, the same can’t be said on behalf of smoke shops. If they cannot sell a product in a few months, it will still be present on the shelves. No one can tell how stale they might be.

Inspecting In-Person

Naturally, it would help if you took measures to examine an item for genuineness before placing your order. Then, after receiving your order, you should grab another chance to read it more strictly.

Please go over the label and confirm that the details are according to the online distributor you bought it from. If the vendor’s or item’s Jane does not match the one you purchased, this is a big red flag.

Mitragyna Speciosa has a naturally bitter taste. This means that any strain that manages to hide the natural flavor can be cut with impurities and fillers. It presents a grassy aroma that smells like earth or green tea, based on the item’s actual age and variety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How Can We Find An Authentic Kratom Source?

No matter how daunting the task of finding genuine Kratom is, owing to the customer testimonials on the online forums, it is possible to shortlist online vendors that boast fresh items and a steady clientele. An authentic Kratom supplier ensures the following:

  • Lab-tested strains.
  • Transparent manufacturing procedure.
  • Labeling of the batch number to display the production time.
  • Refund and exchange offer to prioritize customer service.

If you find a vendor satisfying these requirements, it must be selling good stuff. But if a seller refuses to disclose their sourcing or manufacturing process, consider these red flags.

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2) Why Is It Important To Buy Authentic Kratom?

The biggest possible threat for impure or fake Mitragyna Speciosa is the risk of hurting your health. This is a potential risk for anything you consume, so the presence of honest and transparent lab tests makes it highly safe as compared to other items.

Some products’ genuineness is not that important, as long as they provide the expected advantages and are safe. The experience of authentic Kratom is unlike the impure one.

3) How Difficult Is It To Discover Authentic Kratom?

Now that the AKA has taken the responsibility of verifying businesses, it is simpler than ever to buy genuine Mitragyna and lab-tested strains.

Closely scrutinize a vendor’s website to make sure it can offer what you demand without disturbing your peace. Then, after getting your order, some quick inspection will determine whether it is pure or not.