We all remember our first. Whether that was your first car, or your first kiss at the school dance, or your first child is born, we all remember the moment it happened and how it made us feel. In the Kratom community, one of the more popular and first strains for Kratom users is Bali Kratom.

Should you go with Bali if this is your first time using Kratom? How do you use it? Are there different types of Bali? Should you take powder or capsules? We will explore these questions, and more so you have everything you need to know about Bali Kratom.

Why Is Bali Your First Kratom Experience?

The debate of where Bali first originated is entertaining but rather unimportant — saying that some claim that it’s called Bali for obvious reasons.it’s from Bali. While others say, the strain hails from Borneo. Regardless, it is a favorite strain and people’s first choice for two obvious reasons.

One, this kind of Kratom is one of the most affordable strains out there on the market. Whether you are going through recovery or you want to experiment with a natural product that will relieve pain, you will appreciate the fact that this strain can save you money.

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Second, this strain is known for its intense whole body experience, that can last up to 3-4 hours. So while it may be cheap, don’t let that fool you, as Bali Kratom delivers the goods just as well as the other strains.

The red strain is known to have higher analgesic effects, which in essence will curb pain and produces sedative feelings. All of Bali strains have shown incredible abilities to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, as well as promote a relaxing state of mind by reducing stress.

Should I Take Bali Powder Or Capsules?

Either form of this strain will give you exactly what you are looking for. This question comes down to one thing. How fast and easy you want to get to what you are looking for, right?


  • Some people can’t do the powder. Why? To be sincere, Kratom doesn’t have the most pleasing taste. Moreover, it has a bitter taste.
  • The powder is also much messier and can get all over your house, which is inconvenient.
  • Lastly, for a beginner, you will want to know how much you should take. With powder, you have to measure out the proper amount to receive the correct results.


  • You will instantly realize the intangible difference between the caps and powder. Capsules, generally speaking, are more expensive than powder form.
  • Also, when you take capsules, the Alkaloids or compounds that produce relaxation, pain relief and more, take much longer to be activated. You don’t get that instant feeling or quicker action as you do when you take the powder.
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The Winner Is

The answer is…You. It’s a matter of preference. The drawbacks of each are above. That said if you want a quicker punch, a more natural experience and more affordable–go with powder. If you can’t stand the mess, and can’t stand the taste–go with the capsules.

bali kratom (Red , White , Green )

Are There Different Types Of Bali Kratom?

There are three different types or veins of Bali Kratom. All of them support a healthier lifestyle, promote sobriety and offer the positive effects you affiliate with Kratom.

White Veins:

Produce the best sedation effects out of the three veins but are harder to find. Explore white vein kratom here.

Green Veins:

These are most effective with migraines or osteoarthritis because of their pain relief properties. The green veins combat anxiety. Get green vein kratom details here.

Red Veins:

The most popular and bought type that produces all of the effects is listed above. Read all about red vein kratom.

What Is The Suggested Dosage?

When you first dabble with powder Kratom, regardless of the strain, the first thing you should go out and do is get a measuring device.

Digital scales may make your life much more relaxed and there’ll be less guesswork. Having said that scales could be much more expensive. You can always go to the trusted teaspoon. A half teaspoon equals 1.5 grams.


  • If this is your first rodeo, then try Bali at 1.5 to 2 grams. Anything below 1.5 won’t produce effective results.
  • Gradually elevate your dosage every half hour to an hour until you begin to feel the effects.
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  • Whether you are mixing up a fusion blend or riding a Bali solo, most users seem to hover around 3-5 grams.


  • After you’ve been using Bali Kratom for a while, you can increase your dose up to 8 grams. 5-8 grams is an appropriate amount at this level. You shouldn’t exceed that amount.

Are There Side Effects With Bali?

If you take Bali correctly, no. If you take more than 8 grams, you may be okay, but if you reach around 12-15, you could experience the following:

  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Slurred speech
  • Blurry vision

There have been no reported overdoses or any known side effects to Bali Kratom when it is utilized properly.

How Do I Combat Bali’s Bitter Taste?

One of the more popular questions for new Kratom users is how to combat the undesirable taste that it has.

Most users get creative and start mixing it with different foods and drinks. The most popular way to combine Bali is with coffee. If you plan on mixing it with coffee, then it is recommended that you use a third of the standard dose amount.

You can also combine Bali with ice cream, tea, milkshakes, and lemonade. It won’t hurt you or Kratom if you get creative with food and drinks.

Pro’s And Con’s According To Users


  • Back pain was relieved within 30 minutes after using 3 grams of Bali.
  • Great for starters.
  • Excellent for pain relief and muscle relaxation.
  • Reduces stress and improves mood.
  • Increase sense of awareness.
  • Happiness.
  • Alleviate withdrawals from opiates.
Warning from Health Officials About Kratom


  • Bitter taste
  • Messy
  • Not as good as the Green Malaysian

When Will I Feel Effects?

Most users have said you can start to feel the effects as quick as 15-30 minutes after the first dose.

The general peak time for Bali Kratom has been reported at 2 hours and then a gradual decrease in effect to thoroughly unnoticeable around the four-hour mark.

Bali Kratom: Is It A Safe Strain?

Bali Kratom is one of the more affordable and popular options because of how safe it is, as well as, how incredibly productive it is. Comparing it to harmful drugs like Methadone and Suboxone, with this strain you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects. There are no known side effects or fatalities with Bali Kratom.

If you take this strain correctly, you will start to notice important benefits to your body. It isn’t uncommon to experience much more joy, happiness, relaxation, and many more positive attributes once you begin using Bali Kratom.