In the past, marijuana was a substance for pain relief that had to face a ban. Now, agencies are leaving no stone unturned to ban Kratom, which is another excellent substance that has been verified as beneficial by many people who cannot now find relief in prescribed medicines and who searching for some relaxing and energy boosting results from this natural herb. Green Malay strains and Maeng da strains are top kratom products from kratom vendors those help people from pain.

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Is it Better to Leave People in Pain?

As agencies like FDA have been trying to ban this herb under the guise of public health because they call it an addictive drug. As such, they are depriving the public of a right they must have.

  • Putting a ban means they will not have access to the best possible remedy for their problem and they will have to suffer this pain for the rest of their lives as the pharmaceutical drugs have failed to provide the solution of many problems so far.
  • Because of the pain, these people who need the cure, are going to break the laws and find Kratom from any source.

Consequences of Ban and Breaking the Law

  • When people break the law, they will be imprisoned and will be financially facing more loss as the consequences would be borne by their children, who the FDA claims must be protected from this herbal medicinal. But are they helping those children by making rules to block the usage of this herb?
  • No, they are not. Instead, they must allow it for the adults to use so that they may get relief from pain and keep their mind relaxed, who will then be able to give their children what they want after working to earn for them. This is the favor these agencies can provide to them.
Can Pharmaceutical Companies Get The Patents For Kratom?

Prescribed Medications Are Not Working

People suffering from severe problems have tried many drugs prescribed by the doctors that do not give them relief and some people are even unable to work because they are now confined to their homes. These people are tired of such problems, and a few cases of suicide have also been seen. So, are these agencies going to take responsibility for these deaths? The number of deaths is expected to increase in the future.

  • Therefore, we have to appeal to them that they should consider the protection of the people and consider the benefits of this natural herb and let them use it freely.

Do not Ban Kratom – It Has Proved Itself

  • This natural herb has been tested many times as a pain relief option, and people have acknowledged and shared their experiences; that after using it, their pain has become tolerable.
  • Kratom has also been able to break the association of many people with addictive drugs like heroin and opium.

If it is so useful, why you are trying to ban it?