Batam Kratom is honoured to be produced in the famous Indonesian island known as Riau, where the temperature is always high.

Batam refers to the cultivation region of the herb as it’s the biggest city in Riau. Similar to other strains, Batam Kratom is categorized into the following vein colours:

1) Green Vein

This maintains a perfect balance between the properties and attributes of red and white vein colours.


2) White Vein

This vein is popular for quickly showing its characteristics compared to other variants in the family. 


3) Red Vein

This strain boasts excellent robustness, which is why so many long-time users are inclined towards buying this vein.


4) Yellow Vein

This strain gets harvested before the Mitragyna leaves get fully mature. Some consumers claim it is pretty similar to the Green Vein Batam Kratom


Being one of the most popular travel destinations globally, Indonesia boasts the potential to become a promising pharmaceutical production country. Owing to the Indonesian market opportunity, we will discuss a very demanding herb known as Kratom in this article. In scientific terms, it is called Mitragyna Speciosa, native to Indonesia. 

Mitragyna is a part of the coffee family, and it is only able to grow in specific tropical climates. This is why its production usually occurs in the islands of Sumatra, Bali, Borneo, and Java. 

These islands are the leading producers of this all-natural herb. But the Batam Kratom strain originates from the Indonesian island of Batam. This latest strain has been the centre of attention for quite a while in the past years. Do you want to know about this strain? Let’s dig in! 

Background Of The Batam Island

Batam also goes by its other name – Abang. This is the biggest city that covers three main islands in the province of the Riau Islands. Batam Islands display tourist attractions and alluring beaches to indulge in snorkelling and diving. 

However, the sweltering backwaters of the Batam Islands are now the largest exporter and producer of Mitragyna Speciosa throughout the world. The Mitragyna cultivation in this area is comparatively new because other islands of Indonesia have been manufacturing the herb for more years. 

The farmers in Batam work day and night tirelessly to boost the competitiveness of this beautiful herb production, striving to hit the export market on a grand scale. 

All The Good Attributes About Trees Growing In The Batam Island

● Growing A Mitragyna Tree

Mitragyna Speciosa trees are challenging to propagate. All the procedures have abysmal success rates, from cutting their leaves to seeds. This makes it clear that only experts and professionals can acquire the skill of growing the trees. 

The seeds are supposed to be fresh, and these are tough to find. Similarly, cutting leaves is also a complicated task because they are constantly victims of fungus. The farmers must place all cuttings inside a plastic bag and keep it away from direct sunlight. 

● Rich And Fertile Soil

Mitragyna Speciosa plants require fertile and rich soil that is abundant in nitrogen. These trees are susceptible to drought because they need almost no drainage and must never be given too much water. Hence, the soil of this island is perfect for cultivation. 

● Climate

Batam Island boasts a tropical rainforest climate. The temperature lies between the range of 26°C to 32°C. On the other hand, the humidity is usually between 73% to 96%. Plus, the yearly rainfall totals 2,600 mm. 

Batam Kratom
 is known for its pure properties. So, growing this strain in a humid and tropical rainforest climate can lead to an 80 feet long trunk with huge shiny leaves. 

The Challenges Experienced By Farmers

The climate conditions are unpredictable in Indonesia. Therefore, farmers experience tough and new challenges with each day going by.
They are also not equipped with the basic information related to the weather, soil, pests, nutrients, market data, and diseases. This makes it challenging for them to grow Batam Kratom.

What Goes Into The Strain?

Modern Day Extracts

The safety of any tree relies on extraction. This means that only the crucial components and essences of the tree are left behind. But what are the essential details exactly? It means that the alkaloids are taken out, and everything else is rejected.
Similar to other kratom strains, Batam Kratom leaves feature various natural alkaloids. The primary reason for categorizing each strain and vein colour is the difference in the balance of alkaloids. 

Furthermore, Mitragyna Speciosa is divided by the cultivar’s country of origin. That’s why the avid users are disappointed when the results differ after searching for the strain. This system of classification leads to numerous songs throughout the world.

The Possible Ways To Utilize Powder

The botanical herb, Mitragyna Speciosa, is accessible in lots of forms. For instance, paste, kratom powder, capsules, pellets, gummies, liquid extracts, and a lot more. 

After purchase, all consumers should be aware of the ideal method of consumption and dosage. Below is a list of ways to administer the product in your gut. Search for the one that suits you the best.

1) Capsules

Mitragyna powder is packed within the gelatin-coated kratom capsules in determined quantities. This form is by consumer demand as it masks the naturally bitter taste.

The Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom

2) With Water

The powder is consumed in the mouth in calculated doses with the help of water. Toss and wash are ideal for absorbing the herb in your gut.

3) Mix With Juice

The powder can be mixed with juice like cranberry or orange to retain the alkaloid content. The strong taste of these fruit juices can effectively suppress the bitter taste.

4) Pellets

This is a condensed form of Mitragyna that includes around one gram of herb and almost 30 mg of Mitragynine content.

5) Gummies

One chewable gummy contains around 11 mg of Mitragynine and 2.5 grams of herb each serving. It is possible to make your gummies at home as well.

Why Are So Many New Strains Emerging?

If you have been a user long enough, you must have seen the trend of more and more strains being introduced in the market. This might make you curious. For centuries, we have been familiar with the mainstream strains in the industry. Users often stop giving attention to a product until something new is unveiled with wider and better variety.

This is why farmers love experimenting with cultivation in different places and discovering favourable climate conditions. And no matter even if the properties are identical, you must know that the taste is different. Therefore, you can say that this is a marketing technique.

But at the same time, it is an expansion of the Southeast Asian herb vegetation to make profits, fulfil the international supply requirements, and support the thriving Mitragyna business.

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Are New Strains Causing Any Legal Complications?

The growth of the Mitragyna industry is a bit scary for the higher authorities because it is challenging to monitor so many dealers situated in diverse regions. This urges the authorities to give out usual warnings and be more strict about the matters revolving around the business. But it is not posing any alarming threat to the legal status of Speciosa.

Recently, there was news of the FDA attempting to ban Mitragyna Speciosa in Utah. Their reason was that they did not know the processing procedure of Mitragyna in Asia, along with the connection to Salmonella.

But not long ago, a bill was proposed at the State Capitol to keep allowing the usage of the herb in Utah. The law specifies that only pure Kratom without additives will be tolerated. As for the impure forms, they will remain illegal.

Various Strains And The Economy Of Indonesia

Indonesia boasts a cluster of islands, and the entire economy of the country relies on the manual and agricultural work accomplished by the residents living there. The population of Indonesia is 267,670,543 as per the 2019 census. Plus, the majority of the contributions to the GDP of Indonesia rely on agricultural exports.

Anything planted in their rich and rare soil makes a prominent part of the economy. Mitragyna Speciosa is also a part of these commodities as the states in the US where Mitragyna Speciosa is legal can import the bulk of it. Furthermore, the quality of the herb found in Indonesia can not be beaten. Speaking of the economy, Indonesia is the 16th biggest GDP holder globally. The other main exports include rice, coffee, rubber, cocoa, oil, plants, and spices.

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Farmers who invest their land, time, money, and efforts to harvest claim that Kratom is the backbone of their earnings. They are delighted with the production and sale ratio because the demand for the herb and Batam Kratom is ever-growing.

Around 90% of the shipments from West Kalimantan province are nothing but Kratom which, is sold to the US. About five million individuals consume Batam Kratom and other varieties. And you can expect this figure only to increase exponentially.

The 2016 data depicts that the country sends 400 tons to foreign countries each month. This is worth around US $130 million yearly with the current global costs of US$30 of Mitragyna per kg. This shows that Batam Kratom and other strains are playing a significant, productive part in the economy of Indonesia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What Are The Basic Characteristics Of Batam Kratom?

Source: Batam Island in Indonesia

Alkaloids: Mitraphylline, Isomitraphylline, Epicatechin, Speciogynine, Corynantheidine, Mitragynine, and Isomitrafoline are the alkaloids present in this strain.

Colour: White, red, yellow, and green.

Smell: Moss and earthy.

Flavour: Bitter.

2) What Is The Alkaloid Profile Of Batam Kratom?

The most famous alkaloids present in this strain are Mitraphylline, Isomitraphylline, Epicatechin, Speciogynine, Corynantheidine, Mitragynine, Isomitrafoline, Isorhynchophylline, Isopteropodine, 7-hydroxy Mitragynine, and Ciliaphylline.

These alkaloids are the primary profile present in the Batam Kratom.

3) What Does A Strain Mean?

A strain depicts a sample supposed to present unique characteristics that might include aroma, colour, weight, and texture. When one talks about different themes, it refers to different types of Speciosa leaves depending on the textures, colours, and more factors.

Yellow Vein Kratom - An Insight Towards the Popular Herb

The difference in the variety is due to the leaves. This herb is grown in various regions, countries, and climate conditions.

4) When Should Batam Kratom Be Harvested?

The harvesting method is restricted to the trees along with the leaves. You can process the leaves at various phases of the life cycle. The difference in the maturity level is the reason for the difference in the vein colours too.

For example, when you harvest it in an immature phase, the leaves are red. But when the leaves are mature, they display a green colour. Finally, the stage after the maturation is completed depicts a brownish colour.