Earlier, in the Southeast Asian regions, kratom leaf was removed from the plan, and people simply chewed it which was considered the best method of ingesting kratom but, now there are many other new and innovative methods of taking kratom and in the best way. You need to take care of your dosage so that maximum benefits can be obtained.
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What Is The Right Dosage For The Kratom

When you decide to use kratom, you should not do that at your own without thinking because it is necessary to determine that what amount of dosage would be correct for you. The correct kratom dosage is dependent on the

  • The potency of the kratom strain you are using or
  • The effects that you are looking to get or
  • It also depends on the addition of extract into it.
  • Use of the dosage also varied according to your body tolerance. For one person, 2 grams of the same strain could be enough as compared to another who uses 5 grams to get the same effects.

Considering all of these elements would give you the right dosage which can take weeks or even months as it requires some experience to find out what is the dosage that you should use to have the perfect result you are looking for.

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How to Take Kratom

Kratom With Food Or Drink

Kratom is not known for a good taste rather it has a bitter taste therefore many users prefer it to take with food or beverages to avoid or lessen its bitter taste,

Take Kratom With Drinks

When drinks are the concern, with the kratom, most of the people prefer orange juice which can cover the bitter taste of kratom. Grapefruit Juice is another choice which has been seen made by many users. The powder can also add in a smoothie.

Many kratom lovers use the kratom powder to make tea from it that is highly potent and very convenient to prepare.

How To Take Kratom With Food

You can also mix the kratom powder into your food. Experiences have shown that it has been used by adding it to the pudding or yogurt and baked into the cookies as well.

Does The Potency Of Kratom Have Any Effect?

Kratom can use with food or drinks without having any doubt about its efficacy as there is no effect on the potency. The effects are same as you can get by simply ingesting the powder form. Although the effects can be shown late when taken with food but the result would be similar.

Other Forms Of Kratom

Capsules: If you do not want to use kratom by using above mentioned methods and you do not want to waste your time on the measurement of correct dosage or to prepare a tea, you can go for kratom capsules which is an effortless way to use kratom without any compromise on the quality.

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Tinctures: Liquid forms of kratom are currently very popular in the market which is another easy way to ingest. A tincture is made by dissolving the kratom leaves into ethanol alcohol.


These are the few methods of ingestion of kratom among which you can select any one which you think best suits for you. You can then search the best kratom vendors online who can provide you with a wide range of products.