The bitter taste of Kratom is unpleasant. But if you mask this bitterness, you can significantly refine your Kratom consuming experience. But how to neutralize this pungent flavor depends on your taste buds.

It’s possible to balance the unpleasant flavor with more salt or sweet taste. However, even simply adding salt can have a huge difference.

But why does this ancient herb taste so bad in the first place? No one exactly knows why. However, evolution might be one of the best theories for our ability to taste bitterness. Evolution theory claims that our taste buds gained bitter receptors to recognize the poisonous plants in the ecosystem better.

This is very similar to another theory – we love the sweet taste so much due to our evolutionary adaptation against the bitter taste. The sweet taste allows us to decrease bitterness in the food. If we learned that poison and bitter taste goes hand-in-hand, it makes sense that the sweet taste masks the bitterness.

How Is Evolution Associated With Kratom?

Does it look like we have strayed far from the topic? From the food perspective, it is crucial to identify the roots of the bitter taste to start with. These roots can describe why we naturally run from the bitter flavor.

Ponder on this for a moment – a child would never like a shot of espresso. In the same way, a child also would not like the taste of grapefruits, olives, and dark chocolate. Yet, we form a preference for these tastes with time.

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With Mitragyna Speciosa, routine consumers may become familiar with the natural, earthy flavor. But the less expert individuals generally complain about the basic flavors of Mitragyna powder. So if we can effectively explain how to mask the bitterness in general, we can also explain how to hide the bitter taste of Kratom.

Decreasing The Bitterness: What Are Chefs Saying?

While talking about tastes, or in this situation, neutralizing taste, there is always one aspect that can aid the most: chefs!

According to chefs, it is impossible to eliminate bitterness. The best you can do is stabilize the anger with sweet or salty foods. As an alternative option, you can add foods rich in fats.

As per the author of Bitter: A Taste of the World’s Most Dangerous Flavor, with Recipes, Jennifer McLagan: it’s best to mask the bitterness with some salt. The addition of salt can trick our taste buds into thinking that they are eating salty food rather than bitter.

While talking about Mitragyna Speciosa, what would this lead to? A suitable suggestion for the new Kratom consumers is to brew the herb’s tea. This will allow you to enjoy the perks of the Southeast Asian spice while excluding the bitter taste of Kratom.

But for some individuals, even the tea can appear unpleasant to the taste buds. So if you’re one of those people, add a pinch of salt to hide the bitter taste of Kratom altogether and enjoy the experience.

How About Something A Bit Sweeter?

Not everyone likes salty foods, or in this case, salty drinks. But don’t worry. There are plenty of ways that can be employed to get rid of the earthy flavor. Of course, all of this depends on your palette. While salt may win, you can also add a sweet or salty-sweet taste to overpower the bitter taste of Kratom.

Let’s go back to the tea situation – the addition of salt (even in a minimal quantity) can make a great difference. Aside from this, you can also add sugar to the tea for better neutralization. Just drop a pinch of sugar and salt into the tea to balance everything.

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This may appear weird at first, but recall what we said about the sweet taste in the evolution theory: if bitterness is linked to harmful or poisonous food, it makes sense that the opposite taste is known as warm and welcoming.

Furthermore, the salty-sweet taste is complementary, with salt refining the sugar taste and vice versa. Did you ever dip your fries in a chocolate shake? Did you ever allow the maple syrup to drop from the pancakes and on the bacon?

These are some top examples of the salty-sweet tastes, the same taste combo you can employ to mask the bitter taste of Kratom.

The Effective Ways To Mask The Bitter Taste Of Kratom

Some people are not bothered with the bitter taste of Kratom, whereas others find it very off-putting, and they keep taking the kratom capsules due to this reason.

We have talked about the science behind cutting down the bitterness and the evolutionary characteristics that let us perceive bitterness. But what are some best techniques you can follow to neutralize the bitter taste of Kratom?

Fight The Bitterness With Your Favorite Coffee

As stated before, experienced Kratom connoisseurs are familiar with the bitter taste of Kratom. But if you are new to this world, you can try adding something painful of which you are already fond of – coffee.

To take things up a notch, add some chocolate to your morning cup of herbal tea. This will result in a mocha-like Mitragyna infusion that joins the salty-sweet taste profiles with the more pleasant bitterness of your regular coffee.

Dive Deeper Into The Variety Of Kratom Tea

We have already said that the addition of salt to the herbal tea can decrease the unpleasantness. But tea has something for everyone, making it an ideal vehicle for routine doses of Mitragyna Speciosa.

If you ask us, bolder, fermented teas do a professional job of hiding the bitter taste of Kratom. We suggest that you add your favorite Mitragyna Speciosa powder to oolong or black teas, combine some salt, a pinch of sugar, and voila! It’s recommended to add preferred flavors, such as honey or lemon.

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The citric acid contained within the lemon can disintegrate the alkaloids of the herb. Plus, many tea enhancers in the market can work equally great for this herbal tea – vanilla, fruit, and raspberry tea enhancers.

Choose Kratom Capsules

Maybe the simplest solution to mask the bitter taste of Kratom is to erase the ability to perceive the flavor altogether! You can achieve this by consuming Kratom capsules instead.

There is no way to sense the bitter taste of Kratom if your Mitragyna items pass right over the taste buds! Capsules are the easiest way to consume the herb, and they do not require the time to do the extra measurement work. These odorless and tasteless pills are perfect for sensitive users.

Combine With Juice!

Many users love consuming Mitragyna Speciosa with acidic juice. But this has one more benefit aside from hiding the bitter taste of Kratom – the sour juice allows the breakdown of alkaloids in the herb.

When the alkaloids are broken down, your body will absorb them faster. If you want to uplift the nutritional content of your smoothie, toss some nuts in it too.

You can combine your Kratom with any juice you prefer. However, the most famous juices are orange juice, lemon juice, and lemonade.

Orange juice: Orange juice and Mitragyna Speciosa is maybe the standard combo for Kratom connoisseurs. Orange juice is sufficiently acidic to offer more potency to the kratom powder.

But do note that you will still feel some earthy taste. However, the earthy flavor is not that prominent, and the unique orange taste overpowers it.

Whisk your favorite strain in a glass of orange juice. If you want to make fresh juice, you will require roughly four medium oranges.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice instead of lemonade is very acidic. This drink will break down the alkaloids and mask the herb’s taste. However, you are warned that this is a very rare flavor. Try adding some water or sugar to mellow it out.

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Lemonade: This drink is less famous than orange juice, but still very delicious! Lemonade is not as acidic as orange juice, so it is not that capable of breaking down the alkaloids properly. However, it masks the bitter taste of Kratom all the same.

Blend It With A Smoothie!

Some people are aware of the super green Kratom smoothie, which masks the bitter taste of Kratom and adds some vital nutrients to the drink. It hides the bitterness and is a superb way to start your day.

Mix With Yogurt Or Milk

Take a preferred dose of Mitragyna in a glass of milk to hide the bitter taste of Kratom. If it is still too unpleasant for you, you can add a few drops of honey. You can use milk of any temperature, but warm milk works better to dissolve the herb.

Similar to milk, the addition of Mitragyna Speciosa into plain or flavored yogurt can mask the unpleasantness of the herb. If yogurt isn’t doing the trick for you, you can add your favorite sweeteners like sugar or honey.

Kratom Honey Balls

This is another way to consume this excellent herb, which doesn’t dominate bitterness. Making these balls is simple, fun, and demands everything already provided in the home.

  • Just take equal amounts of Mitragyna Speciosa and honey. Then, mix them in a bowl to not break apart.
  • The honey will cover the grains of powder and hide the bitter taste of Kratom.

You can satisfy your sweet cravings with this method too!

Kratom In Oblate Discs

This technique has been discovered recently by avid users. However, it was found that the method was prevalent way before the herb got hyped up. This is an ancient Japanese technique of consuming this herb.

  • The powder is put in the center of the oblate disc.
  • It’s folded and re-folded until it gets scrunched up.
  • Join the edges by utilizing your saliva, water, or honey.
  • Take the disc directly with the help of water or any drink.

The result is tasteless and odorless.

Peanut Butter With Mitragyna Speciosa Powder

This is as easy as it sounds. Users have been raving about this technique as it is yummy and simple. It perfectly conceals the bitter taste of Kratom and makes you feel like you’re eating regular peanut butter. As the peanut butter is strong, it becomes simpler to mask the bitterness.

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Just mix the powder with peanut butter and eat it with a tablespoon.

Kratom Milkshakes

Things keep getting better and better! This is another way to take your usual Mitragyna dose. It’s similar to adding your protein powder to the milkshake. But instead of the protein powder, you will be adding Kratom powder.

Kratom With Almond Milk

Are you a health freak? Then this recipe is for you! Consider this to be a 2-in-1 recipe. First, Almond milk is a great creamer, which helps in masking the bitter taste of Kratom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What Are The Least Popular Acidic Juice Options To Combine With Mitragyna?

Aside from the juices of orange and lemon, other honorable mentions are apple juice and cranberry juice.

2) What Is A Rare Way To Consume Mitragyna While Hiding Its Bitterness?

A lot less conventional, but a lot more delicious than the common Mitragyna form is Kratom chocolate. Another similar method is Kratom chocolate milk.

Just combine chocolate and the preferred quantity of your favorite strain in milk. Mix these components well until the herb is dissolved fully. Other unique recipes of Kratom are cookies and milkshakes.

3) What Does The Mitragyna Speciosa Powder Smell Like?

Its aroma is somewhat mild but considerably earthy, similar to steeped green tea or fresh lawn grass.

4) Do All Strains Taste The Same?

There are several kratom strains, and each comes with its taste. Differences in how the herb was cultivated, processed, or grown can lead to different taste profiles. For example, white vein leaves harvested at the onset of the maturation stage will have a different taste than red vein leaves harvested when it is completely mature. Therefore, some strains may be tasty to one but unpleasant to others.