Blue River Wellness is one of the many suppliers out there that provide Kratom supplements in the US. 

Kratom has gradually established itself as the go-to organic supplement for improving your overall standard of living. It is a Southeast Asian plant with the scientific name Mitragyna Speciosa.

While many of us are only now becoming aware of this remarkable botanical, it is already quite popular among Southeast Asian locals due to its various benefit. Indigenous folks utilize this herb by chewing its leaves. But why do you assume everybody do that?It is because Kratom is an energizing substance. 

When you look at its recreational use, you will Kratom in many different foods and beverages for its valuable benefits. So, all in all, it is safe to say that this botanical is of significant importance in the Southeast Asian region. 

Once the rest of the world found out about Kratom, there is no surprise that they also wanted to give it a try. And when the herb finally made its way to the United States, people were not disappointed at all. The fact that these supplement users say that their life significantly improved also helps Kratom’s cause. 

Since demand and supply in the business world have a close connection, the rising interest in Kratom led to a direct rise in the number of suppliers. But unsurprisingly, the quality could not match up with the quantity of this herb. As a result, the level of Kratom supplements dropped off drastically. 

Nowadays, you will find it surprisingly challenging to find a reliable Kratom seller with high-quality supplements. Resultantly, you should always run a background check to ensure the credibility of your potential botanical vendor. 

Many of you may be asking if Blue River Wellness is worth your time and money. So let’s jump right in and see what this Kratom vendor is all about.

What Is Blue River Wellness?

Blue River Wellness is a botanicals supplier from Colorado. It sells products like Kratom, CBD, herbal cures, and other botanical products. 

Looking at its past, the brand used to go by a different name (Coastal Kratom). It was, in fact, one of the original and few Kratom suppliers throughout the United States.

If you’re wondering why they gave up such a reputation and changed their name, your guess would be as good as ours. The truth about their rebranding is quite unclear, and the fact that the company hasn’t said anything doesn’t help either. Whatever the reason, we can undoubtedly say that the brand rose back up and is now better than ever. They do their utmost to offer high-quality Kratom products to their customers at reasonable prices. 

The Website’s Interface

As customers will be buying Kratom digitally, a Kratom supplier should make the process as straightforward as possible. It includes making sure the site loads quickly and is simple to navigate.

Unauthorized sellers are rarely ready to go through the trouble of creating and maintaining a high-quality website. As a result, one of the simplest methods to determine a Kratom store’s legitimacy is to visit their website. If it has a poor design, you can bet it’s offering substandard goods as well.

Blue River Wellness had a low-quality web page at first. But thankfully, the brand understood its errors and updated it. However, there is one issue we have with the company, and that is the product descriptions. Most Kratom buyers have a basic grasp of the herb but are unfamiliar with the many varieties available.

As a result, a thorough product description is vital to educate consumers on everything they need to understand about a specific product, allowing them to make a knowledgeable choice about whether or not to buy it.

Blue River Wellness’ explanations are brief and ambiguous, which is an issue where the brand can improve.

Product Selection

Kratom comes in a multitude of strains, each with its specific array of perks. In addition, as customers develop a preference, a growing number of Kratom strains are introduced. As a result, a competent vendor strives to delight all of their consumers, which they do by guaranteeing that a consumer will most likely find what they want in the shop.

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As a result, any Kratom vendor that wants to establish themselves as a genuine business must have a wide product range.

Blue River Wellness offers a somewhat decent product selection, but it lacks the variety that we would hope from a renowned brand. It implies there’s a possibility you won’t be able to find what you’re searching for at this store.

Here are the most fan-favorite Kratom supplements available at Blue River Wellness:

  • Elephant Indo Kratom
  • The Bright Eyes Blend
  • Private Reserve Maeng Da
  • Ultra Green Malay Kratom
  • Red Vein Sumatra Kratom
  • Ultra-Premium Bali
  • Red Vein Thai Kratom
  • White Vietnam Kratom
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom

You have to admit that these are some pretty high-quality Kratom strains. But if the brand wants to take its competitiveness to the next level, it will have to expand its Kratom products lineup.

Available Product Types

As of now, Blue River Wellness provides its Kratom supplements in three different forms.

Crushed Kratom Leaves

Although it’s a bit unorthodox compared to other consumption methods, many people prefer Kratom in this form. According to these consumers, it gives an entirely authentic Kratom experience and has a more potent effect. Moreover, you can also brew these leaves into a delicious and hot cup of Kratom tea. 

Kratom Powders

Like the rest of the market, this brand also provides Kratom powders for effortless consumption. You can take the powder with a beverage through the “toss and wash” method. However, it may leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth, which nobody likes. If you want to avoid this, try adding your supplement powder to your food or a flavored drink. 

Kratom Capsules

The brand most recently started providing Kratom capsules, the preferred method of consumption for most supplement users. The best thing about these capsules is that you can carry them on your person and take them whenever you want. If you didn’t already know, these capsules are essentially the Kratom powder in a gelatin container. 

Product Pricing

In terms of price, Blue River Wellness adheres to the industry’s established principles. Mitragyna powder costs $10.99 per ounce. As you may already know, this is quite similar to most other businesses. However, when it comes to bulk prices, they are a long way off from the rest of the competition. 

You can get 32 ounces of a Kratom strain for around $175.99. Compared to other brands, which typically charge between $100 and $135, this is a relatively high price. Blue River Wellness doesn’t usually change its pricing. So it’s possible that depending on their product, that pricing policy is working well enough for them.

People will probably end up paying nearly double the cost for a kilogram if the price splits down any more, which is still less than a full kilogram.

It’s worth noting, though, that the company treats its consumers with the utmost respect. Faithful customers have access to a rewards program that features a variety of promotional coupons regularly. Moreover, their social media pages are updated often and include some of the current deals.

Product Safety

If the product you purchase isn’t safe for consumption, it won’t matter how much you love it. The bottom line will be that it could be detrimental to your body. However, as previously said, acquiring safe and dependable Kratom is difficult nowadays owing to the flood of low-quality Kratom products from unscrupulous merchants looking to make a quick buck.

Fortunately, there are a few methods for assessing whether or not a merchant provides high-quality products. The first step is to see if the provider offers analysis certifications. A certificate of analysis is a lab report issued by a third-party testing laboratory that verifies the purity and quality of substances.

Accreditation From The American Kratom Association (AKA)

When a Kratom brand is in the registered list of the AKA, it must follow GMP rules and regulations to maintain product quality and safety. But alas, not every vendor out there reaches the level of their requirements. And unfortunately, Blue River Wellness might fall in the same category as they are not present in the AKA’s list of accredited businesses. 

Payment Methods

At the current time, Blue River Wellness is only accepting electronic check payments. It shouldn’t be a significant problem because the concept is the same as entering your credit card details into a payment gateway. All you need for the payment is the bank routing number and account number on your checkbook. If you think about it, this method is relatively easier than mailing a check to the supplier.

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Shipping Times And Prices

Nobody likes to wait around for their packages to arrive. Therefore, you should always look for a vendor that offers speedy delivery options.

As far as Blue River Wellness is concerned, you do have the luxury of same-day delivery options. However, it is only applicable for the customers that place their orders before noon. After confirmation of the order, the company sends you a tracking number that you can use to check your order’s whereabouts at all times. Moreover, the cost of shipping is also quite reasonable, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Blue River Wellness offers two different delivery methods, which are as follows:

  • Priority shipping (2-4 business days)- $7.99
  • Express Priority Shipping (1-2 business days)- $23.99

Coupon Codes And Discount Offers

If you are a fan of cut-price deals and affordable products, Blue River Wellness might be the right supplier for you. On top of their reasonable rates, the supplier also lets you avail a generous loyalty program. Thanks to this, you will receive points every time you purchase a supplement from the brand website.

Except for this program, Blue River Wellness also provides frequent coupon codes. For anyone wanting discounts, they can use these while checking out and get a reduced price. However, there is an issue over the time of availability of these coupon codes. So if you want to avoid any such scenario, make sure you subscribe to the brand’s newsletter.

Refund Policy

One of the main factors that set a supplement vendor apart from the rest of the competition is its refund policies. If you are a customer looking for a new supplier, always check beforehand if they have lenient refund policies.

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Thankfully, Blue River Wellness is quite considerate in this department. If something is wrong with the product you received, you can effortlessly contact the company. But keep in mind that you can only reach out for the first week after your purchase.

After forwarding the problem to the vendor’s representatives, they check your eligibility for a refund or replacement. If your refund claim is authentic, the company will certainly send back a full refund. However, keep in mind that this does not include the expenses of the delivery.

Customer Reviews

Blue River Wellness has gained a devoted following. Many customers have returned to make further purchases. Since the brand has been operating for a long time and truly cares about its customers, it is understandably popular. Blue River Wellness also contributes a significant sum of money to ensure that Kratom remains legal in many regions.

They acknowledge the positives brought to individuals and want to ensure that they receive the assistance they need. Blue River Wellness is the ideal business to buy from, according to the majority of its users.


Do The Products Have Fair Prices?

When you look at the rest of the market, it is easy to realize that Blue River Wellness doesn’t offer competitive prices for its products.

Are The Products Safe For Consumption?

Although it doesn’t offer any lab test analysis certificates, the users that tried the brand’s products say that the supplements are perfectly safe for consumption.

Final Thoughts

Blue River Wellness is gradually becoming one of the more talked about Kratom suppliers in the United States. Ever since their rebranding, the business has undergone significant improvements. But if they diversify their product lineup and offer certificates of analysis, they have the potential to attract even more customers.