Boosted Kratom is a vendor that sells Kratom in different forms. You can find several strains of Kratom with varying colors of the vein. The color of the Kratom is determined by the vein color of the leaves where the strain was extracted. Each variety of strain has its health benefits. Boosted Kratom consists of several strains of Kratom, which are presented in different colors.

How They Established

Boosted Kratom was established to provide the best quality kratom. Their Kratom is cultivated and harvested from Southeast Asia. The company offers a full line of capsules and kratom powder. They offer a guarantee to all their customers to provide a product that delivers in terms of quality, consistency, and satisfaction.

Website Usability

boostedkratomThe boosted Kratom website is somewhat simple and a bit empty in terms of features. However, we do have to agree the site is quite eye-catching, although nothing more can be said about its appearance and looks.

  • In terms of usability, navigation is easy as you can move from one page to another without much strain. When you land on the homepage of the site, you can see links to other pages on the left side. Scrolling down the website, you will see their support email address and phone number.
  • Overall, the site is quite simple and easy to use. This is amazing as you get to save on your time as you make your order. You do not have to waste your important time on a slow website.
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Products Available

The company doesn’t offer a lot of products. The products available include

  • Boosted Kratom,
  • Boosted CBD,
  • and CBD Lab Results.
  • They offer boosted Kratom in 60g powdered form, boosted CBD in E-liquid form, and CBD lab results.


  • Product quality is very crucial in every aspect. When choosing to buy kratom from any vendor, you have to ensure that they are proven to provide the best quality products to their customers.
  • Boosted Kratom guarantees customers the best quality products, and throughout their years in the industry, they have managed to build an excellent reputation for themselves.
  • This is critical for you as you decide whether to purchase this product or not. It really helps when you know that you are dealing with a vendor offering high-quality products.


The company provides a wide range of kratom strains in both powder and capsule form. Here is a selection of some of their products:

The above products are available in both capsule and powder/extract form.

Payment Methods

The payment methods offered by Boosted Kratom include

  • credit cards,
  • an electronic check,
  • and cryptocurrency payment.

These are some of the most secure and efficient ways to pay online. However, you still need to be extremely careful whenever you’re making payments online. Though they have diverse payment methods, they could make their site better with more payment options that are accommodative of everyone. It is important to ensure that the security of the payment methods is topnotch.

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Coupon Codes

Getting discounts from products when buying is always a good thing since it helps you save money, especially if you are on a budget. A lot of company’s online offer discounts to customers to help them save money and keep coming back to purchase their products.

Boosted Kratom products

  • Unfortunately, looking at the Boosted Kratom website we weren’t able to see any information regarding discounts or coupons offered to customers. However, you can reach out and inquire about any discounts on their products.
  • Getting to learn whether you are eligible for an offer from these vendors is important as it could potentially ensure that you make savings on your purchase. They will also be ready to give you information that will surely assist you in realizing the offers you qualify for.

Shipping and Return Policies

One massive benefit of buying products from Boosted Kratom vendors is that they offer low-cost shipping. The company processes their shipment through priority express mailing, priority mail, and also first-class mailing.

  • They offer same-day shipping as long as you make an order before 3 pm on weekdays.
  • Boosted Kratom shipping takes about 3 to 5 business days. They also require the person who places an order to be 21 years and above.
  • When it comes to returns, they do offer a 30-day return policy. Customers are allowed to return faulty shipments, and new deliveries are made free-of-charge. But, you should note that when you return a product, you have to cater to its shipping costs back to the company.
  • Refunds are always processed within 5 business days. It is very critical that you get proper information beforehand, which will help you decide on what you exactly want.
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Customer Service

According to user reviews, it shows that Boosted Kratom is very keen when it comes to providing customer support. Their customer service is very efficient, and they strive to handle any issues in the right manner.

  • On their website, you can find their contacts – their email address and phone number. There is also their contact page which has a form you can fill out in case you want to communicate with them.
  • This is very reassuring as such a company looks transparent, especially with their generosity when it comes to contact information. You will be assured of having all your questions answered. This is indeed a great vendor with great dedication.


Kratom is quite useful and beneficial when it comes to pain relief, among other issues. Therefore, buying it from a reliable vendor is crucial as it guarantees the best results. Boosted Kratom has proven to be trustworthy when you want to buy kratom products. However, just like all other vendors, we always urge customers to proceed with caution to be on the safe side. It is always best to gather as much information as possible, which will in return help you to make wise decisions.