Various substances have been in the limelight for their medical benefits during the previous few decades. Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is one of them. Even though a large section of the human population has yet to welcome this plant with open hearts, its fame has shot up!

As a result, there are a variety of vendors selling this medicinal plant, one of which is Botanical Bunny. Botanical Bunny is wide gets regarded as the most spectacular success story in the Kratom community.

This vendor has grown in popularity in the United States thanks to its low rates, exceptional customer service, and constant social media presence. This brand built up a loyal following over time. It is all due to its products. These not only include distinct Kratom varieties but also offer bath soaps and aromatic essential oils too!

Botanical Bunny has left a path of desirability in its footsteps, but we are here to provide you with an honest review of the firm. So don’t worry if your Kratom supplier is out of town; this brand has got you covered!

Botanical Bunny

What Is Botanical Bunny?

The Botanical Bunny, a Texas-based company; founded in 2018, has taken the Kratom Community like wildfire. Botanical Bunny’s Kerri and her crew set themselves apart early on by not being a cheap stop for “high-quality Kratom.” This multi-purpose ethnobotanical store has swiftly gained a reputation.

The store distinguishes out because of its extensive product selection. Their comprehensive product listings and straightforward design make it effortless to locate for whatever you need.

Botanical Bunny now gets regarded as one of the leading suppliers, according to some. They did extensive market research to understand the demands of clients in a short time and assessed their technique to supplying them with exactly what they desire.

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Hundreds of favorable reviews of this company speak for themselves, even though they do not disclose the results of any quality control lab testing on their website. Customer feedback has been incredibly on their side, but more on that later. First, let’s look at their product line.

What Products Does Botanical Bunny Offer?

The company is a one-stop online shop that specializes in selling high-quality Kratom. This vendor has a lot of fans, as you may have heard or read. The outstanding inventory of the supplier in question is one of the primary reasons for its continual appraisal. They have added a great assortment of Mitragyna Speciosa-related items to their catalog to fulfill the booming demands from Kratom users.

Moreover, Botanical Bunny has previously supplied as many as twenty-one strains at a time, usually dealing with unusual varieties that no other supplier seems to be able to obtain. All of this is due to the strong bond it has established with Southeast Asian locals.

Other than that, their e-commerce site provides a wide selection of other items. Organic teas, essential oils, herbal curios, and handcrafted soaps are practically brimming in their store. Let’s take a look at each of their product lines individually.

1) Mitragyna Speciosa

As mentioned before, Botanical Bunny has tons of Kratom strains to meet your needs. These raw herbal powders provide a burst of freshness to all its users. They began with only a few goods and expanded rapidly to include fan favorites, including Premium Maeng Da, Yellow 12, Green Malaysia, Red Indo, White Jongkong, Gold Bali, and Green Vietnam. Nevertheless, Botanical Bunny, unlike its competitors, does not supply other, more novel forms of the herb, such as tea leaves, Kratom capsules, or even a variety of packets.

The intensity of most of these Kratom variants gets praised by their consumers. They also produced unusual blends such as Red Banjar, Gold 12, Red and White Dayak, Wild Green, Plantation 12, and so many more. These strains quickly became their most popular and sold out quicker than ever before. You will not find such a wide range of options anyplace else.

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2) Soaps & Supplies

Botanical Bunny takes pride in its collection of handmade bath soaps, all because their customers absolutely love them! Given the small number of products currently accessible, the Soaps and Supplies category appears to be a rapidly growing sector.

These items do not contain Kratom but lavender oil, coconut oil, and shea butter making them great for the skin. Raspberry, Festival, Honeysuckle, Pumpkin Spice, and Lilac are among the varieties available. Apart from these, Sage, Cucumber Melon, Gobi Gold, and others are among the greatest in this section, and we have only begun to explore!

They also have some with fascinating names like Monkey Farts and Cotton Field Scrub, which make consumers curious about how they smell, resulting in them buying it.

3) Candy & Essential Oils

While numerous users use Kratom leaves as herbs or consume them as tea, hardly anything compares to the ecstasy of all-natural candy. With that in perspective, Botanical Bunny is also proud to offer world-famous Ginger Chews; if you are into the notion of ginger-flavored candy, which several people enjoy, go check those out!

They also hope to provide essential oils in the near future, contributing to the complexity of its product line. So, if you are planning to buy essential oils, keep an eye on the vendor’s website or their Facebook page.

Are Their Products Safe To Use?

Botanical Bunny is a new firm, and it is a young one at that. As a result, the American Kratom Association‘s Good Manufacturing Practices program has not verified it. Verification costs a lot of money and time, and newer businesses are frequently unverified.

For a company that is still far from being GMP-compliant, the very least they can do is provide lab test reports and data on ingredients and contamination of their platform’s items. But, Botanical Bunny does not. As a result, we have no idea whether its goods are effective or safe to consume.

Nevertheless, the company is utterly honest in its dealings. They do not make any false claims on their website about any of their products. Instead, it is noted prominently on the homepage that some measures must get taken when buying their products. Their lack of FDA approval and their refusal to serve customers under 18 are all included in the warning.

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Also, they will tell consumers the batch of Kratom they will receive. Outside of every product’ packet, they put the Lot and Batch certifications. For instance, if one buys the strain Elephant Jongkong, they will get it from Batch 2006, Lot 12. It is an excellent initiative that will aid in the identification of the particular batch of Kratom if a consumer has issues regarding any faulty substances.

What Is The Pricing For This Vendor’s Products?

Botanical Bunny’s tremendous success focuses on the foundation of high-quality items sold at an affordable price. Naturally, when confronted with a website selling Kratom at such a low price, a consumer’s first reaction is to question its legitimacy, freshness, or quality. And with Botanical Bunny? You will be surprised by how reasonable the prices are!

They begin by offering the best strains with worldwide criteria for a low price. Some Kratom strains are available for as little as $5 for 28 grams or $12.50 for 100 grams, making it significantly less than the current market average. As a result, depending on the items and amount purchased, they may differ. Customers who shop in quantity can save even more money; however, not all strains are accessible in bulk.

It costs $10.00 to purchase any type of soap from their shop. If you want to buy this medicinal herb, the price ranges from $5.00 to $90.00 for every strain in any form. Candies and essential oils come in a variety of pricing levels. These costs are cheaper than the Big Three, Happy Hippo Herbals, Kraken Kratom, and Coastline Kratom and substantially lower than the rest of the industry.

Botanical Bunny

What Is Botanical Bunny’s Shipping Policy?

One of the Botanical Bunny’s best features is its central location in Texas. As a result, you can trust your items to arrive soon. They ships via USPS, and you may select from a variety of postage options. The more you spend, the faster your order will get to you. Keeping that in mind, First Class Mail costs $4, Priority Mail costs $7, and Priority Mail Express costs $30.

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Except for purchases placed on Friday, most orders are dispatched within two business days, though delivery can take at least 3-days. These orders could be delivered as early as Monday. Other than that, you should also know that there’s no free shipping. This fact doesn’t really stop many customers as they are such fans of Botanical Bunny’s products.

Additionally, they will not ship to places where Kratom is banned, which is why it is better if you check the laws in your area before ordering their items.

What Is Their Payment Policy?

Botanical Bunny accepts a few more forms of payment than the average vendor. Zelle, money order, Bitcoin, and a credit card are the four payment alternatives offered.

Keep in mind that if you are paying with a credit card, the product only gets delivered to the billing address. Botanical Bunny’s crew is trying hard to solve this problem for its consumers, so don’t worry too much! Visa and Mastercard are the only credit cards that this Kratom vendor accepts as of now.

Additionally, if you utilize a small bank, the payment may get denied. As a result, you will need to approve the transaction manually by calling them.

What Is This Company’s Return Policy?

Botanical Bunny does not accept returns. Why? It is because repackaging and reselling products like these is unethical. Aside from that, the supplier wishes to keep its costs to a minimum as much as possible. Thus, the vendor urges prospective consumers to buy a modest quantity of a specific product to see if it meets their requirements.

They believe they are not liable for any exchanges or returns since they do not believe in reselling items received as exchanges or returns.

That implies you will never get an item from this vendor that gets returned by a previous buyer. They guarantee that each product they serve you will be 100% genuine and of the highest possible quality. However, if you absolutely must return your item, inform Botanical Bunny within 30 days of buying, and they will try to help you out.

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How Is The Customer Support At Botanical Bunny?

The vendor can only get contacted using the form on their Contact Us page. It would be great if they added a phone number for customer care. Other than that, they have a fast delivery service and frequently include a small gift bag of various candies plus ginger chews with their business cards. They also offer discounts through their social media sites.

What Distinguishes This Company From Others?

1) Presence On Social Media

The firm has a significant social media presence, mainly on Facebook and Reddit. They keep consumers up to date on new product launches, old product restocking, endless discounts, and upcoming goods promotions. If you want to sample a particular Botanical Bunny strain, the easiest way to do so is to like their Facebook page and keep an eye out for replenishment alerts. Their company has a 5-star rating on Facebook, even though there are just a few reviews.

2) The Products’ Authenticity

Botanical Bunny’s openness attests to its genuineness. All across the webpage, users will discover disclaimers and tips aimed at keeping customers safe.

3) User-Friendly Experience

Botanical Bunny’s official website is utterly easy to navigate. Aside from that, the ability to sort goods by popularity, newness, price, and alphabetical order makes things go more smoothly!

4) Product Affordability

Not only will you discover a broad range of items at low prices at Botanical Bunny, but customers will also be offered amazing discounts and offers regularly.

What Are This Vendor’s Best-Sellers?

Remarkably, the best-selling product does not include Kratom, and it is none other than Ginger Chews! However, Premium Maeng Da is their best seller too, but not as much as compared to this candy. Many people appear to be enthralled by the product, and others are addicted to it.

Final Thoughts

Botanical Bunny is bound to change the Kratom business forever. You will undoubtedly enjoy the money you spent on their items. The most challenging aspect of buying with them is the rate at which they run out. All things considered, Botanical Bunny consistently surpasses the competition.