When you search for online kratom vendors, you will probably come across Bumblebee Kratom, which is also taking part in the competitive kratom market. You might look at its name and think that it is just a new fellow in the market because it does not appear among the top five online kratom vendors. Well, when buying kratom, all that you need to focus on is whether or not the vendor can give you what you need. Some kratom users tend to pay a tremendous amount of money for shipping their kratom simply because they order from vendors who are not closer to them geographically. As they do this, at times, they have an online vendor who is physically located just next to them and would give kratom without shipping it. This is why we have opted to review even the small vendors in the market like Bumble Bee Kratom.

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Who is Bumble Bee Kratom?

Bumble Bee Kratom is a kratom company which sells kratom online but which is physically located in Southern California. The name might sound small, but this is practically a large kratom company that keeps growing day and night to take a position in the kratom market. One outstanding thing about this vendor is that the kratom they channel to the market gets processed at the company. This is one way of ensuring that kratom users get the best quality of kratom. Unlike the vendors who stock kratom from already manufactured sources, this vendor can attest to the quality of what they channel to the market. Kindly note that there is a difference between Bumble Bee Company and Bumble Bee Botanicals, as these are different companies.

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Bumble Bee Kratom

The products at the Bumble Bee Kratom

Like most of the top-notch kratom vendors, BumbleBee Kratom also supplies a variety of kratom related products. For instance, you can get nearly all strains of kratom relevant to your health needs. You will always get the high potent strains of kratom like

Additionally, this vendor provides other enhanced strains of kratom in both powder and capsules form. Being a processing company, you can nearly get multiple choices for your kratom need. This gives you a chance to ask for anything related to kratom practically and expect to get it delivered. If you happen to order something that is not in stock, but you need it in large quantities, probably for sale, the company might consider making an alternative for you.

Commonly, you might not lack your kratom need since this company prides itself on importing kratom from different places. For instance, it imports kratom from Indonesia and Vietnam. This is why you will get some unique names of its kratom. For example, you can get some names like Hello Vietnam within their shelves. If you are not sure of the kratom strain that you need, you can always consult the company so that you can get on the right track as far as kratom use is concerned.

The customer service

The customer care department of this company is well advanced in helping to answer all your kratom related questions. Whether you need kratom supply, but you don’t know the strain to go for, or you don’t know the right dose, you will always be directed. There is no customer concern on the website that is not yet answered. If you look at the time difference from the time a customer sends a message and the time it is responded to, you will get encouraged. The vendor generally does its best to give the best results. You will always get the information that you need with lots of transparency.

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What most people don’t like about BumbleBee Kratom

Through the kratom Reddit, we were able to come up with some things that did not amuse some customers. We have not, however, verified from the vendor how accurate the allegations are. However, we all know that you can never satisfy every vendor. Here are some of the concerns:

Bumble Bee Kratom products

The prices are relatively high

Most people reported that at times the prices of BumbleBee Kratom are relatively high. Some even said that the prices are at times fluctuating so that you cannot know what you will spend on your next purchase. Well, this is explained by the fact that at times the company tries its best to come up with the best kratom in terms of potency. This is what leads the company to import the raw material for their kratom processing.

The prices at such times tend to fluctuate depending on the value of importation. The company also keeps it that they can only raise the prices of its products if it matches their quality. Therefore, if the price is higher than what you paid previously, you should know that it is because of the quality improvement.

Shipping time

Some people also reported that for more than once, they were not able to get their kratom on time as promised. The company says that they offer same-day delivery on weekdays. This contradicts what some customers reported. To them, they had to wait for more hours or days to have their kratom.

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This is something that inconvenienced those who needed kratom immediately. Well, maybe the company will have to up their game on this issue if this allegation is true. We acknowledge that nobody wants to wait for a long time once they have paid off the kratom.

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Final thought

We all know that not all customers can feel good about a kratom vendor. This is why there are many vendors that you will meet in the market. Therefore, this vendor can be rated at the right place in the kratom market. The few negative concerns should not limit the ability of Bumble Bee Kratom to give you the best experience. Also, feel free to use their website in making the right decisions for your kratom intake. BumbleBee Kratom is one of the recommended kratom vendors that you can go for.