Cali Botanicals effortlessly wins the show when we talk about the notorious kratom vendors of the West Coast. With 1000+ positive customer reviews, five-star ratings, and convincing Google remarks, this kratom vendor is successfully winning the hearts of kratom enthusiasts. With the cherry at the top, Cali Botanicals have numerous returning customers.

The entire credit goes to their top-quality exotic Kratom strains that hugely add to their health regimes. 
In this piece, you will get your hands on an honest review of Cali Botanicals. From its initial setup to shipping and return policies, you will get to know the entire detail.

Let’s get started with Cali Botanicals review!

Cali Botanicals – A Complete Review For Kratom Enthusiasts

California is a hub of kratom vendors, and Cali botanicals are located in Rancho Cordova, CA. It is one of the leading kratom vendors, known for its top-notch service and consistently visible high-quality.

Whether you are hunting for super soft kratom powders, rich kratom extracts, bitterness-killing kratom capsules, or ultra-enhanced kratom powders, Cali botanicals have got you covered. You may get surprised to know that Cali botanicals are hugely acknowledged for their Best Premium Powder Mix– a blend that takes your kratom experience to a whole new level.

What Is Included In The Cali Botanicals Product Line? 

With a massive and exceptional product line, Cali Botanicals effortlessly caters to the needs of their worthy customers. From pharmaceutical grade kratom blends to kratom tinctures and Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom to exclusive CBD gummies and bath bombs, their product line includes everything a CBD and kratom enthusiast would long for.

Additionally, their product catalog becomes matchless when the prices are pretty unbeatable. With the cherry at the top, their refund policy helps you shop without any worries and puts your happiness in the first place.

Top-Rated Kratom Powders That You Must Try At Cali Botanicals 

Are you a fan of aromatic kratom tea? Do you like to add your favorite kratom strain over your food, or love to blend kratom powder in juices, fruit shakes, or smoothies? The finely micronized kratom powders at Cali Botanicals are brilliantly excellent for all your kratom needs.

Get a sneak-peek into Cali Botanicals’ all-inclusive collection, and eventually, you will get your hands at your favorite strain. Here’s a quick overview of top-rated kratom strains at Cali Botanicals:

● Ganesh Kratom

● Foglifter Powder

● Green Hulu

● Green Bali

Green Malay

Green Indo

● Green Thai

● Green Sumatra

● Premium Green Mantra

● Red Riffat

● Red Kali

● Netflix Red

● Superior Red Dragon

● White Borneo

● White Hulu

● White Horn

● Ultra Enhanced White Vein

● WildCraft Red Vein

● White Lightning

How Much Would These Powders Cost You?

Kratom powders are priced at $7 or $8 for an ounce and go up to $110 for one kilo. You can also use promo codes and promotional deals for a further discount at the checkout. Do not forget to subscribe to their newsletter for recent updates, coupon codes, and new launches. 

The Best Kratom Strain At Cali Botanicals – Users Top-Favorite!

Everyone has a much-loved kratom strain of their own, but this one strain at Cali Botanicals sells like hotcakes – the Red Maeng Da kratom. This strain is harvested when the kratom tree reaches its peak maturity and is rich in alkaloids.

The huge, massive, and larger Red Maeng Da leaves to produce this Old Growth strain-pleasing aroma. Even San Antonia Current calls it the mightiest of all strains.

If Red strains are your preferred choice, it is high time to try Cali’s Red Maeng Da kratom.

Best-Selling Kratom Capsules At Cali Botanicals

Kratom capsules are an ideal fit for those who cannot tolerate the bitter taste of kratom. They come in handy when you are on the go and need your kratom dose ASAP. Although there are several best-selling products at Cali Botanicals, kratom capsules are consistently making their way to the best-selling products for obvious reasons.

All the capsules are made by strictly following the GMP rules, and from seed to shelf, the purity, freshness s, and potency remain intact.

At Cali Botanicals, the kratom capsules are available in White, Green, and Red-vein strains.

Their signature kratom capsules include White Vein Borneo Kratom, Superior Red Dragon, Private Reserve Maeng Da, and Premium Bali Kratom.

How Much Would Kratom Capsules Cost Me At Cali Botanicals?

Capsules have varying prices depending upon the total count. You can buy thirty kratom capsules for $7, fifty kratom capsules for $12, and eighty caps for $17. If you are looking for bulk kratom capsules, you can grab hundred kratom capsules for $20 and two hundred for just $40. That’s insanely reasonable when we consider the quality and quantity for such an affordable rate. 

Potent, Rich, And Ever-Lasting Extracts At Cali Botanicals 

Are you a longtime kratom user hunting for a stronger kratom punch? You need to try the wholesome kratom extracts at Cali Botanicals. These are made by utilizing the manual extraction technique by using alcohol-based solution or water.

The best kratom extracts at Cali Botanicals are infused with a rich amount of Mitragynine alkaloid and sold in glass droppers (usually measured in millilitres).

You can buy premium Full Spectrum 50x Tincture and 30x Kratom Extract Powder that are fan-favorite of numerous kratom enthusiasts. Moreover, their kratom extract range also includes enhanced, super-enhanced, and Ultra Enhanced Extracts that are equally stronger and enduring.


7 Hydroxymitragynine, The Key To Kratom’s Medicinal Benefits

How Much Would Kratom Extract Cost At Cali Botanicals?

If you want to buy a liquid kratom shot, you will get one ounce for $22.99. On the other hand, three grams of 30x Kratom Extract Powder are priced at $9.99.

What Should You Choose Cali Botanicals To Buy Kratom Online?

Cali botanicals have numerous jewels to their crown. If we dig deeper and try to find any cons, we will surprisingly find none. Here is why you should choose Cali botanicals for all your kratom needs.


1) Lab-Tested Kratom Products

By putting their customer’s health and hygiene first, Cali Botanicals extensively lab tests each kratom batch by reputable California laboratories. The lab-testing ensures that all the products are free from E-coli, metals, mercury, pesticides, salmonella, and other health-damaging materials. You can email them for authentic lab-test reports before placing an order.

2) Affordable Prices

Do you know what the number one reason enthusiasts prefer buying Mitragyna Speciosa from Cali Botanicals is? The AFFORDABILITY! Yes, you hear that right! Imagine you can buy a sample pack of five premium kratom strains for just $32.99. If you are a first-time customer, you may have to pay lower as the lovemaking
an authentic bond with new customers.

3) Fast Shipping

All the orders at Cali Botanicals are shipped the same day if placed before noon PST Monday-Friday, and you receive your order within 3-4 business days (for local orders only). Shipping options at Cali Botanicals include First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Priority Express, UPS Ground, or 3-Day Select. You can choose among any of these at the checkout.

4) Money-Back Guarantee

Does the idea of being returned with all your cash when you did not like the product fascinate you? It does boost your confidence, and you shop with complete satisfaction. At Cali botanical, you can utilize their 20-day money-back guarantee (no question asked). You would have to pay for the return shipping, and they will refund your entire amount.

5) 10% Off With Zelle

Do you know by using Zelle as your payment method, you can get 10% off your net amount at Cali botanicals? That’s right! So use your Zelle account next time you shop kratom at Cali and grab straight 10% off.

6) Free Shipping On Orders Above $50

If you place an order of $50 or above, you don’t have to pay for the shipping cost; sounds great, No? All the orders above $50 are shipped free of cost at Cali botanicals.

7) Vast Payment Options

Cali botanicals have numerous payment options from Bitcoin to Bank transfer to make your shopping experience entirely hassle-free. You can use crypto, COD, money order, Zelle, and E-check as payment mediums at Cali botanicals. 

8) Reward Program

You can access various types of savings, perks, and rewards just by shopping at Cali botanicals. Join their reward program, and you will earn kratom coins for repeatedly shopping at their store. These coins are redeemable, and you can use them against future purchases.

Final Thoughts

With various exotic kratom strains and innumerable positive customer reviews, Cali botanicals are a trustworthy and reliable kratom vendor. Their kratom products are all organic, pure, and safe to use.


1) Can You Pay Through A Credit Card At Cali Botanicals?

No, you cannot use a credit card for making a payment at Cali Botanicals

2) Are The Products At Cali Botanicals Lab Tested For Impurities?

Yes, all the products at Cali Botanicals are lab-tested by a third party to ensure quality control. 

3) Does Cali Botanical Follow The Guidelines Of The FDA?

Yes, Cali Botanicals strictly follow all the guidelines of the FDA, and all of their products are legal.