Kratom is the leaf of the Mitragyna Speciossa plant that grows in Southeast Asia. The tree belongs to the same family as the coffee plant. The leaf, which contains around 40 alkaloids, has the potential to be useful in the medical industry, as there is one alkaloid called “indole” which is an effective painkiller, and many drug companies have kept an eye on it to take its patents.

Media Hype

It is a natural herb, and it has been giving solutions to many problems, and it has been sold in smoke shops and on the internet. But later, it became a victim of the media hype which called it a legal high and caused problems.
This is a shameful act from the media because they are spreading lies and showing the detestation for the herb. If kratom is observed intensely, you will find it is very different than the information the media is covering.

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People In America Do Not Want To Lose It

People in the USA have tried this natural herb and are very happy to use it because it has helped them in ways that synthetic drugs have not. Therefore, these people now do not want to be deprived of this remedy and want to save its legal status so there is no restriction on its use and people can have easy access to it. Kratom Vendors are also trying their best to protect kratom.

Process Of The FDA

Many persons have recognized this herbal painkiller and its effects, but here in the USA, it has not yet been able to get the approval from the FDA because of the costly approval process.
Without any recognition as a medical cure, kratom is of no use according to the FDA. Although money is being spent on research for antidepressant alkaloids, anti-inflammatory compounds and alkaloids which can give relief from pain, the FDA does not allow its promotion as it is first required to go through a costly process.

What Does Kratom Do and What is Kratom Used For

Patents For The Herb

In light of the benefits of this herb, there is a battle going on between lovers of kratom and the drug companies that want to get the patents for its useful alkaloids. Patenting the drug and having a hold on the market o would give the companies a monopoly.

Comparing The Negative Effects Of Kratom With Pharmaceutical Drugs

Very rare cases of kratom overdose have given the opponents an opportunity to block it, but is it the right decision to cry for the protection of the people. In the name of rare cases that were not of very dangerous but forgetting those persons who have been dying for many reasons either due to unavailability of the right and effective cure or overdose of the drugs prescribed by the doctors.

Why The Media Remains Silent
If this business continues, we will then, unfortunately, be seeing more deaths due to overdose. Otherwise, allowing the herbal remedy to be used can make a difference.