Over the last ten decades or so, Kratom has continued to gain popularity with more people trying the substances out. Many Kratom users claim that the strains help them achieve different effects such as pain relief, mood enhancement, and energy boosting. However, even though the strains are widely accepted, some people still feel that there should more control on how people gain access and use them. In this article, we look at whether you can buy Kratom at GNC.

So, Can You Buy Kratom at GNC?

The answer to this question is a firm no! You can not buy Kratom at GNC. Local GNCs and other similar stores do not sell Kratom regardless of how hard some people might try to convince you otherwise. The reasons why these stores do not sell these products vary from one outlet to another.

Is Kratom Legal in The United States of America?

Yes, apart from some cities that have retrains of the strains, Kratom is Legal in the United States of America. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has approved the drugs safe for uses. However, there is still significant confusion between the users and authorities especially in some cities such as New York and San Diego.

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For Instance, in New York, some leaders have tabled bills demanding that the use of Kratom be regulated in the city. San Diego also has its issues regarding the strains with some areas of the town prohibiting their use. The authorities in the region have categorized Kratom in the same group as heroin and cocaine and have since banned them. However, the fact remains that Kratom is legal in the USA as it stands.

Why the Confusion?

If Kratom is Legal in the USA, why do stores such as GNC do not want to sell the strains? The reasons for this are not very clear. However, based on popular opinions, here are some of the reasons as to why it is difficult to find Kratom at your local GNC:

1. The Authorities Have Many Uncertainties

One of the reasons explaining why you might not find your favorite Kratom at your local GNC is because of the many uncertainties amongst authorities in the different region of the country. For instance, the regulations in the State of California dictate that the buying and selling of Kratom are legal in the state. However, the authorities in the city of San Diego have different views. They have put the Kratom strains in the same group as other hard drugs such as opium and cocaine thereby banning it.

As aforementioned, in New York, it is not sure whether the bills seeking to regulate the use of Kratom in the region will go through. With all these confusions, it, therefore, follows that huge stores such as GNC will not risk their reputation by selling Kratom. Maybe a time will come when they will accept that Kratom strains are here to stay and they will get on board.

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2. The Effects of Kratom are Not Clear

All the effects that Kratom users claim the strains provide are not scientifically proved. Effects such as energy boosting, pain relief and mood enhancements that users claim to receive, but no known professional doctor has ever come out to advocate for the strains’ use. This is part of the reasons why people think that GNC refrained from selling the strains.

3. Inadequate Supply of the Strains

The cultivating and processing of Kratom takes place in the Asian parts. Most of the most popular Kratom strains are believed to have originated in the forests found in Indonesia. People in these regions toil so hard to cultivate, harvest and process these strains. The process is tiresome, and it is hard to get the plants in large numbers. Also, the process of cultivation takes a considerable amount of time.

It, therefore, follows that there is a huge demand in the market currently for Kratom and the situation is bound to get worse. This may also explain why GNCs opted against investing in the strains. A constant supply of Kratom to most of the regions in the country is not guaranteed.

Where to Get Kratom

Regardless of what people might say, only the users of Kratom know the benefits that come with taking any of the different strains available. What most people may not know is that Kratom strains do not have many chemicals involved in their processing. In that case, if you take a Kratom for pain relief purposes, your body will benefit from a natural remedy that is not bound to cause any adverse side effects.

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Now that you cannot get Kratom at your local GNC, what next? Here are some alternatives options where you can acquire these strains:

1. Smoke Shops

Except in states or cities where Kratom is prohibited, you can always find a smoke shop in most parts of the country. However, these stores may not always provide the best strains with high quality. Purchasing Kratom from smoke shops only allows you to solve the problem by a fine margin.

2. Online Vendors

Even though you cannot access Kratom from any GNC platform, you can do so from the many other online Kratom vendors available. Purchasing from these vendors is very convenient, cost-effective and time-saving. All you have to do is find a reputable vendor that offers additional services such as free shipping and provides discounts.

Just like purchasing from smoke shops, you might end up buying the same bad strains from online vendors if you are not careful. To find the best vendors, look at the various reviews available online or seek recommendations from friends and families who might be aware of the products. You can also use online maps to access the right vendors.


Ever since Kratom started to gain popularity, the strains have met with mixed reactions. Kratom lovers claim that the strains are very beneficial while some leaders demand that more rules governing their buying and selling should be set. However, regardless of what your opinion might be, it is tough for you to access these products from your local GNC. GNC outlets do not sell Kratom so that you can opt for alternatives methods.