Did you know tea was the first beverage to start as medicine? The ancient monks of the Mughal Empire loved sipping the treasured drink to calm sore throats. The good thing is it could be grown easily in the highlands of Western India. The Chinese prepared their brews quite earlier during the Ming Dynasty for the same purpose, to heal throat and stomach ailments. As the Chinese proverb asserts, “Water is the mother of tea, the teapot is its father and fires its teacher.”

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Why Canopy Botanicals wholesome plant products matters

At Canpoy Botanicals, providing the most beautiful natural products made from plants is something they hold close to their hearts. Consumption of wholesome plant products guarantees your body with all the required nutrients minus the industry additives.

Even the most stocked e-commerce sites with a wide variety of products don’t offer the best food seasonings in the market. The solution to this is a specialty site dealing exclusively with fine teas, soap bars, spices, and seasonings. That’s what they do at CanopyBotanicals.com. Providing a collection of the richest seasonings on the web is their responsibility.

Handmade Soaps

Canopy Botanicals has a collection of homemade soap bars with a rich aroma and gentle touch you would love on the skin. Their online store is a number one stop for Pear Redwood and Pitchoul Sandalwood soaps.

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A study conducted by John Hopkins University indicates that soaps made from Peppermint Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal helps in combating acne. Banana Berry Almond, on another hand, increases the antioxidant properties of the dermal parts of the skin. All these are part of their wide selection of medical soaps that great for your health. Other soaps made from natural ingredients but with medical significance are Honey Almond, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Brown Sugar Fig, and Pear Redwood.

A Horde Of Spices & Seasonings:

It is said that you are what you eat. Eating food with spices and plenty of food seasonings translates to being a person of good demeanor, at least if the “made of sugar and spices” moniker of the of the Powerpuff Girls holds. Nothing invokes a good feeling like eating food with hot spices made from natural ingredients such as the White Maeng Da. The food aroma is something we hold close to their hearts, that’s why we ensure that the seasonings in their store are as natural and authentic as possible to bring the rich taste required in food.

Sea salts are considered to be healthier than those mined inland in soda ash mines. One of the benefits of consuming sea salt is that close to 7% of its iodine is naturally added from the sea water and not accurate processing. Their store contains a variety of sea salts including the Siracha Sea Salt, Himalaya

Pink Sea Salt and Applewood Smoked Sea Salt.

Consuming wholesome seeds and powders of plants with seasoning value guarantees a rich a supply of essential nutrients and flavors needed foods. It is better off compared to the factory produced seasonings which lose their flavor and a considerable amount of the nutrients during roasting and addition of preservatives and other enhancers.

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If you need Tumeric Powder, Peppercorn Blends, Ginger Chews and whole seeds of an array of plants with seasonings, consider checking in their store and a perfect seasoning solution will be found.


Tea aficionados (practically everyone) love drinking the best tea with its full aroma still inside. Although other things such as how the brew is made and the kind of conditions it is subjected to influences the taste of the final product, CanopyBotanicals tries hard to keep the teas, Their stores as original as possible. Their top quality collection of tea brands is of high quality while its prices are unbeatable.

They have one of the most diverse tea collections on the web. Their store holds Ginger Chews, Grey Tea from various tea blenders including the Oolong Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Peach Passion Tea, Sencha Green Tea, Ambrosia Tea, and Spearmint Tea. One of the essential tools for tea purists is a Tea Infuser. They have reusable Tea Ball Infusers in their stores as well.

Promotions and offers

Once in a while, you can get free shipping on purchases above a given amount of products. But since their products are super cheap, these offers are seldom. They instead prefer offering affordable products instead of overpricing them and waiting for you on the other side with promotions. But this doesn’t mean we are devoid of other promotional arrangements. They often award canopy botanical coupons which you can use to obtain their products at a discount.

More Canopy Botanicals Coupon

Their coupons often carry a 10% off on specific products. This is an excellent way of appreciating their loyal customers.

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Prompt Shipping

Canopy Botanicals doesn’t want your spices to reach home stale. For this reason, they begin processing orders immediately they are made. Depending on your location, they try to ensure that delivery is as fast as possible.

What are shipping and return policy?

All the orders made at Canopy Botanicals are shipped through the USPS (US Postal Services) Priority Mail or the First Class Mail complete with tracking numbers.
Shipments placed shortly before 2:00 PM are often mailed on the same day following the Monday-

Saturday schedule

Small Boxes and Flat Rate Padded Envelopes will be used for customers whose orders weigh below 1.5lbs
Orders above the 5lbs threshold will have the shipping price of between US$7 and US$12.15

All the sales transacted with Canopy Botanicals are final. They will do everything possible to correct a mistake in case of any. Contact them if you are dissatisfied with their products. You can return the damaged products for replacement. However, this must be done with 14 days of purchase. They don’t give refunds for the opened items, neither do they resale them.

How to contact?

Canopy Botanicals is easy to reach at any time 7/24. If you have queries, complaints or compliments, you can reach them through the telephone helpline, the email address or submit your message through the Contact Us section on their website by adding your names, email, telephone number and the comment.