Kratom has many medicinal benefits. For a long time, individuals have used it to manage pain, anxiety as well as arthritis. But, for it to be effective, one must only take high-quality Kratom. That’s why you should research a company before purchasing it. Users should read a vendor review first to determine whether they sell legit products.

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One company which has been selling Mitragyna Speciosa products for quite some time is Captain Kratom. Based in California, this company is well known to deliver fresh and potent Kratom products. Customers praise their brilliant packaging, which features a pirate character.

But is this the right vendor for you? We review everything about this seller to help you decide whether they’re worth your money.

About Captain Kratom

It is not a very old brand as it was founded in 2006. Since this year, Captain Kratom has been providing its clients with pure and natural powders of Kratom. This has therefore made them be ranked among leading kratom sellers. Their goal is to provide clients with not only natural but also high-quality powders and capsules. And for the years they’ve been selling Kratom, this company has lived to that reputation.

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Since their products are excellent, that has made Captain Kratom a household name. Every day, some new customers are purchasing quality products from this vendor.Captain Kratom

How Was The Company Established?

Like earlier said, this company started back in 2006 after the owner had returned from a trip to Thailand. During those times, gold and yellow kratom were a trend. And every other vendor was selling them. However, this vendor didn’t concentrate much on what was trending. And they uniquely perfected their brand.

They first started by packaging Gold Maeng Da capsules, which is among the best-selling kratom products today. Later, they refined their formula and produced Kratom Gold XXL. It’s this attention to detail that makes consumers fall in love with them. Today, they’re California’s best kratom vendors.

How Friendly Is Their Site?

Well, it’s pretty easy and straightforward to navigate on Captain Kratom’s website. Searching for products is very easy as they’re right at your disposal. That’s for someone seeking essential strains. Also, ordering is straightforward, as well.

What Products Do They Sell?

Well, one thing that people love about this company is how they’ve optimized their experience by combining speciosa products with CBD. They, therefore, supply products that contain a combination of Maeng Da (a strong potent) and CBD isolate, which is pure cannabidiol. Here are some strains this seller stocks both in capsules as well as powder form:

Unique Products They Sell

Captain Kratom provides high-quality products that are available in varieties. Some of the products which are unique to this seller include:

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Thai Kratom Capsules and Powder

For those suffering from chronic pain, this strain can help you alleviate it. Thai strains have painkilling effects, but these effects vary in different individuals. One can buy capsules for $15.99, and Thai powder for $11.99.

Kratom Capsule Bundle

It is a special package containing various supreme strains of Kratom. For those trying this herb for the first time, this package will be suitable, as, from it, they can judge which pressure is perfect for them. Customers also save 20% buying this bundle. Plus, buying more will save you more.

Bali Capsules

Bali strains are popular because they’re economical. Individuals can use this strain on low amounts to boost their energy levels. On high doses, however, Bali capsules can be used for quick pain relief. This package costs $15.99.

Kratom with Capsules of CBD

This is a unique product that is a combination of CBD isolate and Maeng Da Kratom. It helps manage chronic pain. It acts as an energy booster and pain reliever in low and high doses, respectively. It costs around $28.00.

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What about Quality?

To ensure that the quality of their products is not compromised, this company obtains all its products from kratom’s natural areas. Only tribal people with lots of experience know how to cultivate and harvest this plant. By purchasing their kratom from these native areas, Captain Kratom ensures that their kratom is not just high quality but also organic.

Something on Their Product Selection

From their website, one can see that products are listed as capsules, powder, or kratom bundles. Now when you click on capsules, you’ll find various strains of capsules as we’ve reviewed above. The same applies to powder and kratom bundles. Note that this company is very cautious when selecting products. They aim to give consumers high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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Payment Options

This vendor accepts different modes of payment, including cash, check, or money order. They also accept all major debit as well as credit cards.

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Do They Have Coupons?

Yes. Just like other vendors, they offer discounts on their products often. However, you have to check on their site which products have been discounted. Also, you can subscribe to their newsletters for this information.

What about Shipping and Returns?

Captain Kratom has same-day shipping on all orders. For ground shipping, customers pay a flat rate of $3.99. There’s also Express shipping, where one pays $35 for overnight shipping. Orders arrive between 2-3 days for customers in the U.S. They, however, may take longer for people in other places.

This seller also assures you of a 100% money refund if you return what you’d purchased within 30 days. However, shipping costs are not refunded unless one receives a damaged product.

Do They Have Good Customer Service?

Yes, their customer service is exceptional. You can get in touch via their number, 1-800, if you need any assistance. Plus, it’ll just take some seconds before you’re connected.
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Final Thoughts

Captain Kratom offers high-quality products that come with excellent pain-relieving properties and other benefits. But, still, there are some complaints about this vendor. Most people seem to agree that their prices are hefty. And this has lowered their customer ratings. But considering that they sell high-quality products, then somehow these prices are justifiable. Not to mention, they also have a fix of CBD and Speciosa in one dose.

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