Carpo’s Botanicals may not be a prominent name in the world of Mitragyna Speciosa, but it sure is a lifesaver for the folks of the USA. In this piece, we will spotlight an honest Carpo’s Botanical’s brand review and will dig deeper into the quality of Kratom they sell. This unbiased and first-hand Carpo’s Botanicals review will help you decide whether this Kratom vendor is worth your hard-earned cash or you have to look for another one.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Carpo’s Botanicals – Who Are They?

Carpo’s Botanicals is a fan-favorite Kratom vendor based in Vancouver, Washington. With a reputation of selling top-grade Kratom products and various other health-boosting herbs, Carpo’s Botanicals is becoming a name in the Kratom industry.

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Apart from that, Carpo’s Botanicals is passionate about educating the general public about the magic that Kratom brings. You can join their Facebook Chat group for authentic information (you can get access to the link under their About Us section).



Kratom Strains That You Can Buy At Carpo’s Botanicals

At Carpo’s Botanicals, the product line is highly potent but comparatively limited. The owner, Jason Orr, has a wise reason behind it, and he says:

Some certain herbs can vary by season, but if I find a strain not living up to its reputation, I will remove it from my website. It’s no easy task to keep up with the latest and greatest, and I do my very best to do so. I try new ones and take customer feedback on free samples to see what is worth keeping. I am not a wholesaler, I am a vendor, and I care about my products”.

Therefore, the strains vary from season to season. Right now, you can buy three exclusive Mitragyna Speciosa strains at Carpo’s botanicals – Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and Enhanced Indo Kratom.

1) Kratom Red Maeng Da

The Red Maeng Da strain is the best-seller at Carpo’s Botanicals. The strain is made by utilizing mature and larger M.speciosa leaves with prominent red veins. It is a stronger strain and would be ideal for those who have been using Kratom for quite some time.

In the owner’s words

“I only carry a few strains at one time, and good reds can be hard to find a balanced feel to. I think this one fits well.”

2) “Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da is a hybrid of Red and White Maeng Da, and indeed is a wholesome Kratom blend offered by Carpo’s Botanicals. Carpo’s Green Maeng Da Kratom is a sophisticated and completely balanced strain with jaw-dropping potency levels. If you are a fan of Maeng Da Kratom, you must try it out for the best experience.

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3) Enhanced Indo Kratom

At Carpo’s Botanicals, enhanced Indo Kratom is a customized version of the famous Kalimantan Kratom. According to the owner,

 “An extract is added to plain leaf, giving it a stronger benefit for some research needs. heavier than your average leaf, but mild enough to be beneficial while not overwhelming.”

So Carpo’s Enhanced Indo Kratom is for those of you who take stronger Kratom punch. The blend of extract and Kali Kratom makes it richer in alkaloids, which adds up to its veracity and uniqueness.

How Much Do Kratom Strains Cost At Carpo’s Botanicals?

If we compare the prices of Carpo’s Botanicals with similarly reputable Kratom vendors, they would sure-shot seem expensive. According to the owner,

 “First off, I always take pride in the quality of my products. If I cannot stand behind it, I will not sell it, that simple.” 

With that said, we can claim that the quality of Kratom at Carpo’s must be worth a shot. So, coming toward the pricing here’s a complete description as per the sizes you would like to buy.

  • 1/8th of a kilo is priced at $36.
  • For 1/4th of a kilo, you would be charged $68.

Note: Sadly, Carpo’s botanicals do not offer Kratom in kilos. If you want to buy Kratom in kilos, you can add two strains of 1/4th of a kilo into your cart.

Other Herbs That Carpo’s botanicals Have Stocked Up

At Carpo’s Botanicals, the product line for Kratom, although potent enough, does not have many options to choose from, but you will find several other health-boosting herbs that they sell.

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These herbs include Kanna, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Mushroom Extract, Red Lotus seeds, Mohawk Tobacco, Lion’s Mane, and Nootropics. These herbs are of legit quality and will make a clear difference in your health and lifestyle.

The Cons Of Buying Kratom From Carpo’s Botanicals           

  • No proof of lab testing

Although the products at Carpo’s Botanicals depict Grade-A quality, there are no proofs in the form of public lab test reports. Remember, you should always buy lab-tested Kratom products, as they are free from all sorts of contaminants. Therefore, you must go through user reviews and consult the owner for further information.

  • Do Not Accept Debit Cards And Cryptocurrency As Payment

Those folks who prefer using cryptocurrency and debit cards for payments may not get fascinated by the payment options at Carpo’s Botanicals. Being an old-school vendor, Carpo’s Botanicals has a preference for money orders, checks, and cash. But, what is the reason behind these limited options? According to the owner:

Kratom vendors are considered ‘high-risk’ and the fees and percentages they charge small guys like me are ridiculous.”

Carpo’s Botanicals understands that this is an inconvenience for the potential customers and therefore they always add a little value for the trouble you have taken.

  • Mixed Reviews About Their Return Policy Have Appeared

Some customers were satisfied with their return policy and got their money back, but a few said that the vendor never replied to their emails.

The Pros Of Buying Kratom From Carpo’s Botanicals

  • High-Quality Kratom Strains

Although there is no proof available on the website that their products are lab-tested, according to the user reviews, the quality of their products is pharmaceutical grade. So you can definitely trust this vendor for buying potent and ever-lasting Maeng da Kratom powder and Kali Kratom extract.

  • Customer Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

Most of the customers that purchased Kratom from Carpo’s Botanicals were satisfied with the fine quality and quantity. The reviews are clearly convincing and explain the top-quality this vendor serves.

  • Free Samples Of Kratom

Do you get excited when you get free samples of Kratom? Well, you can keep that excitement coming when you plan to buy Kratom online from Carpo’s Botanicals. Their free sample packs are an attraction for newbies and fanatic Kratom users.

  • Kratom Strains With High Potency

Although the product line for Kratom products is limited to 3-4 strains only, these strains are exceptionally strong and potent. So if you are looking for an all-rounder and a superbly effective Kratom strain, give a try to Carpo’s Botanicals and dwell in the magic of their exotic and refreshing Kratom strains.

  • Beautiful Ornate Jewelry And Accessories

If you are a fan of jewelry and other accessories, Carpo’s Botanicals have got you covered. You can buy fine-looking and gorgeous jewellery at affordable rates.

  • Fast Shipping

At Carpo’s Botanicals, the shipping service is super-fast. All the orders placed Monday-Friday are shipped the same day via USPS Priority Mail. You get your order within 1-3 days.

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What Are Redditors Saying About Carpo’s Botanicals?  

Do you know Carpo’s Botanicals is hugely reviewed on YouTube and has a massive Kratom community? Despite having both positive and negative reviews about their products on Reddit, they have been striving in the Kratom business for a good seven years. Additionally, they have a strong partnership with Herb Research and offer superior quality Kratom.



Final Verdict On Carpo’s Botanicals

If you have an eagle eye for a variety of Kratom products while shopping online, then Carpo’s Botanicals may not be your ideal choice. But, if you are looking for a one-in-all Kratom strain, then Carpo’s Botanicals would serve the best on your plate.

I hope this Carpo’s Botanicals brand review helped with all the essential details about the vendor.

Shop premium Maeng Da and Kali Kratom at Carpo’s Botanicals and indulge in the ultimate Kratom experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Does Carpo’s Botanicals Not Accept Credit Cards For Payments?

Credit card companies consider the Kratom business “high risk” and charge ridiculously high fees and charges. Hence, they do not offer credit cards as a payment option.

  • Why Is Kratom Powder Expensive At Carpo’s Botanicals?

Since Carpo’s Botanicals sells 100% organic and pure Mitragyna Speciosa products, therefore, their prices are comparatively higher.

  • Where Do Carpo’s Botanicals Do Not Ship Kratom?

Firstly, Carpo’s Botanicals do not ship Kratom outside the US, and within the US, the following zones do not allow the use of Kratom, hence they cannot ship in any case.

  • WISCONSIN (state)
  • Indiana
  • Arkansas (AR),
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How To Contact Carpo’s Botanicals?

You can contact them at this email: Make sure you join the Facebook group for the most recent updates and authentic info on Kratom.