Choice Kratom (Botanicals) – Are you looking forward to buying kratom from this kratom vendor? For being 100% sure whether you should really shop kratom from them, you need to get through an honest brand review of choice kratom.

After researching in depth about kratom, I have compiled all the essential data right here in this brand review to make your purchase worth it. So what are you looking for? Head over, and dig deeper into choice kratom, and evaluate if it fits into your requirements and needs.

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Choice Kratom – Let’s Get To Know This Kratom Vendor!

Based in Houston, TX, Choice kratom began its journey with Mitragyna Speciosa back in 2010. After two years of extensive research for the best quality kratom, the brand now sells top-quality, 100% all-natural kratom at fair prices. They offer worldwide shipping to cater to the needs of kratom enthusiasts in various parts of the world.

For the safety of their customers, they test the quality of their products on regular basis to provide the best quality kratom to enthusiasts.

What Products You Can Buy Online At Choice Kratom?

The product line at Choice Kratom is not that vast but still decent enough for those who want to enjoy a prominent kratom punch. The product category is divided into five product types – Mitra extracts, kratom powders, kratom capsules, kratom extracts, and hemp.

  • Mitra Extracts
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Mitra extracts are liquid extracts of kratom that contain only Mitragynine alkaloid – the most dominant alkaloid in the chemical profile of kratom. This category includes three superior quality liquid extracts – Mitra Rush, Mitra Burst, Mitra Fuel. These extracts are infused with tropical fruit punch and artificial sweeteners to let you enjoy a wholesome flavor.

  • Kratom Extracts

If you are a fan of kratom extracts, choice kratom has got you covered with four exceptional varieties of kratom extracts. Their extracts include K-shot, liquid extract, Green Apple Maeng Da liquid extract, and 2 count capsule extract.

These are perfect for those who regularly use kratom and would love to have a stronger experience. Make sure you read the label before measuring your dosage as these extracts can produce prominent effects with minimal dosage.

  • Kratom Capsules

Do you find it hard to tolerate the bitter taste of kratom? you must give a shot to kratom capsules for a bitterness-free kratom experience. At Choice Kratom, you can enjoy a wide variety of kratom capsules including White Borneo jumbo capsules, White Borneo standard capsules, Red Bali jumbo capsules, Green Maeng Da Jumbo capsules (500ct and 1000ct), Choice minis that include 250 ct of Red Bali, and 125 ct of Green Maeng Da.

Choice kratom’s mini capsules are ideal for those who cannot consume the jumbo-sized capsules.

  • Kratom Powders

Kratom powders at choice botanicals are all-organic are derived from fresh and juiciest Mitragyna Speciosa leaves. At choice botanicals, you can get your hands on the three most potent kratom strainsMaeng Da kratom, Bali kratom, and Borneo kratom. These powders are available in 30g, 60g, 100g, 250g bottles, 500g, and 1000g bottles and range from $17.99 to $199.

  • Hemp
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Choice kratom’s CBD is known for its consistently reliable quality. From CBD lollipops to CBD creams, you can buy a wide variety of CBD products.
Here’s a quick review of Choice Botanical’s CBD products:

  • Trejo Tuff CBD Cream ( 500mg for $20, and 2000mg for $50)
  • Hemp Extract Lollipop ( 300mg for $14.99)
  • Hemp Oil Extract ( 100mg for $19.99, 350mg for $54.99, 550mg for $70)
  • Juicy Bears CBD Gummies (25mg for $24.99, 50mg for $44.99, 100mg for $84.99, and 200mg for $149.99)
  • Lip Balm comes in three unique flavors – cherry, blue raspberry, and mint and cost $5.99.


10 Solid Reasons Why You Should Buy Kratom From Choice Kratom

Choice kratom effortlessly wins the hearts of kratom enthusiasts and has a massive ratio of returning customers. Do you want to know the hidden reasons? Here’s why choice kratom would be the best vendor to buy kratom online.

1. Reasonably Priced Kratom

Some kratom vendors sell kratom products at an extremely higher price tag that consequently makes the customer wonder whether he/she should really pave the way to the checkout. With Choice Kratom, you can enjoy reasonably-priced kratom blended with higher alkaloid ratios to make your kratom experience extremely special and one of its kind.

Their kratom powders start at $19.99 for 30g and 25ct capsules for $13. The extracts are priced at $20.99 for 12mL. Pretty reasonable if we consider the premium quality they offer.

2. Lab-Tested Kratom

Remember, lab-tested kratom is the only kratom you should buy. You must be wondering why? And here’s a quick breakdown of the potential reasons:

  • Firstly, lab-tested kratom is free from all sorts of contaminants. Hence, you’re ultimately getting your hands on safe and pure Mitragyna Speciosa.
  • Lab-testing helps with correct labeling which helps in understanding the composition of the kratom powders you are buying. For example, the amount of Mitragyna and 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine present in a 10x kratom extract would help you know the potency levels and how much kratom you should take.
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At choice kratom, each batch of kratom is vigorously lab-tested to be 100% sure about the quality. The lab test reports are publically available on their website and that truly adds to the authenticity of this vendor. Moreover, they strictly follow all the GMP rules and is a known GMP-certified kratom vendor.

3. Source Kratom Directly From Indonesia

Indonesia is known for producing high-quality kratom products. The fertile soil and classic temperate climate along with humidity and plenty of rainfalls are ideal for the growth of kratom. At Choice Kratom, the kratom is directly sourced from Indonesia where trained and seasoned farmers look after their private farm and kratom trees.

4. Friendly And Professional Customer Service

The customer care professionals can hugely add to your shopping experience and help you out whenever you are confused or misguided. At choice Botanicals, the customer care staff is friendly and professional. They resolve the queries like a pro and make sure you enjoy your shopping experience.

5. Tons Of Positive User Reviews At Reddit

According to the Reddit user review, choice kratom has the most powerful and effective products. Other users within the thread commented that their kratom is legit BOMB and recommended using their Green Maeng da kratom.

Another Redditor bought Choice kratom’s Maeng Da from the head shop and said it was worth the purchase.

In another Reddit user review about Choice Botanicals, the Redditor said that their Green Maeng Da is somewhere between “good” and “very good”, and is a promising strain for those who like stronger and enhanced kratom strains.

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6. Your Go-To Vendor For The Wholesale And Bulk Kratom

Looking for high-quality and reasonably-priced bulk and wholesale kratom? You can kick-start your kratom business with choice Botanicals, a notorious brand when it comes to head shop kratom. You can contact them for more information on discounted deals at bulk and wholesale kratom.

Note:  you must provide a copy of your IRS-issued EIN numbers and Tax ID certificate via email so that they can verify your business. They cannot process orders without these documents.

7. Fast Shipping Service

All the orders at Choice Botanicals are shipped within 24hours provided you placed an order on Monday – Thursday. Orders placed on Friday are processed on Monday. They use UPS shipping service for delivering the orders and you receive your order within 2-3 business days.

8. Numerous Payment Options

Whether you want to pay using Mastercard or Bitcoin, Choice Botanicals have various payment options available for you. You can use Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for payment. IF you want to pay via Bitcoin, LTC, or ETH, you can email at

9. Secure Shopping

You can shop confidently at Choice Kratom because your data is completely safe. The credit card processing is supported by

10. Choice Kratom Coupon Codes For Amazing Discount Offers

Looking for discount kratom at Choice kratom? Use these Choice Kratom coupon codes and grab your favorite strain at a discounted rate.

Code # 1 ALEXANDRA20 for 20% off

Code # 2 GET10 for 10% off

Final Thoughts

Choice Botanicals is a GMP-certified kratom vendor that sells lab-tested Mitragyna Speciosa and hemp products at fair prices. With numerous payment options, secure shopping experience, discounted deals, fast shipping, wholesale and bulk kratom offers, and several positive user reviews, we can say that Choice Kratom is a trustworthy kratom vendor for buying kratom online.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Choice Kratom

1. How Can You Contact Choice Kratom?

You can contact them at choice kratom phone number +1-866-751-2722, their customer care representatives will handle your query.

2. Are The Products At Choice Kratom Lab-Tested For Quality Control?

Yes, all the products at choice kratom are lab tested in state-of-the-art laboratories for consistently high quality.

3. Does Choice Kratom Offer Discount Offers On Kratom?

Yes, choice kratom frequently offers coupon codes to buy discount kratom. You can subscribe to their newsletter for the latest offers.