Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is a well-known kratom vendor that is taking the Mitragyna Speciosa community by storm. It will satisfy your need for kratom by providing you with a majority of products. Vendors like these know how to wow their customers.

The brand always has products stocked up, unlike their competitors who claim to have stocked up on sale but, in truth, have run out of them. They have a wide variety of kratom for sale at a fair price, making it accessible to everyone. This reason has led to Christopher’s botanicals having a big fanbase of loyal customers.

Now, if you wish to buy kratom from online vendors, the first thing you will want is to have enough information about the brand. This review of Christopher Organic Botanicals will answer your question regarding pricing, quality, and products. So, let’s dive into it!

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals- Who Are They?

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals-also known as Christopher’s Botanicals is a New Jersey-based online kratom vendor. It is a family-run firm with the slogan “people first, profit second,” which indicates that they genuinely care about their customers. Alternate titles such as “plants, not pills” may be found on their about us page.

This slogan implies that their goal is to provide you with the freshest, healthiest kratom with no chemicals or any preservatives straight from the jungles of Indonesia.

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This company is not a newcomer in the kratom market. Being active for a long time has gained recognition and blind customer trust. Their hard work and aim to satisfy consumer needs have made them a top-selling vendor.

Their website isn’t showy or cluttered with difficult-to-read typefaces. You may be perplexed at first, but you will eventually grasp how the items are divided.

Christopher’s botanicals website has all of the information you need to know about them in an easy-to-understand format. With a few clicks here and there, you’ll have your kratom delivered right to your door.


Lab Testing Of Products

Every customer should always buy kratom products that are safe and clean to consume. To make that feasible, suppliers must ensure that their products are free of heavy metals, microbiological contaminants, Salmonella, two forms of E-Coils, and Listeria. That is where this brand excelled; their products are initially evaluated in-house before being forwarded to Analytical Resource Laboroty for third-party verification.

On their website, under their Kratom Lab Testing section, they provide a graph that indicates how many alkaloids are present in different batches of kratom.

Christopher’s botanicals have been approved for three years in a row by the American Kratom Association. As a result, you are certified safe products that will not harm your health.

Products Offered By Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

This seller offers a wide selection of goods. They don’t just sell kratom powder but also kratom-infused soaps. Because the website does not have a unique title for their kratom, it will be easy to discover your desired kratom. The merchant has divided its product into four sections making it easy and less time-consuming for you.

1) Kratom

In this section, you will come across three different types of kratom.

Kratom Capsules

Alongside powders, the brand also sells kratom capsules for those who can’t stomach the bitter taste of kratom. They are available in Red Maeng da kratom. You can buy them through their website for only $20.

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Kratom Tea Powders

You will find 24 various types of powders in this section. The kratom powder includes Green Bali kratom, Green Maeng da kratom, Red Indo kratom, White Borneo kratom, and the list goes on and on. All of the tea powders got rated by the customer with full five stars!

Kratom Soaps

Due to their newness, kratom-made soaps are not well-known on the market. These soaps get made with kratom extract. There are six soaps available on Christopher’s botanicals: Orange Frankincense, Lavender Peppermint, Coffee Orange, Patchouli Orange Charcoal, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lavender Tea Tree, Peppermint Neem, and Grave Robbers Plague.

2)Kratom By Color

Christopher’s botanicals have made it easy for their customers to shop by sorting their Kraton veins into color, which is red kratom, white kratom, yellow kratom, and green kratom.

3) Bulk Kratom

To acquire your single kratom strain or split 1-3 in bulk, you must purchase a 1kg package. You may get three different packs of kratom of your choosing or a single kratom by purchasing one kratom packet in kilogram.

4) Flash Sale Of Kratom

Christopher’s botanicals know what makes customers happy- and a sale is an answer. You will find high-rated products being on sale on this brand’s website quite often.

What Will These Cost You?

On Christopher’s botanicals’ website, different product categories have different pricing. The prices are affordable. However, they vary depending on the amount of kratom ordered. The sizes offered are 2 oz, 4 oz, 9 oz, and 16 oz.

  • Kratom pills will set you back $20.
  • 2 oz of kratom tea powder and kratom by color costs $17, while 16 oz costs $77.
  • Kratom soap is by far the cheapest item in the store, costing only $5 each.
  • Bulk purchasing offers two prices: $130 for a single kratom strain and $135 for a split kilo.
  • On the kratom slash sale, you can get 2 oz for $14, 4 oz for $23, 9 oz for $40, and 16 oz for $60.
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Points And Coupons

One thing very unique about this brand is that after every purchase, you get points. If you buy 2 oz for $17, you will earn 2 points, bringing your total to $15. The same is true for 4 oz, 9 oz, and 16 oz sizes. You will earn 3, 5, and 8 points, respectively. A kilo is worth 13 points, while a split kilo is worth 14 points.

Christopher’s Botanicals provides a plethora of coupons. You may use them at the checkout to receive a 10% to 20% discount.


What Are The Top Selling Products?

Although every product on the website gets a 5/5 rating, three products on their page have a small category of their own titled “Top rated products.” White Riau, Single Phenotype bulk kratom, and Red Bali are those products. White Riau comes from the province Riau signifying its authenticity; Red Bali comes from the forest of Sumatra. That shows that the company products are safe, clean, high-quality, and 100% authentic.

Christopher’s Botanicals Payment Method

Many consumers are concerned when purchasing online about the security of their payment and trust the online vendor with their money. Christopher’s Botanicals is a reliable merchant in whom you can place your faith. They accept a variety of payment options to make things easier for you.

Examples include cash on delivery, Litecoin, Money Order, Bitcoin, Check by email, and E-cheques. However, most payments are through e-cheques. There is a seven-day clearance on these cheques.

Christopher’s Botanicals Shipping Policy

Christopher’s botanicals have a free shipping policy for the first attempt to ship. The data gets automatically transferred to the shipping label. Therefore if you return your item to them due to an error or an incorrect purchase, you must pay the postage charge to have it reshipped. Their policy also says if you place an order before noon EST, your order will be on your doorstep on the same day!

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The vendor gives USP’s three delivery options First- class, Priority, and Express. The first-class shipping fee depends on the weight of the kratom package. Through priority, you have to pay a shipping fee of $8.15, and the shipping fee through express will cost you $23.25. On a purchase of $100, you get free delivery!

Except for two weekend days, the seller accepts delivery orders and ships them every day. Although they ship worldwide, they do not deliver in numerous states in the United States, including San Diego, Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. Plus some counties such as Sarasota, Union, and Malheur.

Christopher’s Botanicals Refund Policy

As stated on their website, if you receive an order that is damaged or not to your liking, you may always return it by calling their customer service. Note that you will only have one or two weeks after that there is no refund.

How To Contact The Vendor?

You may reach them using the email address shown on their website. You can also communicate with the brand verbally; their phone number is accessible on their website. Be sure to call within business hours, which are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is also an option to reach out to them via email using the customer contact form provided on their website.

How Is The Customer Service Of This Brand?

To steer a business along the right road, you must ensure that your consumers are pleased, something Christopher Botanicals excels on. Customers are loyal to this vendor not just because of the high-quality products but also because of its exceptional customer service. Customers who tried kratom for the first time claimed that no other seller kept them as happy as Christopher’s organic botanicals did.

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Christopher, the business’s owner, will never forget you, and you will always be treated here as if you were a new family member here.

After looking at the customer feedback on how pleased they are with the service, you will understand why this vendor has set a high standard for its competitors. A simple Google search reveals that this vendor has a perfect five-star rating. That demonstrates that once you buy from them, you will continue to buy from them!

Finals Thoughts

Treat yourself to some high-quality product variety. Christopher organic botanicals will not leave you dissatisfied in any form, whether it is product quality, price, or service. All of the experience will be worth it. So, what’s the waiting head over to their website, choose your desired product, and hit that shop now button!


1) Do They Ship To Every Country Internationally?

No, they do not. Some countries are off-limit due to kratom being ban. Canada, Australia, Denmark, Burma, UK, South Korea, Romania, Finland, Poland, Malaysia, and Lithuania are the ones.

2) Can you pay Through Credit Or Debit Card?

You can not as they do not support this payment method.

3) What Do People Online Have To Say For Them?

Christopher botanicals have a large following of loyal customers on social media. On Facebook, the 600+ people who follow them are anything but dissatisfied.

4) How Do You Know When The Stock Gets Restocked?

That information is available to you on their website. Make sure to check from time to time.

5) Do They Offer Free Samples?

According to what their website says, no, they do not sell free samples.