A Brief Introduction To Club 13 Kratom Herbals

Club 13 Kratom Herbals is a digital Kratom supplier that has been in business since 1999. They’re now known as one of the greatest Ketum distributors on the market, having some of the best capsules and powders available.

They claim to be doing all possible to create top-quality, safe, and organic Kratom. Are they, however, as fantastic as they claim to be? Is there a place where you should buy your next Kratom? We’ll delve deeper into the origins, prices, customer service, and products supplied by this vendor in this evaluation to help you decide if they’re right for you.

Where Are They Located?

The Club13 firm is based in St. Augustine, Florida, and is widely regarded as the west’s first Kratom brand.

All of Club13’s products, according to their website, are independently evaluated in third-party laboratories to assure their safety and quality. They look for yeast, fungi, and biological pathogens, among other things. This is the first indication that Club 13 Kratom is a trustworthy provider.

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Customers prefer buying Speciosa from transparent vendors who give crucial information regarding the testing and manufacture of all goods in an industry full of scams and gimmicks. In other words, Mitragyna users appreciate a dealer they can rely on, and Club 13 Kratom is one of them.

What Does Club 13 Kratom Herbals Offer?

  • Capsules: Horn, Indo White, Red Bali, Green Malay, Kratom CBD, Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, & White Maeng Da.
  • PowderRed Bali, Classic Kratom Bundle, Maeng Da Bundle, Connoisseur Blend, Green Malay, Indo White, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, & White Maeng Da.
  • Extra Strength Kratom Extracts Red Bali, Double Black, Green Malay, Horn, Maeng Da Green, Maeng Da Red, & Maeng Da White.
  • Vape Juice: KVAPE Red, KVAPE Green, & KVAPE White.

Natural, improved Kratom varieties as white, green, red, and gold are also available. The options for products don’t stop there. Alkaloid-enhanced Korth, Kratom vapes, Extra-strength Mitragyna, and liquid extracts are among their many products.

They presently have about 40 distinct strains in the following various formats. They also provide Kratom samples for sale at reasonable pricing. You may check their website by attaching the link to the webpage.

You Can Also Avail The Chance Of Sample Packs

The Ketum powder sample packets are one of the brand’s most notable features. Customers can try out things in these little 3.75-gram packs before paying a little more on the full product. Customers can also buy bundles of multiple kratom strains, or smaller packs of different strains, to see which one works best for them.

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According to several online consumer reviews, previous clients liked the diversity of products and the different, convenient purchase alternatives.

What Are They Going To Cost You?

Club13 has a wide range of prices to choose from. The cost of your purchase is determined by the size of your order, the strain you select, and the method you use to purchase your Kratom. On the other hand, several former customers have stated that the prices are fair given the great quality of the products.

The pricing of their matcha powders ranges from $10.99 for 15 grams to $82.99 for 150 grams. It’ll set you back $15.99 for 15 grams of their exclusive blend. There are, of course, less expensive options, but they aren’t the most costly.

Is There A Display Of Lab Reports On Their Website?

On their website, there is a page dedicated to requesting a lab report. Especially in light of the current Salmonella outbreak linked to one of their strains, “Red Maeng Da,” lab testing reports are likely to receive additional attention. So, after filling out the lap report Performa on their website, this vendor sends the buyer a lab test report within 24 to 72 hours.

However, in the event of an emergency, call the phone number listed on their website.

Many companies do not provide the lab test findings even after doing testing. Therefore we suppose this is a benefit in terms of developing trust with the buyer.

What About Their Social Media Presence?

Club 13 Kratom appears to be quite dedicated to its blog, despite lacking information on an extremely active social media presence. They keep customers informed by publishing articles, research, and the most recent company changes on this blog.

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In contrast to other firms, they also have a Club 13 Kratom podcast that customers can listen to learn more about the industry and products. This extra effort in communicating with clients contributes significantly to their company’s reputation.

What Are Customers’ Opinions About Club 13 Kratom Herbals?

Club13 Kratom comes out on top in a broad sense. Many individuals have praised club13 Ketum for its excellent quality and low costs. And last but not least, clients are pleased with the results of their lab tests.

Kratom powders have garnered the most popular among the strains offered by this company. However, because people’s experiences vary, there are some negative evaluations, particularly after the 2018 occurrence of the Red Maeng Da strain’s susceptibility to contaminate with salmonella.

Opinions on this merchant have been divided, with some alleging that their products do not function and others dismissing them as “cheap headshop rubbish.” Another user placed an order for Green Kratom, stating that it was the first and final time he would do so. One of their Kratom capsules, according to this person, put him in such a stupor that he couldn’t function for the remainder of the day.

This most recent event exemplifies how much effects differ from person to person. While one user may experience no effects at a given dosage, another may see significant effects at the same dose. There are tales of people successfully burning their Red Maeng Da somewhere.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

When buying clothes or a consumable good online, the majority of people are concerned about money-back guarantees. But trust me, you’ve come to the right place because this is the only site that gives a 30-day return policy!! Even if the package has been opened.

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Is there anything else that could compare to this? So choose a Speciosa that suits your needs and try it out; if it does not suit you, return it! However, based on broad public feedback, they appear to be very pleased with their purchase.

What Are The Shipment Policies By Club 13 Kratom Herbals?

“All orders ship the same day,” according to their website. Their working days are Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. E.S.T.

Saturday and Sunday orders will be dispatched the following Monday. Orders placed on major holidays will be sent once normal business hours resume. Packages normally arrive in no more than five days, according to most Club 13 Kratom Korth reviewers, while some delays are likely.

Major Payment Options Provided By Club 13 Kratom

According to their website, they presently accept E.F.T., C.O.D., and Bitcoin payments. All transactions are completely secure and secured. They claim that they are unable to take debit or credit cards for Ketum purchases due to bank rules.

Do They Offer Any Coupon Codes?

Get a discount on your next purchase by entering the code “Slyng.” We don’t exactly know how much the rebate is, but it’s set to last until October 2021. Sign up for this vendor’s email and keep an eye out for special offers on their website.

Are There Any False Medical Claims?

They do not make any bogus medical claims, as the F.D.A. has placed some regulations in place. As a result, this could be the reason they aren’t speaking what they want to say.

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However, they have said unequivocally that their products are the greatest in terms of quality and pricing, and they provide a helpful buyer’s guide to help people determine which option is best for their needs.

What About The Customer Service Of Club 13 Kratom Herbals?

According to multiple internet evaluations, Club 13 Kratom offers prompt, effective customer service with courteous, intelligent, and helpful corporate staff. Customers can also request lab reports by completing a form on the company’s main website.

Customers only need to supply their subject, product, lot number, and name, fill out a form, and wait 24-72 hours to respond. Customers can contact or write an email to info@club13.com throughout business hours to get the firm for any reason.

The Final Remarks

Even though the brand isn’t the least expensive option, it is without a doubt one of the best in terms of quality. There’s a lot to select from with this brand. There are many more positive factors than negative ones, and they readily outnumber the negative ones. If you’re still not sure, order a trial pack and try it out for yourself.