An Overview

DG Botanicals Kratom is one of the kratom vendors that has been on the train to success for a long time. This is because Kratom is becoming more popular, and so are kratom sellers. As the demand for Kratom grows, so does the level of competition among sellers.

Customers always have this curiosity to try out new vendors, so if you are one of those, satisfy your curiosity by trying Kratom from DG Botanicals Kratom. This merchant, who is known to have a total of 53 items with various strains, has been on the tip of many people’s tongues. Don’t worry; this curiosity won’t kill your cat!

An Introduction To DG Botanicals Kratom

DG Botanicals Kratom is a Colorado, Texas-based company that has been providing exceptional Kratom since 2016. Its specialty is providing their customer with exotic and unique kratom strains.

This brand’s website may be a lost cause for you. Even after making a new website, many individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with their website’s inaccessibility, which has raised many red flags in their minds. When their website is accessible, you will find nothing eye-catching; there is no information about them; it is a bland website with just their menu on the screen.

Do not pass judgment on them based on this information; this seller is legitimate when giving you high-quality Kratom. Their products are a tad costly, but they are a wonderful treat now and again.

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Lab Testing And AKA-GMP Certificate

It is impossible to establish whether or not the goods they give have been lab-tested because their website has no information about them. However, numerous other sites state that the goods have been lab-tested. Keep in mind there is no evidence to back up this information.

When it comes to AKA or GMP certificate, there is no information on whether or not this merchant has been certified by them; this might give new customers the impression that their quality isn’t up to par, which could be damaging and discourage people from purchasing from them.

But on the good side, no customer who has ever purchased from here has reported any side effects or any harm this brand’s Kratom has done to them. Their products are legit; you will never receive a so-so quality batch.

Products Offered By This Brand

DG Botanicals Kratom does not offer a broad selection of kratom types. They do, however, supply unique Kratom that you may have difficulties finding at other sellers. They exclusively sell powder kratom, which comes in a variety of strains. There are three types of powder: Regular Strains, Premium Strains, and Maeng da. They have 30, 15, and 9 items under them.

Regular strains: Dg’s Bali, Green Horn, Green Indo, Maeng Da, Thai Maeng Da, Bentaunige, Red Kali, White Bali, and many more

Premium Strains: Premium Green Bali, Super Green Indo, Super Green Malay, Premium Maeng Da, Super Red Indonesian, Premium White Thai,  and more you can find on their website.

Classic Maeng da: Classic MD v1, v2, v8, v10, Classic MD PM etc.

Prices Of The Products

DG Botanicals Kratom is not a costly brand. They are pretty reasonable if compared to the quality of the products. You can buy Regular Strains in 15, 28, 125, and 250 increments ranging from $4.25-$40. The Regular strains may be inexpensive for you, but Premium Strains and Classic Maeng Da may be prohibitively pricey.

Premium Bali comes in 15, 18, and 125 grams that will cost you $7 for 15 grams and $45 for 125 grams. The Classic Maeng Da also comes in the exact measurement, which may cost you higher than the average market price- $8 for 15 grams to $64 for 125 grams.

There are somewhat high prices, that’s why some people might have second thoughts about buying at an insignificantly higher price, but once you buy it from here, you will be impressed at the quality; you’ll never receive a bad batch from this brand.

How Do I Order From This Vendor?

Before reconstructing the website, if you had to order something, you must do so via their e-mail; they will provide you with your order and product details, which is a turn-off for many new consumers. Some sources say that DG still has this purchasing option.

However, on their website, this brand says that only existing customers can make their purchases. If you are a new customer, you have to create a membership account. Only if your membership request is accepted, then you’ll be allowed to make your purchase.

The people would prefer to go to another seller than follow the time-consuming route to placing their order on this enigmatic website. Though some Reddit users have reported saying that you don’t have to wait a long time for your account request to be accepted- it gets done quickly.

Best Selling And Popular Products Of This Vendor

All of the products have DG has to offer are good in their ways. Nonetheless, some products have their fan following. Super Green Malay, White MD, and Red Kali are the best-selling products from this vendor. These best-sellers almost completely sold out from their inventory, which shows how excellent the results of these products are.

Some products are widely popular of this brand. Popular amongst the customers are Green Indo, Premium Green Thai, Red Indo, and White Thai. All of these strains have their benefits; consuming them will give you a euphoric feeling, make you feel tension-free; it’ll be worth every penny!


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Payment Methods

According to the page on their website, it simply states they accept payment through Money Order and Venmo. These two are the only payment option available. Additional payment methods such as Cryptocurrency, Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit card, American Express are not accessible, putting individuals who prefer these methods at a disadvantage.

Shipping Method

This brand is serious about safely shipping, and its quick shipment method has impressed many clients. DG Botanicals Kratom sends everything via USPS Express and USPS Priority. If you place an order within their business week and hour, you should expect to get your parcel the same day.

Their deadline is 1:30 p.m. As a result, purchases made after that hour may get delayed until the next day. Their fast-shipping feature has attracted many new customers, and not once have they been disappointed.

Return/ Exchange Policy

One downside of this brand is that they don’t have any return or exchange policy. Any batch that proves to be defective or any product is damaged cannot be returned or replaced, nor will you receive a refund. Though, you will never get a chance to return any of your batches.

Is This Brand Reliable?

Yes, this brand is reliable. They make sure customers receive the superior quality kratom powder they have to offer. As mysterious as this online vendor is, it is not a scam. There are no pessimistic reviews about them.

The reason why they have survived such a long time and have a good reputation in the kratom market is thanks to their products. No vendor would be able to continue their company in such a competitive market if they sold mediocrely. You may be confident that well-packaged items will arrive at your home as quickly as possible. So, you may put your money in their hands.

How Do You Contact Them?

If you have an issue or a question, you may contact them at their given e-mail address. The contact hours are limited from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you send an e-mail after the specified time, it will get answered the next business day.

There is no option on their website that states they are open to communicating verbally with you, and thus you are only limited to e-mails.

DG Botanicals Kratom Customer Service

The reviews given to this brand amplify that the customer service of this vendor is faultless. Reddit users have said that the proprietor of this business is their favorite individual, who does an excellent job conducting thorough research on the strains sold.

The quality is always top-notch satisfying customers thoroughly. The staff is respectful, professional, and helpful, working hard to respond to every customer as quickly as possible, eliminating any curiosity.

Final Verdict

To summarize all of this, if you are a newbie, you should try DG Botanicals Kratom. You might get off-put because of the lack of information about this vendor on their website, but life is full of risks, though we are sure there is no danger from ordering through this website.

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It is true that compared to other vendors, this one might be expensive, but once you try their strains, you might feel the current price is low as compared to the status of their products. You are for sure to have a mind-blowing experience with their top standard product. So, treat yourself to the best Kratom by heading over their website now!


1) How Long Do I Have To Wait For My Account To Be Registered?

Don’t be concerned; you won’t have to wait long. All you have to do is complete the Registration Form, and your account will get created. The only wait is verifying the accuracy of the information, which takes minutes.

2) Are The Prices Reasonable?

DG Botanicals Kratom does sell its products at a high price than the market norm. However, if you compare the product’s quality to the price, you will understand why it is so costly.

3) Does This Brand Sell Internationally?

There is no information if they do or do not, so we can’t be sure.

4) Are They Accepting New Customers?

It is a lucky time for any newbie willing to try this brand- because, as mentioned on DG’s website, they are now accepting more and more customers.

5) What Is The Rating Of This Brand?

Unfortunately, there is no information about the rating of this vendor. However, the reviews on Reddit prove that this brand has splendid products.

6) Do Customers Get Discounts Or Coupon Codes?

A drawback of this brand is that they do not provide discounts or coupon codes on their items; it does not matter if you are a new or existing customer.