To achieve the best effects of kratom, you should find a balance between food intake as well as kratom use. However, doing the above isn’t as easy as it sounds. Finding the best time to take kratom is always a challenge for many enthusiasts. Taking kratom before, during, or after meals always brings about varying effects.

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Are you wondering, can you eat after you take kratom? Well, below is an article elaborating on the effects of eating after taking kratom and how you can achieve the potent benefits of kratom.

Kratom and Food Combination

As you may know, kratom comes in different forms, including powder, capsules, tinctures, and resins. For most strains, you will likely find them in powder or capsule form. These two forms make it easy for one to consume kratom without experiencing sour taste and smell.

A good number of people prefer mixing kratom with food. Some add the powder on juices, smoothies, or even make kratom tea. If you are looking to get the full effects of kratom, you should take it directly. Research has shown that combining kratom with food is likely to reduce its effectiveness.

Kratom and Food

Although when kratom is added as a recipe, it helps users overcome the fragrance and taste. When it comes to absorption, the food may overshadow the kratom, thus not giving you the full effects.

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Can You Eat after Kratom Intake?

Yes, eating after kratom intake allows you to achieve the best effects of this supplement. This, however, depends on how long you will eat after taking kratom. When you eat food in less than 30 minutes after taking kratom, there will be no much difference from combining food and kratom. This is because they will both reach the stomach and be absorbed at the same time.

You could eat after taking kratom as long as you do so after a while, preferably an hour or so. You could adopt a routine where you take your kratom an hour or so before eating, and you will likely notice a lot of benefits. Taking kratom before eating has proven to be very beneficial when looking to lose weight since it suppresses appetite, thus limiting your food intake.

Taking Kratom on an Empty Stomach

When you prefer to eat after you take kratom means that you will be taking the kratom on an empty stomach. Doing this has proven to be beneficial in numerous ways. When you take kratom on an empty stomach, you significantly improve the chances of undergoing a hindrance free absorption. You will realize that the effects will kick in in less than thirty minutes. Compared to kratom mixed with food, the results take longer to manifest.

Note that, as much as we are advocating for people to take kratom on an empty stomach. You shouldn’t starve yourself for the entire day. The objective here should be to only take kratom after the meal you last ate has been fully absorbed. Ideally, this can take 3 to 5 hours. It is up to you to do the math and know which is the best time for you to take kratom. Don’t forget that your body needs food to perform its duties.

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What If You Take Kratom on a Fuller Stomach?

If we are going to analyze what happens when you eat after you take kratom, we should also do some digging on what happens when you take kratom on a fuller stomach. The results will be the exact opposite. It will take longer for the effects to kick in, and there will be a lot of hindrance to the absorption of the supplement in your blood.

Never Eat While Taking Kratom

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The main reason why we are advocating for kratom enthusiasts to eat after taking kratom is that this supplement needs absorption accuracy for it to work. Never eat while taking kratom because once your body senses the presence of food in the food canal, the entire digestive tract is optimized for food absorption only. This means that the chances of kratom being absorbed into your bloodstream will be minimal.

When you eat while taking kratom, there will be less space for it to work. And, if you first eat a full meal, then take kratom, your digestive tract will be occupied with absorbing the nutrients from the food you have just eaten.

Using Kratom as an Appetite Suppressant

One of the main reasons as to why people take kratom before they eat is to suppress their appetites. This is a great technique that can be used to help one lose weight. It’s a safe and natural way for you to suppress your appetite with minimal side effects.

When you take kratom after a meal, it might enhance your appetite. This depends from one user to another. However, when you take it before you eat. That is when you are on an empty stomach. You will observe a reduction in appetite. You can, therefore, limit your calorie and carb intake allowing you to achieve physical fitness.

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The Recommended Dosage for Eating after Taking Kratom

If you are looking for the best time to take kratom and would rather eat after you take the supplement. Below is an ideal dosage guideline to follow. For those taking at least two doses, the first dose should be taken on an empty stomach. For instance, you can take kratom when you wake up very early in the morning. Prepare yourself for work and ensure that you take breakfast after a one or two-hour gap. When you make this your daily, you can be assured of achieving more therapeutic benefits. Some people have complained about feeling nauseated when taking kratom n an empty stomach. But this goes away with time. You could also grab a light snack before taking the kratom.

The second and following doses should be taken in between 4 to 6 hours’ time gaps. This ensures that sufficient absorption takes place, and you enjoy all the benefits.

The Bottom Line

We can conclude that it is safe to eat after you take kratom. Provided you do so after an hour or two. You should give your body enough room to absorb the kratom before you can take anything else. If you are following a multiple dosage plan, make sure you take necessary precautions by taking it in between even time gaps.