Edens Ethno’s kratom brand is one of those notorious M.Speciosa brands you must have heard about when you talk about the best head shop kratom brands. But, how do they set themselves at a better end? Is their quality worth a try? Do they compete with other famous and trustworthy kratom vendors?

Get to know everything about Eden’s Ethnos kratom brand in this entirely unbiased and honest brand review. From their initial setup to their recent updates, we will spotlight all the essential aspects.

So, let’s get straight into it!

Where Is Eden’s Ethnos Based?

Eden’s Ethnos is based in San Francisco, Canada. They had their roots in the agricultural market and have worked with a notorious global trade outlet – Trade Key since 2016. The owner of Eden’s Ethnos claims that they provide premium and farm-fresh kratom products and other ethnobotanicals to fitness and health enthusiasts. But the question is whether they actually provide what they claim?

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Let’s have a deeper look at their product line, the potential prices, their position in the kratom market to evaluate whether you should buy kratom online from Eden’s Ethnos.


The Quality Of Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Products

When you buy kratom online, there is this one thing you would never have to compromise on – QUALITY! Yes, folks! Your whole kratom experience entirely depends upon the quality of kratom powder you are consuming. For this reason, you have to ensure that you are only getting your hands on pharmaceutical-grade quality. At Eden’s Ethnos, the quality of kratom is neither exclusively high nor average.

It lies somewhere between “above average” and “excellent”. However, a few users have claimed that Eden’s Ethnos products were game-changers considering their health regime.

On the other hand, some users claim that their quality was not up to the mark and they did not feel any health-boosting effects.

The Product Line And Pricing At Eden’s Ethnos Kratom

The product line at Eden’s Ethnos covers a reasonable variety of Mitragyna Speciosa. Their products are overall potent and come in air-tight packaging to retain the freshness until your last dose. You can buy regular kratom strains at Eden’s Ethos like:

Some of their premium products include:

  • Kratom tea packs
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) kratom
  • Gold Reserve
  • 20x Pitch
  • Liquid tinctures

Their product line is pretty massive and includes kratom from various other brands like Captain Amsterdam, Kratom Therapy, Rabbit Kratom, and Kratom Infusion. All the kratom strains are exotic, rare, and one of their kind at Eden’s Ethnos.  That’s one of the reasons they are fan-favorite of several kratom lovers.

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Are Their Products Lab-Tested?

Lab-testing of kratom products is crucial for earning the trust of your worthy customers. The report explains whether the particular kratom product contains any contaminants, fillers, pesticides, metals, or pathogens.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any evidence over the web that would prove that kratom products by Eden’s ethnos are lab-tested for quality control. However, the user reviews report that the quality of their kratom strains is up to the mark.

As of the time of writing this review, there is no evidence available on the web that claims that Eden’s Ethno sells lab-tested kratom products. So it’s entirely up to you whether you would like to try their Speciosa products.

Is Eden’s ethnos GMP-Certified Kratom Vendor?

We are not sure whether Eden’s Ethnos is a GMP-certified kratom vendor since we cannot find any authentic information over the web that claims so. Their products do not display the ingredients and fail to be transparent about the labels.

That’s one of the crucial red flags we cannot ignore because customers want to be 100% sure about the purity of the kratom strain they are planning to buy.

Do They Offer A Refund? What About The Prices And Payment Options At Eden’s Ethnos?

Although their shipping process is pretty fast, this vendor has no information regarding their refund policy. You have to contact them directly if you find a damaged product or simply do not like it. Ensure that 95% of the product is completely unused. Most of the vendors do not accept refunds if you have consumed a good chunk out of them.

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Most of the customers are not sure about the prices of their kratom strains since they have not mentioned them openly. You have to contact them for all the necessary info. However, the user experiences suggest that the prices of kratom at Eden’s Ethnos are expensive.

The payment options at Eden’s Ethnos vary from bank transfers to eChecks. WE cannot find any review where the customer had issues during the payment process.

What Redditors Are Suggesting About Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Vendor?

We can find numerous reviews over the web about Eden’s Ethnos that intend to explain how they work and let you decide whether you should try their Mitragyna Speciosa. However, you may experience disappointment as this vendor does not mention authentic info about the product descriptions, dosage, and other essential factors like from where they source their kratom.

Their website is not operating at the time of this writing and this may be a frustrating factor for you because an online presence is a must for kratom vendors if they want to win the hearts of kratom lovers. However, you can still contact them over Facebook; they have a prominent presence over there.

According to the many user reviews, we can say that if you are looking for a high-quality kratom and exceptional customer care, Eden’s Ethnos will be your perfect shot. But generally, they fall under the category of average kratom vendor as certain things are pretty ambiguous about them.

The Pros And Cons Of Buying Kratom From Eden’s Ethnos – Concluded!

To be entirely on point, we are going to discuss the pros of cons of buying kratom from Eden’s Ethnos. Have a read and evaluate whether the vendor meets your expectations or the scenario is somewhat otherwise.

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The Pros

  • Good Quality

According to the user reviews, Eden’s Ethnos does not sell poor-quality kratom. Some users had an exceptionally excellent experience and a few others mentioned that the quality can be improved.

  • High Potency

The strains they sell are potent and contain a good concentration of alkaloids.

  • Fast Shipping

Their shipping process is fast and you get your order within 2-4 business days.

  • Easy Payment

According to the user reviews, payment options at Eden’s Ethnos are diverse. You can contact them if you want to pay through any other medium or prefer COD (Cash on Delivery). Their professional and friendly customer care staff will look after your queries like a pro.

The Cons

  • No Website

The foremost drawback that cannot be ignored about Eden’s Ethnos is their lack of social media presence. This vendor has no website, and they do not seem much worried about it. However, they should make one to give a boost to their customer service. Additionally, they do not provide any information regarding their email address where customers can contact them. This can be frustrating for those who are trying to reach out to them.

  • Products Have No Descriptions

Yes, you hear that right folks! If you are someone who would read the description of everything that a certain kratom product is offering, then Eden’s Ethnos won’t be your best bet. They do not claim whether they are GMP-certified or conduct lab tests for quality control.

  • Prices Are High

Although we are not sure about the prices of kratom products at Eden’s Ethnos, the user reviews suggest they charge huge bucks for a smaller portion of Mitragyna Speciosa. This would be an ideal deal for those who have been buying kratom online from reputable vendors at unbeatable prices.

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Final Thoughts

Eden’s Ethnos has been in the kratom industry for quite some time and is known as a kratom reseller. You can buy their products at nearby smoke shops and head shops. Their social media presence is pretty vague and the absence of a website makes the customers wonder how they can contact them.

Apart from that Eden’s Ethnos does not provide lab tests reports of their kratom products and we are not sure whether they adhere to the GMP standards like other reputable kratom vendors. However, they do have numerous positive user reviews, an extensive product line, and a comparatively better quality of kratom under their belt. So it’s entirely up to you if you want to take a chance on Eden’s Ethno’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do They Follow GMP Standards?

No, there is no proof available that would claim that Eden’s Ethnos is a GMP-certified kratom vendor.

  • How Can You Contact Eden’s Ethnos?

Since Eden’s Ethnos does not have a solid online presence and there is no contact number or email available over the internet. However they do have an Instagram page named Eden’s Ethnos, and you can try your luck by sending them a DM.

  • Do They Have A Visible Social Media Presence?

No, Eden’s Ethnos does not have a visible social media presence. You can find their products at the nearest head shop.