Finding the right product can be challenging, considering so many varieties of this medicinal tree belong to the coffee family. It has a long history in Asia. Ketum in Southeast Asia, the native land of this fantastic botanical alone, is considered an integral part of ancient and modern cures.

How do you find the best strain among so many varieties? 

Indeed, it must be a challenging task! 

You have also visited many websites to get more details on its usage and effects, right? 

To make matters more confusing, you frequently come upon products labelled as “enhanced” or “ultra enhanced.” These labels raise many questions in the user’s mind regarding the products, such as what are they and how are they made?

To lift off the burden of these questions on your mind, we came up with a detailed guide about Enhanced and Ultra Enhanced Kratom products.

What Is Enhanced Kratom?

Enhanced Kratom is defined differently by different people. However, the primary goal of this variant is to achieve improved effects.

Various users report that other speciosa strains function slower compared to enhanced Kratom. In comparison to different kratom strains, it also lasts longer in your system.

While using enhanced mitragyna, you won’t require a big dosage because it has a high level of alkaloids compared to everyday ketum products. Even a tiny amount of boosted Kratom produces powerful and long-lasting effects.

If you want a specific type, you should inquire about it with your merchant if they can meet your requirement or not. On the other hand, you can switch to those vendors that offer your desired enhanced strains.

How Is Enhanced Kratom Made?

While there are various ways to make enhanced strains, most of its suppliers are hesitant to share the particular procedures to make their version of the Ultra Enhanced Kratom. This might be because this particular variety is such a high-quality product. Though, we’ll surely go through the most prevalent one. 

Plenty of mitragyna powder is needed to make enhanced Kratom. Typically, the leaves harvested at the peak of maturity create enhanced form because they have higher alkaloid levels in them. 15 to 20 grams of speciosa powder needs to be added to a pot of boiling water. The mixture will then be heated until it turns into a resin, a solid form.

After that, this resin will be ground into a kratom powder form. Many manufacturers add powdered extract once this procedure of making enhanced Kratom is done. It’s important to remember that the base powder should always exceed the powdered extract. Otherwise, it would dominate the upgraded version.

Manufacturers also add Indole alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7- Hydroxymitragynine separately to the extracts to increase the product’s potency. As a result, the enhanced Ketum will be more powerful than competing strains.

What Is Ultra Enhanced Kratom?

Enhanced and Ultra Enhanced Kratom are the different names for the same thing. It’s just that the manufacturers use different potencies of speciosa extracts to produce the same thing. You may notice that ultra-enhanced or super-enhanced Kratom is available on the market. They’d both be improved Korth, made with extracts, but having different strengths such as 10x, 20x, 30x, or 50x.

Vendors and manufacturers want to give their products fancy names to make you believe you’re receiving something exceptional. The difference between ultra-enhanced and super-enhanced comes down to the addition of Speciosa extracts. Nonetheless, don’t get too caught up with the meaning of these words.

Enhanced Mitragyna Strains Available In The Market

You can not find many available strains of Enhanced speciosa because, on the one hand, the procedure of making it is tedious and time-consuming. On the other hand, this form is relatively new to the market, and not many people know about its effectiveness.

However, people are coming to like this form of Ketum more and more, so maybe after some time, you will also find enhanced forms of other strains.

As of this writing, three strains are available in the form of enhanced Mitragyna.


Ultra Enhanced Indo 

● Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da 

● Ultra Enhanced Bali


Some vendors also sell green enhanced, white enhanced, and gold enhanced Kratom. However, it is not provided in the product description which or the herbal strain has been used in manufacturing the product.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom

A mix of Indo and Bali extracts would make up Ultra Enhanced Indo Ketum (UEI). This is a potent strain that is well-liked by connoisseurs. 

The majority of users describe that this strain affects Bali and Indo Korth. Moreover, it is a lot stronger. If you are a fan of the Indo and Bali mix, you should try this. Ultra Enhanced Indo is available as kratom extracts, powders, and kratom capsules, among other forms.

As it contains a significantly high concentration of alkaloids, this botanical form will differ from other Mitragyna strains on the market. Further, manufacturers will add alkaloid powders to boost the strain’s effectiveness.

Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom

At the height of their maturity, the leaves of conventional Maeng Da strain are used to develop Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da mitragyna. This strain will be potent because of the addition of alkaloids. There is roughly 1000 mg of alkaloids in every 2 grams. 

The scent of Ultra enhanced maeng da is often compared to that of the Red Maeng Da strain. This powerful scent indicates that it contains a high concentration of alkaloids.

Ultra Enhanced Bali Kratom

Ultra-enhanced Mitragyna blends will be far more potent than standard strains. The herbal community is well-versed in Bali. Super or ultra Enhanced Bali is the way to go if you want to change up the assistance that your usual Bali strain provides. 

Matured leaves are used to make this extract, as grown leaves contain more alkaloids. Bali powder is blended with 99 percent pure alkaloid powder to boost this strain.


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Appropriate Dosage

Ultra Enhanced strains are one of the most potent versions of this herbal plant, as previously said. As a result, anyone starting up with this strain should begin slowly.

Even if you’ve used other Mitragyna Speciosa strains before, don’t rush it and start utilizing it the same way you would any additional strain. Begin with a low dosage of less than one gram which may sound insignificant, but Enhanced Mitragqyna speciosa is around 20 to 50 times more potent than normal Speciosa. This implies that even the tiniest amount should be sufficient to provide the desired outcomes.

As your body gets accustomed to it, you can gradually increase your dose. However, it is advised that you take a one-week interval after use for a few weeks to avoid developing a tolerance for the substance.

A word to the wise: if you are new to this botanical’s usage, you should stay away from enhanced strains because just no one should take such a powerful substance. For example, suppose someone is just getting started. In that case, their body has a low tolerance to Mitragyna.

It could harm them as 0.5 grams of enhanced form produces excellent effects, and beginners are just figuring out the exact dosage they should take at the start of their journey. This is why such powerful drugs should only be experimented with by experienced enthusiasts.

Issues Related To The Products Labeled As Enhanced Kratom

The main problem with the term “enhanced kratom” is that it has been used in a wide range of speciosa products, with astonishing little uniformity between them. In most cases, Enhanced mitragyna refers to one of the following:

  • A powder of pure and natural ketum strain with exceptionally high strength of alkaloids.
  • A finely powdered Mitragyna extract with artificially boosted power thanks to several chemical treatments.
  • A product that has natural Speciosa powder and extracts combined.
  • A speciosa powder that is not plant-based and synthesized in the laboratory through chemical reactions.
  • A Mitragyna powder that has been tampered with using chemical additions.
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Understandably, even experienced users would be perplexed by the wide range of products branded “Enhanced Kratom.”

In the end, this term can apply to a wide range of items, some of which are dangerous. It’s critical to buy this herbal powder and capsules only from trusted merchants when looking for high-quality products.


As Ketum gets more popular worldwide, consumers seek ways to acquire the desired advantages more strongly, in the shortest period, and for the effects to linger longer. Ultra Enhanced Kratom is a botanical strain explicitly created for that purpose. It is the most potent herbal product on the market. Therefore, it hits hard.

However, you have to ensure that your merchant is a real Korth distributor with a proven track record. This is so that you can prevent counterfeit and potentially hazardous products labelled as Enhanced or Ultra Enhanced Kratom.