Before buying kratom products, ensure that your vendor is reliable. There have been cases where buyers get scammed by unsuspecting vendors. So, to help you get informed on the matter, we have decided to review an authentic and reliable vendor.

You’ve probably heard of Etha Botanicals. It is a joint company established by two individuals named Alexander and Victor Chung. Both of these individuals experienced some misfortunes with their health. Victor Chung was a Martial arts athlete who suffered some injuries from the venture. On the other hand, Alexander obtained a degenerative spinal disease that caused him much pain.

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Because they had a good run of using Kratom herb to the benefit of their health, they saw the need to share with others this herb’s health benefits. That is how Etha Botanicals was born.

How User-friendly is their Website?

The first thing that strikes your awareness is how well their site is put up. If you concentrate, even more, the website emphasizes on learning first about Kratom. Unlike other vendors of the Etha Kratom, Etha Botanical informs you about their product. Therefore, you can evaluate what’s the best product for your condition and how to use them.

Products Offered by Etha Botanicals

Etha BotanicalsEtha Botanicals being a reliable kratom vendor offers you a wide array of products. Some of these products include:

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1. Etha Pure Vein

You can find Etha Pure Vein on the company’s online store. It is readily available in four different colors, which are red, yellow, green, and white. In-ground form, Etha Pure vein is open in:

  • 75 grams for $34.99
  • 500 grams for $114
  • 1000 grams for $159

The product facilitates relaxing muscles, sedation, and pain relief.

2. Etha Botanical Blend (SunRise)

The SunRise is a premium blend, which is a combination of Kratom’s white and green leaf strains. It is added with a small red vein adds some boosting effect. You can get this product from $10 going upwards.

3. Etha Bonatical Blend (Maeng-da)

Maeng-da is a mixture of two green and white strains exclusively from Etha Botanicals. With a price range of between $10 to $276, this premium blend is available in both pressed tablet and powder form.

4. Etha Botanical Premium Travel Pack Tablets

The Travel Pack is available in three different varieties of the Etha Kratom which are:

  • Full
  • Premium
  • Pure travel packs

Their concoction can involve up to eight different combinations or even some compressed tablets. You can buy them at the rates of $10-$55 and are the best for traveling.


Etha Botanical is a Kratom vendor that firmly believes in delivering excellence. They have a reputation to uphold, and so they import Etha Kratom leaves directly from Indonesia. There are, therefore, no involvement of third parties. Third parties tend to lower the standard of goods delivered. Hence their ability to uphold high-quality Kratom that clients can enjoy.

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Another thing is that Etha Botanical test these leaves in registered labs. For further transparency, Etha Botanical posts all of their tests online for users to see. This is the kind of transparency that puts them up above the rest in this field. Clients can be assured of getting high-quality Kratom, whenever they deal with these accomplished vendors.


While other vendors have managed to sell just a few different types of the Etha kratom. Etha Botanical has only eight products. However, these 8 are of exceptionally high quality, hence, the company’s reputation. If one day they plan to expand, we hope that they don’t give up their delivery quality.

How to Pay?

When purchasing an Etha Botanical product, there are some payment methods to employ. You can either use Real Money or Green Money checks. All of which offer great discounts.

Reduced prices and Coupon Codes

As far as high-quality products are concerned, they must as well be affordable. Etha Botanical tries a lot to fulfill customer inclusion. They dish out coupon codes and sometimes slash their product prices. All this is to the benefit of their loyal consumers. If you buy many of their products, then the discount offered is even higher.

Etha Botanical offers discounts of up to 10%, which is a very winning percentage. Everyone would wish to save a few bucks whenever they go shopping, and Etha Botanical ensures that happens for their clients.

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The company is simply outstanding in this sector. Etha Botanicals are on time with their deliveries, and they also give you the leverage of tracking your order. Therefore, you can get prepared to receive it accordingly. Although they don’t ship their products to some states yet, they have a promise and plan to start very soon. They remain dedicated to offering nothing but the best for their clients, and they will eventually be able to ship to anyone who is interested in their product.

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Customer support

Etha Botanical has, and is still striving to offer the best customer services to their full capability. They boast of an agile, friendly and highly-responsive customer support team.

With such a reliable customer support team, the number of kratom sales from this vendor will continue to shoot up rapidly. One can be assured of being treated with the utmost respect as they contact this vendor, as they are advised on the best product for their needs.

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Being a saturated market, Etha Botanical has managed to cement its name in Kratom selling. One of the factors that contribute to their bold existence is selling high-quality products.

They have enough of what the customer needs and all of their products are pure and authentic. Aside from their great products, the company has a tremendous customer support team and a reliable shipping strategy. Their products offer excellent value to your health, and the best part is that they are entirely natural.

Etha Botanical is a dependable source of healthy nourishment with its top trusted products. They offer some of the best concoctions of the Etha Kratom. Which is one of the main reasons chose to review them?