I have used kratom for some period, and I can share my experience with it that was very successful. I have gained experience of using kratom through suggestions of others as well which all I would share here so that all the readers may get guidance about the use of kratom and get as many benefits from it as they can. In the article, you can get to know about the most potent strains and best methods of ingestion of kratom through personal experiences.
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Best Kratom Strain

Different strains of kratom have been observed and by looking into the forums where experiences of other users shared, I have used the most prevalent strain in the market for almost last one year which is Maeng Da Kratom. The strain has another name “pimp grade” and as its popularity on the internet, it has proved itself as a highly powerful one with the ability to react very fast.

After experiencing it personally, I can recommend everyone to use this strong and highly effective product. You as a user would love the potency it can give.

Dosage Of Maeng Da Kratom

As it is a potent strain of kratom that is why less quantity is required to get strong effects. Almost 20 percent less amount of Maeng Da Kratom is required than the other strains of kratom for example if 5 grams of Red Bali is used for particular effect, in case of Maeng Da, to get the similar result, 4 grams would be enough.

  • Its small dosage is beneficial and increasing it will give you the sedative effects. Almost above 10 grams of dosage can take you to very sedative results.
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Best Ways Of Using Kratom

The question about the consumption of the kratom is in the mind of every person who has just heard about the extraordinary effects it can produce and wants to test that.

New users can have an issue with the taste of the kratom which is very bitter, so the researchers always try to find out new and innovative methods to the consumer that without losing its efficacy. The best way to ingest kratom is with the food or drinks. You can enjoy it with the orange juice or grapefruit juice or any other beverage or smoothie as well.

  • You can take a teaspoon filled with kratom powder and stir it in a glass of orange juice and mix it well to dissolve it completely in it. You can remove all the bitterness of this medicinal by mixing it in the orange juice and consume it very quickly.

Best Place To Buy Kratom

You can get the best kratom strains in a large variety from online sources by paying fewer prices than the head shops. The quality is superior as well, and you can trust the online vendors. These websites can easily search, and high-quality kratom can obtain from them.