Finding quality Kratom at a reasonable price can be a minefield. There are so many loopholes regarding the issue of pricing and quality unless you are willing to try out several orders from a multitude of vendors or you can look from someone who has experience with Kratom products.
As is with everything else, you’ll want to spend your hard earned money on Kratom that will deliver the desired effect. That’s where we come in. Through numerous practical experiences here’s an Ez Kratom review.
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Overview: Who are they?

Ez Kratom is known to offer remarkable services and high-quality Kratom. They are wholesale come retail distributors of the product and often sell their products to vendors and customers in the United States. Most people looking to become Kratom vendors tend to order their product from Ez Kratom.

Ez was founded by two people who sought to level the playing field by providing fairly priced Kratom in the wholesale niche. From a large number of vendors online to the Kratom sold in head shops all around, picking the right Kratom is hard.

Think of Ez Kratom as the middleman connecting the manufacturer and the customers. They simply do all the hard work for their customers and vendors, for instance, if the Kratom does not pass the quality check required regarding freshness, appearance, and smell, then they don’t sell it to their customers. Ez is known to pride themselves in quality assurance and up till now, their products are remarkable.

FDA Is Becoming An Obstacle For Kratom

EZ Kratom Products

Since Ez Kratom is made out of purely natural and organic products, the risk of developing side effects are low. The pieces and quantities in the table are represented in the form of ranges. For instance, the 500 grams red Bali Kratom powder lies within the range of 250 Grams-100 Kgs with the respective price lying within the range of $45-$1000. If you are looking to venture into wholesale supply of Kratom, trying to find another reasonable supplier or purchasing Kratom from Ez Kratom here are some of the products they offer.

Ez Kratom Products,quantity and price

Quality assurance, reputation, and Customer Service

  • Ez Kratom mainly focuses on delivering top-notch wholesale powder in bulk quantities while at the same being matchless to their competitors’ prices. Intuitively, this might raise some issues concerning the consistency in quality. However, it is hard to find a wholesaler who delivers consistent, high quality, premium, bulk Kratom.
  • Ez Kratom has managed to stay on top by always providing the cleanest and freshest Kratom time and again. Furthermore, their website is solely designed to reach out to the customers.
  • All you have to do is order your Kratom and be on with your daily routine. As is customary with most websites, they ask for feedback, opinions, and reviews; the only difference is that they use it to increase the efficiency of their services. The future of Kratom is only likely to get brighter, and Ez Kratom seemed to have realized this soon enough. They uphold quality in every step of the process, from ordering to the updates they directly interact with their customers to provide the best services.
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Selection EZ Kratom products

  • If you are a new Ez Kratom user, it’s recommended that you kick off the Kratom experience with capsules. After all, they are easy to swallow and will spare you the bitter taste. Moreover, it is easy to manage your dosage.
  • Maeng Da Kratom Ez Kratom is one of the dominant strains distributed by Ex Kratom in bulk. It is also one of the most effective strains of the plant. Whether you want to focus or for recreational use, its effects are relatively potent than other strains distributed by Ez Kratom. The red-veined strain is mostly used by users to relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms. At lower doses, it helps in boosting moods. The white vein strain and green strain mostly produce a balanced effect of sedation and euphoria.
  • Red Bali Ez Kratom is one of the more powerful strains. It is highly praised due to its relatively larger leaves which are claimed to carry a larger number of alkaloids. At moderate doses of 5-6 grams, it produces a mood-boosting effect. The spectrum of effects varies with the amount of dose you take.
  • The Borneo strain is an excellent option for both experienced and new users since it achieves similar effects at different doses. It is often referred to as the clean type of Kratom. As a stimulant, it has mild effects and does not leave behind any analgesic side effects which are numbing in some cases. A dose of 6 grams delivers a middle of the road effect. A balance between boosting moods and improving pain relief. This strain is, therefore, better for people who prefer ingesting lower doses of Kratom.
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Coupon deals, discounts and contacting Ez Kratom

Their website provides a list of resources where you can find information about Kratom. According to their website, they are offering a 20-30% discount code to everyone who follows them on Twitter. The festive season deal is bound to last up to the New Year. The discount codes are to be sent to via emails to the customers.

The site also had a 25% off discount offer which lasted through black Friday.


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How to place an order on Ez Kratom

Placing an order on their website is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is go through their wide range of catalog and select the product you desire. Each product contains a detailed description of what it offers and the price alongside it. The site has an impressive user interface which allows you to scroll through the quantities available.

By pressing “Add to cart” after you have selected the Kratom you want to purchase you are redirected to the checkout page. If you are a returning customer, all you have to do is login if not, you can easily register an account with them. If you have a coupon code, you can apply it on this page. Lastly, you fill in your billing details and wait for your order to be shipped. It takes around two days for the shipment to arrive.


Ez Kratom has managed to outdo their high standards over the years, from the decent packaging to their fast response they are a good channel to get your well-deserved dose of Kratom. Fast delivery, confident money back policy, and excellent customer services, there’s no reason for any trial and error. Don’t take my word for it, check out their products on their website.