The article is written considering the suicide of the actor, Robin Williams, his failure in drug rehabilitation and Do-It-Yourself drug rehab, which is successfully done through the use of Kratom, a natural herb. Drugs like alcohol and cocaine are tempting but eventually, they prove to be destructive for the users and both of these substances, when used, become the worst choices for them, and they go into a depressive state.

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Do-It-Yourself Rehab

It is a new way of rehabilitation, which uses Kratom as the catalyst, for the persons suffering from the problem of drug abuse. This new process is brought because of the failure of the old system. Many patients are dissatisfied with those systems of rehab done through the prescribed drugs.

Why Did The Old System Fail?

Although the systems have established for drug rehabilitation, the drugs prescribed for such purposes, Suboxone, Subutex, and Methadone, are more addictive than heroin. This would mean that the rehabilitation process is going to be continued for an indefinite period.

So, the rehab process fails because it was a process of the substitution of one addictive drug with another one and paying for the system, which gives rise to more addiction, which is not a sensible act.

Advantages Of The New D-I-Y Method

The Southeast Asian substance being used in the new method has been able to provide successful rehab to addicted persons.

  • The method provides quick rehab without stretching it for longer periods.
  • The cost involved is very low compared to the previous system.

Suicide Of Robin Williams

  • Old methods of rehab, because of their failure, have shown worse effects and the increase in depression has even caused the people to commit suicide. Robin Williams, the famous actor also left evidence for us regarding the conventional methods of their failure. He is not the only one who had done this. Many other people are dying because of addiction to alcohol or other drugs.
  • To protect the lives of more individuals it is important to give awareness to the people of the latest rehab method for which government should take the initiative, but unfortunately, there are a few agencies that are targeting to block the usage of Kratom and rather than appreciating it. For its remarkable effects, they have been urging to put a ban on its use.
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Blame Cannot Be Put On The Old System

We cannot blame on them because the new remedy is available that is successfully performing its function and in the presence of such method, still asking for the older one is our own fault. Old professionals are often not letting the new method replace the old because that will stop their working . If government authorities take the matter in their own hands, it would be better for many people as it will save a number of lives.