Where is the Free Kratom?

The distinction between profit-oriented Kratom vendors and those that put customers’ welfare first is clear. The difference is, as always, rewards. Vendors that are conscious of their customers’ welfare and satisfaction gives out rewards to keep the customers coming back for more.

Rewards and freebies, more so, completely free samples, gives customers the opportunity to try products before buying them. It is an equivalent of trying out a new wine you’ve never drunk before, and if it turns out to be impressive, you proceed to make a purchase.

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Here are the top 10 Kratom vendors offering free Kratom samples in 2019.

1. Legit Kratom

This is one of the top high-quality Kratom suppliers on the web. They source their Kratom from the reputable sources you would expect including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. True to their name, they ensure that every Kratom in their store meets the qualifications of the real thing. This and the satisfactory customer service makes them a Kratom spot worth trying out

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Free Samples

Another impressive quality of this vendor is the provision of free Kratom samples; a gesture that isn’t very common among other vendors. Once in a while, they choose which type of Kratom to give out as free samples (usually 30g) although the Green Kratom is featured more often. Better yet, you are allowed to return the sample within 30 days in case you are not satisfied with the results.

2. Gaia Ethnobotanicals

Gaia Ethnobotanicals belongs to the club of few reputable and much-acclaimed Kratom vendors on the internet. The Kratom in their online store is as varied as the number of payment methods they support (be it Bitcoin or E-Check, they accept them all!!)

Free Samples

This vendor doesn’t offer free Kratom samples but opts for the welcome sample which is a pack of 5 strains priced at a discounted price. This looks like a great deal. Here are the 5 strains often featured in the Welcome sampler:

  • Bali Gold
  • Elephant
  • Gold Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Kapuas Hulu
  • The above pack goes at US$25

3. Kratomind

Who are Kratomind?

Kratomind is Kratom vendors based in Bali, Indonesia – where the perfect Kratom was born. For this reason, they are among the few suppliers of the freshest and pure Kratom on the internet. Luckily, you are allowed to take home free samples and test them before returning to make you’re your purchase.

Free Samples

Kratom is quite generous when it comes to free samples. New customers get 4 samples of different strains to try. Those who return to buy after trying the free samples are offered discounts on some strains.

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4. Kraoma (Kraoma.com)

Kraoma was founded in 2015 by an IT specialist and Kratom enthusiast. The company has grown from importing just 20 kilos of Kratom from South East Asia establishing a wholesale segment. Kraom was one of the first Kratom suppliers to sell a kilo Kratom under US$100.

Free samples

They allow you to test any 2 samples of your choice for free. They also offer two 10g samples to every new customer. Kraoma swears to give this offer to earn your trust and avoid the risk of buying fake or old Kratom from elsewhere. All you need to do is pay US$6.49 for the priority mail shipping which usually takes 2 to 3 days. All returning customers can add another free sample with every new order. Kraoma requires you to leave a note if they are runs out of stock.

Things to note

You are asked to pick 2 samples only. If you select 3 or more, they will ship only 2 samples or cancel it altogether. The shipping charge of US$6.49 is nonrefundable.
Some of the Kratom strains eligible for free sampling are:

Subscriptions attract a 10% discount on every strain illegible for free sampling.

5. Kratom Exchange

Kratom Exchange entirely deals with what they call Smart Kratom. They stand out of the pack by being very particular with the kind of Kratom they sell. They are purists who demand excellent Kratom plucked from virgin trees and grown using natural fertilizers. They also require the product to be dried while covered with barns to guard the much-cherished alkaloids and protect the leaves from excess sunlight. As a result, their Kratom comes with a fascinating potency which lasts several months. They are among the best.

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Free Samples

Kratom Exchange gives free Kratom samples in 2 ways:

Free Kratom for new customers only

New customers allowed to try the vendor’s samples packs which come in 3 – 10-gram packs. This entails 1 red strain, 1 white strain, and 1 green strain. The customer can pick the strain that works best and proceed to make more orders. The returning customers receive a coupon code that is 15 – 15% off.

Free samples US$15 Purchase

You can also get free samples by purchasing products worth US$15 (that’s Kratom weighing between 10 to 112 grams) which looks reasonable.

Their free sample plan seems to be a product of their purist approach. They only sell Kratom that is no older than 30 days. Once their Kratom reaches 26 days in stock, they begin handing it out for free. This is still a great deal. There are hordes of Kratom vendors out there who would have no problem selling their old Kratom at a profit.

6. Kratom Monkey

Kratom Monkey is a vendor that is dedicated to selling the purest Kratom. They don’t believe in the art of mixing and adding synthetic elements. As a result, their Kratom usually is 100% pure and organic. They also avoid using hybrid names on their products. Their stock comprises the pure Kratom sourced from the reputable farmers of Indonesia and Thailand.

Free samples

This vendor gives out a one-time free sample of any strain for new customers. All you need to do is pay for shipment.

7. Free Kratom Trial

Who are they

Freekratomtrial.com vendor specializes in offering the public an opportunity to try out one of nature’s excellent alternatives for anxiety, pain relief, and other ailments. Their Kratom is surprisingly fresh and of high quality; you won’t believe you got it for free. Better yet, all their products are packaged in healthy vegetable capsules. The 100% natural capsules are lab tested. One of the best!!

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Free Samples

Each Kratom costs US$00.00. But you’ll be required to pay for the shipment which varies depending on your location. That doesn’t sound hard.

8. Tucson Kratom

Tucson Kratom prefers distributing their Kratom online and through vending machines located at 3101 N Stone Ave and other few locations across Arizona.

Free Samples

This vendor gives away free samples both online and through their vending machines distributed in most cities in Arizona. As of now, they are not giving free samples anywhere other than Fort Lowell and Head Hunters on Stone.

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9. Kingdom Kratom

Instead of selling Kratom seeds, powders or pills, this vendor specializes in Kratom gummies. Kingdomkratom.com gummies are handmade and contain close to the 10g equivalent of real Kratom extract. The extract is mainly sourced from Green or Red Maeng Da, but other strains are featured. One thing you would like most with their gummies is they are wild cherry flavored.

Free samples

1 free gummy sample is given to every interested customer.

What you need to know

You are allowed to place only 1 free sample in your cart. If you place 2 or more, only 1 will be shipped. Since you’re required to pay for shipment, you may incur unnecessary costs if you choose to put more than 1 sample in your cart which won’t be shipped.

10. Laughing Lion Herbs

Laughing Lion Herbs were a relatively new entrant in the online Kratom market having started in 2015. They have grown to stock one of the most varied Kratom collection on the web. They too give out free Kratom samples to new customers.

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Free Samples

Any new customer interested in trying their products before investing money is allowed to choose any strain of choice on the list (except the Infinity Blends) and will be supplied with 6 – 10g sample. You can only try 5 samples per year.


Most of the established vendors choose to give away free samples once in a while instead of entirely doing away with the whole thing. New and growing vendors, however, takes this gesture seriously and some of them start by giving out all their start-up stock for free to establish themselves in the market. While some vendors may choose to give away samples to new customers with strings unattached, others will require you to make purchases that reach a specific threshold. But it’s almost sure that you will incur the shipping costs.