Can You Freeze Kratom In The Cooler?

Do you wish to freeze Kratom, preferably your favorite strain, in the cooler? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Many users are confused about whether they can freeze Kratom. Well, lucky for you, it is completely possible to freeze Kratom.

And no, the alkaloid content and potency remain preserved if you choose to freeze Kratom. This means that once you freeze Kratom, you can utilize it months after for making teas, smoothies, adding in meals, or even consuming it raw directly.

When you freeze Kratom, experts state that it goes through a process known as cell lysis – the release of naturally occurring alkaloids. The cell lysis procedure achieves a more strong potency. When sharing their experience on various forums, consumers comment that frozen Kratom boasts more strength.

But it is important to understand that Mitragyna Speciosa tends to degrade with time, and if you do not freeze Kratom in the cooler, it might lose its potency and become useless.

As per science, failure to freeze Kratom in controlled temperature results in a slow conversion of the active alkaloid Mitragynine into a substance called Mitragynine pseudoindoxyl.

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This compound acts as a calming substance. To guarantee that this doesn’t happen, make sure to freeze Kratom in the cooler and enjoy it for a prolonged period.

If you decide to freeze Kratom, you can rest assured that it won’t lose consistency, potency, and quality. Moreover, to boost the efficacy and freshness of the herb, it should be placed in a cold environment free of UV rays, oxygen, and humidity.

In other words, the usual ways employed to store fine tea are also suitable for the storage of Mitragyna. However, to avoid the degradation and staleness of the herb, follow the below steps:

1)  First of all, put your favorite strain in tiny plastic bags, maybe one or two-day supplies in each plastic bag. This will make it easy for you to utilize what you require for a day and keep the rest in cold, airtight storage for the best freshness.

2) Remove air from the plastic bags. You can achieve this in two ways – either doing it manually or employing vacuum sealing devices.

Hold the zipper with a straw situated in the corner and remove the air manually. After the air is sucked out, place a suction on the straw while simultaneously removing the air.

Without any delay, press the remainder of the zipper to close the plastic bag. Remember that shutting the pouch and removing the straw needs to be accomplished in one fast motion. This is to guarantee that no air can enter the plastic bag.

  1. After sealing the plastic bag, put it in a tin or an opaque plastic container that does not allow any light to enter.
  2. Put the tin or the opaque container in a freezer for storage to regulate the herb’s freshness.
  3. If, for example, the strain you put in a bag is too much for a single day’s usage, make sure to store the rest of the kratom powder in an opaque container or refrigerator.
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More Points To Remember To Freeze Kratom

  • Place the herb in containers that can be put in the refrigerator, like those made of ceramic or hard plastic.
  • Label the purchase date on the containers or bags. You might be thinking about why labeling is important. Labeling is done to help you remember the actual date you purchased your favorite strain so that you can consume the older strains first.
  • Know the source. As a comparatively new product globally, many vendors are cropping up from all corners, claiming to sell “high-quality” and “authentic” strains. But do your homework before making your purchase and know your source. If, for example, the source you intend to buy from has had your preferred strain in the warehouse for three months, minus that time from your storage period.

Why Kratom Is Sensitive To Storage Condition

Mitragyna Speciosa starts to like the leaves of an evergreen tropical tree grown throughout the rich rainforests of Southeast Asia. When the leaves are harvested and dried, they are turned into fine powder.

Afterward, the final result – either capsules or powdered or any other form is achieved by processing. The origin of this botanical herb determines the conditions required to reap the benefits of Kratom.

Most experts advise consuming your kratom strains in three months of harvesting as this is when the active alkaloids are the most potent in the plant. However, with time, the environmental condition decreases the quality of the herb, irrespective of the storage technique you follow.

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With proper storage, you can elongate the lifespan of the product’s potency to a year or more. Below are the conditions to meet and avoid while storing your encapsulated, powdered, or extracted Kratom:

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Storing

Do: Keep It Airtight

After Mitragyna Speciosa is taken off the tree, it becomes vulnerable to external environmental factors and easily contaminated. Ensure that your strains are cut off from the outside world to avoid this.

Please place it in a container that has a tight, secure sealing—for instance, a jar with a new lid. Alternatively, you can opt for a standard resealable plastic bag.

Don’t: Allow Your Kratom To Breathe

The leaves are dead and ground. There’s no need for them to breathe while being stored. If you place Kratom openly, you’re not only allowing contamination but oxidation as well. Oxygen harms the cells, which is why you should restrict the entrance of oxygen in the container.

Do: Keep It Dry

When it comes to dried vegetation, prevent all kinds of moisture from entering the products. Water can lead to clumping and can lower the consistency. However, an abundance of humidity ignored can also lead to potential mold.

Mold in the tiniest amount can be hazardous, so don’t attempt to save the remainder of the product. Instead, discard the entire batch safely and revise your storing practices to ensure that this unfortunate incident does not repeat.

Don’t: Trust The Container For Storing Mitragyna In A Damp Environment

Please don’t take the risk no matter how much you trust your container and its airtight seal. This is because a tiny leak can occur that permits moisture to enter.

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Do: Ensure That You’re Storing Mitragyna Away From UV Light And In A Dark Place

If you can, choose an opaque storage container or brown jars. But if you only have transparent containers, don’t place them underneath any light, especially under direct sunlight. Like solar radiation bleaches the curtains, it negatively impacts the herb.

Don’t: Utilize Equipment For Other Items

A classy cigar humidor can destroy Kratom. However, don’t generalize vegetation like others and know the difference between fresh Kratom and old tobacco.

Do: Keep The Storage Temperature Cool And Consistent

Don’t subject your Kratom to dramatic temperature changes; otherwise, condensation can develop in the container. Please freeze Kratom, but aim for a consistent figure on the thermometer in other situations.

How To Store Brewed Kratom Tea

If Kratom tea is your preferred mode of ingestion, you can make tea beforehand for ease. The tea can last for a week in the refrigerator, but the lasting period is indefinite if you choose to freeze Kratom. If you are storing the tea somewhere else, place it in an airtight container.

An even more convenient way is to store the tea after brewing it. If you freeze Kratom, it breaks the plant cell walls, releasing the alkaloids quicker. So choosing to freeze Kratom is a great potentiator.

Brew the tea as you normally and allow it to reach room temperature. Transfer the tea to an ice cube tray or a plastic container. Do not employ a glass container as it can break when the liquid expands into a frozen entity.

Keep the frozen Kratom covered or sealed so that it doesn’t catch any unpleasant odor from the freezer. If you use an ice cube tray, transfer the cubes to a container with an airtight seal before keeping them in an icebox.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How Long Does Kratom Last?

Mitragyna Speciosa can retain its maximum freshness for three months. Not only this, if you store this wonderful Southeast Asian herb correctly, its freshness can last for 6 to 12 months.

After a year is gone, the plant will still boast the most potency. However, it will become dry and drop in quality with time. In addition, consumers have commented that the herb becomes less pleasant to eat after it gets dry.

In short, the period for which Kratom can last depends on how fresh it was when you first bought it.

2) Why Do We Need To Store Kratom?

The natural herbs, including Mitragyna Speciosa, need to be stored properly if you want to use the product for a long time.

According to science, the natural alkaloids, aka Mitragynine, starts to degrade when it is not stored nicely. So, to maximize your health, make no compromise on the storage.

3) What Are The Enemies Of Stored Kratom?

UV light, temperature shifts, excessive oxygen, and strong smells are the biggest factors that can ruin your strains.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s face it – ever since Mitragyna Speciosa was introduced, it has changed everyone’s lives. Moreover, Kratom obtains universal acceptance because it is naturally produced and cultivated.

And these days, people are hunting for natural herbs that won’t harm them in any way. So it would help if you froze Kratom in the cooler no matter what strain you buy to maximize potency and quality.

Even if a well-stored strain can be fresh for decades, it is suggested to determine whether it is suitable before usage as nothing matters more than your health.