Currently, there are lots of methods on how you can take kratom. We have to hand it down to kratom enthusiasts because they are a creative bunch. Every day, we come across new methods of taking kratom. The reason behind the formulation of these methods is to help users avoid the sour taste and smell. It also improves the potency of kratom. One of the latest techniques to be invented is freezing kratom. Are you interested in what it entails and if it makes kratom more potent? Below is a guide on freezing kratom.

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What is Involved in Freezing Kratom?

It is merely the placing of kratom in low temperatures to freeze it. Freezing kratom has been known to be effective in breaking the plant’s wall cells, thus giving you more access to the alkaloids. It is ideal for users who are tired of swallowing kratom powder or tea which have sour tastes

How Freezing Kratom Works?

When kratom is frozen, it undergoes a process known as cell lysis. This procedure allows the release of alkaloids making kratom achieve a more potent state. When you freeze kratom and take it afterward, you will realize stronger effects. Some people are even forced to reduce the dosage because of the potency of frozen kratom. If you usually use kratom for pain relief, you will realize that you can achieve that with a lower dose.

How To Choose Best Strain Of Kratom?

Tips on How to Increase The Potency of Kratom by Freezing It

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  • You need to measure your required dose first.
  • Afterward, you should put the kratom in a container, preferably one made of plastic. Glass isn’t always the best option because it may break when exposed to low temperatures.
  • Choose an acidic liquid of your likings such as apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, orange, and grape juice. Make sure that you pick a liquid that you like its taste.
  • You will also need ½ Glass of water.

Once you have all these essentials at hand, you should add two spoonfuls of the acidic liquid, such as lime juice, to the mixture, followed by your required dose.

  • Mix these ingredients with a spoon. The good thing about using acidic liquids is that it brings out the alkaloids in kratom, thus making it more potent.
  • When the concoction is ready, put it in the freezer. Depending on your refrigerator, the actual process is likely to take less than an hour. Note that the flatter your container is, the faster the concoction will be frozen.
  • After the mixture is frozen, you can remove it from the fridge and give it some time to thaw. It is best taking it when in a slushy taste because it tastes better compared to licking the ice.
  • For people who would opt to freeze kratom ahead of time. You should ensure it is placed in an airtight container. Exposure to moisture can interfere with the potency of frozen kratom. This is why we are insisting on the use of an airtight container.
Important Factors To Consider When Preserving Kratom

Extra Tips on How to Increase Kratom Potency through Freezing

You can also improve the potency of kratom by using accurate measurement scales. Remember, if you use the same dosage every day, you are likely to notice its effectiveness and won’t develop a tolerance. Using things such as spoons to measure dosage isn’t the right thing to do. Stick to a dose that is ideal for you.

Additionally, ensure that you only get kratom from reputable vendors. Even if you freeze kratom, its potency depends highly on the quality of the strain more than anything else. With a quality strain of kratom, you can maximize its power through freezing.

What If You Freeze Kratom before Making Tea?

There is also another method where people freeze kratom before making tea. This will depend on what suits you the most. You can freeze kratom as a means of storage or maximize alkaloid absorption.

Freezing kratom before making tea helps break the cell walls of kratom powder, thus improving its potency. Later on, you can proceed to make tea and enjoying the stronger effects of kratom. This method, combined with making tea from the kratom, improves the alkaloid absorption of kratom.


And since kratom does have a bitter taste, freezing it before making tea has been known to improve its taste. As you may know, taking kratom powder can be difficult because of the smell and taste. But by freezing it before making tea, you will have reduced the sour taste. You can also use artificial sweeteners to flavor the kratom tea.

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Is The Freeze and Filter Method Effective?

When you freeze your kratom, you might also need to filter it to remove any residues. At times, depending on the ingredients you use to prepare kratom tea or juice. Foreign elements may enter the mixture, and it can be hard for you to identify them when taking it in a sludge taste.

After you have frozen the kratom and made the concoction, you can use an ordinary filter to remove any foreign elements. The freeze and filter method is ideal when using kratom from a new source. When working with a reputable vendor, you have got nothing to worry about because their kratom is of high quality, and the chances of finding foreign elements are very minimal. Not unless it comes from the juice or tea you are making.

It’s always a good idea to be mindful of what you put in your body. This is why the freeze and filter method is an ideal way to improve potency as well as ensure you take kratom in pure form. You will also be assured of filtering pure grain powder into your kratom tea.

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Freezing kratom, though a new method of consuming kratom, it is an essential way of improving potency as well as minimizing waste. If you are tired of the ordinary toss and wash method. This can be a significant upgrade, which boosts the effectiveness of kratom. It also protects you from the sour taste and smell of kratom.