Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom has set its popularity in stone since its establishment and continues to flourish in the Kratom industry. This vendor’s customers chose the name Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom for them. They believe it shows the passion and dedication that have consistently been at the heart of their mission.

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom uses a strict quality assurance and control procedure that results in a more dependable, superior, and responsible product that is unquestionably organic and undergoes phytosanitary screening before getting imported. All items get verified before being added to the inventory, and their catalog gets geared to promote the kratom strain variety.

The goal of the Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom brand is to minimize self-harm, promote mental health, and give consumers a natural self-care solution. The merchant underlines that they do not offer a wide selection of products since they do not captivate various clients. Alternatively, they concentrate on the services that they have discovered to be beneficial to their customers.

Below are the details you need to know about this supplier.


About The Company

Golden Rule Botanical is an Arizona-based Kratom selling company. They offer a wide variety of strains, so choosing one according to your taste will not be an issue. Since they have so many products, it is one of the factors that makes them unique in the online world.

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This company was founded back in 2013 by Brandon Bird, a guy with a deep interest in ayurvedic herbs. Since then, the company has grown to be a reputable Kratom-selling firm. This vendor’s offerings are nearly entirely provided by the owner. As a result, your phone conversations to lodge complaints or offer ideas are sure to be answered by Bird; himself.

Picture gathering data from someone who is that knowledgeable! This Kratom seller will deliver you the most up-to-date facts and guide you through all you need to know, especially selecting the ideal Kratom strain for you.

One thing worth mentioning in their portfolio is their customer service. They offer two weeks return policy, and if USPS loses your parcel, they offer another one for free!

Golden Rule Botanicals Kratom offers one of the largest Mitragyna Speciosa inventories of every online retailer out there. Furthermore, the firm sends goods quickly and accepts returns within 14 days after receipt. Clients in Tempe, Arizona, may visit the in-person shop, and contactless pickup is accessible for those who do not want to go indoors. Other botanical items, such as the Mitragyna Hirsuta, and goods, are available on the website.

How Good Is This Vendor’s Website Design?

The homepage of their website is visually attractive and colorfully crafted. It is organized in such a manner that it is unquestionably simple to traverse. Even newcomers would have little difficulty acquiring what they desire. If you wish to make an order, all of the necessary information gets presented. The website has extensive information on the firm’s values, Kratom strains, terms and conditions, and just about any other policies you might be interested in learning.

What Are The Various Products They Have For You?

Looking at Golden Rule’s product catalog, it seems impossible to mention all of it here. If you are interested to see what blends and extracts they offer, you can visit their website and navigate to the ‘Teas and Blends’ section.

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Look for Kratom under the sections labeled Green Asian Tea, Red Asian Tea, White Asian Tea, Yellow Asian Tea, and Blends on the Golden Rule Botanicals website. Clients praise the green, red, white, and yellow Kratom strains, and unique blends, making these their best sellers.

As said earlier, their naming convention of products is different, but you will learn to navigate through it. Following are a few unique Mitragyna Speciosa strains they offer:

  • Balendi Blend (Green, Red & White)
  • Clone Maeng Da Blend (Green & White)
  • Doublemint Blend (Greens)
  • Father’s Helper Blend (Red & Green)
  • Green Bali
  • Green Crush Leaf
  • Green Jaguar
  • Green Thai
  • Green Tiger
  • Mother’s Helper Blend (Green & Red)
  • Murray’s Meow Mix Blend (Greens)
  • Old Tree Green Indo
  • Spearmint Blend (Green & White)
  • Spearmint # 2 (Inverse; Green & White)
  • Thai-Fecta Blend (Green, Red & White)
  • Three Wise Mend Blend (Green, Red & White)

Apart from these, they also sell some ayurvedic products. Kudos to their online marketplace, Golden Rule Botanicals Red Bison has become a best-seller. However, that is not the only thing they have to provide. Split strain orders, custom mixes, and much more are available from this seller.

The blends, which include diverse strains, have names like Maeng Da kratom and Tig3rs. Maeng Da is a cross between Malay kratom and Maeng Da, and Tig3rs has three distinct colored Tiger strains. There are hundreds of more mixes to choose from, so visit the website to learn more.

Golden Rule Botanicals imports Kratom in quantity from Southeast Asia to the United States monthly. Kratom does not get cultivated in the United States, even though the majority of buyers live here. They exclusively bring in the freshest Kratom to make sure you receive nothing but the finest.

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Are Their Products Safe?

It is worth noting that none of the Golden Rule Botanicals kratom products come with test results. So, while they claim to enforce stringent standards throughout the selection process and conduct ‘extensive lab testing, they have no records to back up their claims.


What Are The Prices For Their Products?

All their kratom products come at a fixed price. The firm’s cost is ‘designed to be sustainable and reflects the finest alternatives and highest quality accessible.’ This seller frequently offers discounts, and consumers may always choose local pickup to avoid paying for shipping and handling. You can get the following weight packs for different prices:

  • $8 for an ounce
  • 2 ounces for $11
  • $29 for 4 ounces
  • 8 ounces for $36
  • $63 for 12 ounces
  • 1 pound for $64
  • $148 for a kilogram

Does This Vendor Offer Discounts And Coupons?

Golden Rule Botanicals offers a variety of benefits, including a discount coupon. They frequently offer promo codes and discounts to assist customers in lowering their order totals. They also provide a subscription service that allows you to save money on products by getting them delivered to your home regularly.

If you think you will purchase again, you can avail of their bird-box subscription, which offers 30% off. Also, this vendor provides a coupon code BIRD20 which gives you 20% off your order.

Other than that, if you pay with an e-check, enter the code ECHECK25 to get a 25% discount. Signing up for the Bird Box subscription service will also save you bucks. This subscription is a simple method to save money in the long term if you know you will be a regular client.

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How Do They Tackle Shipping?

According to their website, the usual shipping cut-off time is 3 PM PST Monday to Friday. Regularly, you get same-day delivery if you place an order before 3, but due to covid, there could be delays in shipment.

The only downside is that they do not offer international shipments. Other than that, Golden Rule Botanicals currently does not ship to the following states: Wisconsin, Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, and Rhode Island. However, before purchasing anything from this merchant, double-check the Kratom regulations.

What Are The Different Payment Methods?

Money Orders, GreenBeanPay, electronic debit, and all major credit cards get accepted for payment. Customers are only charged once at the time of checkout. One will not have to spend any additional costs beyond those included on the pricing list. Shoppers are not required to pay any periodic fees except indicated otherwise.

Does This Vendor Allow Refund And Returns?

Customers who wish to return the order must do so 14 days after receiving it. A minimum of 90% of the original order must also get included in the returning shipment. When returning goods, consumers should be aware that they are liable for any additional charges.

Duplicate orders cannot get returned to Golden Rule Botanicals. Individuals must contact the company’s customer service department and explain why they wish to return an item in length. A refund will get issued within 24 hours of the firm receiving the returned item.

This provider is particularly well-known for prioritizing the needs of its consumers. They have devised a mechanism that allows buyers to return any previously purchased items that were disappointing. Such a consumer is entitled to compensation once the product gets returned.

What Do Customers Say About Golden Rule Botanical?

According to the internet, their customer service is top-notch. The best part is that you can directly contact the owner every Monday to Saturday – no third person is involved.

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Golden Rule has whopping 5-stars reviews on Google. Here is what their happy customers have written:

  • ‘I love Golden Rule Botanical. They have all the best strains of Kratom and provide the best customer service. Highly recommend them!’
  • ‘The highest quality botanicals and great prices. Plus, they are great people. 😊’
  • ‘They were the first vendor I ever ordered from. I love them because their product is nice and consistent. They always throw in a free sample too.’
  • ‘Great product. I was shocked by their excellent customer service and lightning-speed shipping. Highly recommended!!’

Bottom Line

Looking at the vendor’s reputation and vastness of their products, they are one of the best out there! As far as the price tags are concerned, the quality of their products may justify them. Their website is easy to navigate, and they have mentioned all the details there.

Once you purchase from them, you will be the judge!


Is The Brand Trustworthy?

The trustworthiness of any brand can get quantified through the reviews they have. Taking a glance at the Golden Rule reviews, it is clear that they can be relied on! Plus, their site is encrypted, which ensures your payment is protected.

Are The Products Reasonably Priced?

Customers claim their products to be affordable, but their 1 Kgs pack appears to be a bit expensive. Still, the price can get justified based on their quality.

Are The Products Safe For Consumption?

There are no apparent details that indicate whether the products are safe for consumption or not. Neither are they FDA-approved. Therefore, it should get consumed only after consulting with a physician.