If asked, the best thing that could happen to humans is a happy stress-free pain-free life. That sounds impossible, but the discovery of Green Dragon Kratom implies otherwise. It originates from the better part of South East Asia. Though it has been through a lot of conflict over its legalization, It is considered a medicinal superhero by many people from all over the world.
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The Origin

It is obtained from the leaves of the mitragna speciosa, an evergreen herbal tree in S.E Asia. It was used traditionally as a painkiller, stimulant, opium addiction treatment, tranquilizer and treatment for diarrhea. Kratom contains components known as alkaloids which affect mood and pain reception.

More specifically, types of alkaloids such as mitraphylline and mitragynine which affiliate towards opioid brain receptors. The functions of these receptors are antidepressant effects, analgesia, and sedation. The mitragna species comes from the same botanical family as coffee. However, when coffee makes you active and energetic in the morning, It is stronger and lasts longer. The alkaloids and flavonoids in Kratom have a strong potency.

Functions of Green Dragon Kratom

There are several benefits you gain from using this herbal medicine.

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Energy boost:

It increases your energy levels to give you a highly productive day. Cognitive enhancing power it boosts your mental sharpness and memory to keep you focused for an extended period. There are testimonials by patients about how the nootropic effect increases their performance at work.

Antipanic agent:

This property helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It helps the patient relax when nervous. This is an excellent alternative to antidepressant drugs that are more expensive, have temporary and addictive effects.

Insomnia relieving properties:

Everyone needs some good sleep. But not everyone can afford to summon one. The Kratom drug helps one to be calm and sleep well. Its laxative agents help calm your nerves, stop stressing about your problems and fall asleep. Adequate sleep improves your focus, memory and reduces the risk of diabetes, kidney failure, stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Mood enhancing abilities:

The mitragynine alkaloids in the Kratom drug improve the emotional status of the user. This means you will be more socially accepting of people. This serves a great purpose to enhance, not only your social life but also self-esteem and confidence. Even at work, these are useful qualities that will last the entire day.

Muscle relaxant:

One may have a busy day where you have been sitting on a chair, eyes focused on a computer screen or files, standing for a long time, traveling a long distance or serving numerous clients. Several parts are aching and muscles cramped. The solution is Green Dragon Kratom. It relaxes your muscles, releases tension and puts you at ease.

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Dragon Kratom Types

There are originally three strains of Dragon Kratom, depending on the coloration of the veins from which they were obtained; the Green Strain, Red Dragon Strain, and White Dragon Strain. The Red strain is a potent pain reliever and works well to reverse insomnia and has tranquilizing effects.

This means you will be less active and more relaxed. White, on the other hand, has high euphoric properties without the anxiolytic effect of the Red Strain. In other words, it relieves pain without sedation, so one can continue being active. However, the best moderate strain is Green. This is because while White and Red have particularly distinct roles, the Green strain has similar properties of both. This central composition plus its strong potency makes Green Dragon Kratom the most popular and regularly used strain.


The Dragon Kratom is available in capsule or powder form. It can be taken in several amounts, depending on the user’s purpose and length of use.

Low dosage;

This is about 1-3 grams. This is just a small amount you need, probably in the morning, to jolt you into an energetic individual.

Medium dosage;

4-6 grams; for mild stimulation and pain relief.

High dosage;

About 7-10 grams; this large dosage is used by experienced users for strong analgesic effects and powerful sedation. This mostly helps one to sleep.

Note: Be careful when measuring the amount of Dragon Kratom to take. High levels in your system may affect you, especially as a starter. The high dosage is recommended for those used to that amount.

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Buy Green Dragon Kratom

There are numerous vendors of the drug in the market. One must learn to determine who is selling pure strain or not. First, many vendors claim a strain of the highest potency. This potency must be 20 or below. Anything more is an exaggeration. Also, the capsule/ powder bottles must be tightly sealed and well labeled. Also, it should be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. Some of the best vendors recommended are;

1. Gaia Ethnobotanical

  • They supply fine highly potent Green Dragon Kratom, ethically harvested and tested for quality control.
  • They Provide strains of the weight of 1oz, ¼ kg, and 1 kg.

2. US Kratomind

  • Green Dragon price range from $6 to$62.
  • Weight options are  50g, 100g, ¼ kg, ½ kg, and 1 kg.
  • Shipment from the USA available.

3. Kratom Crazy

  • located in Canada.
  • It has good quality and fresh strains that are affordable.
  • It offers a hundred percent return guarantee.
  • Its website is kratomcrazy.com

4. KratomCapsules.com

  • provide top quality strong Green Dragon Kratom strain.
  • Has free shipping and has affordable pricing.

5. Valkyrie Botanicals

  • offers weight of 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz.
  • Price range is from $7.00 to $84.00.
  • Supplies to States of Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Arkansas.
  • Office hours are 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays.

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In conclusion

In conclusion, Green Dragon Kratom is a savior. It touches the intricate parts of daily busy lives, relieves us of pain and stress and gives use calmness, concentration and the sleep we very much need. So, Dragon Kratom is not just a drug. It is a friend and a very caring one for that fact. With its effects, there is a potential for creating a future full of high productivity and stress-free lifestyle. Problems like diabetes and stress disorders will hopefully reduce, and the world will be a better, more peaceful place to live.