About The Vendor

Be careful of any company that produces striking claims they cannot possibly back up. As most within the Mitragyna Speciosa community know, the FDA has not endorsed Korth for therapeutic use.

That is why it is more than a bit crude. You come over a ketom seller who guarantees their item will serve a vast extend of therapeutic needs. Green Harmony ID, aka Green Harmony Indonesia, is one of the sellers that sell extremely pure kratom.

The Green Harmony Kratom is a kratom seller that most people can believe and depend upon. This is because the company has contributed more to the items it offers to its clients.

They indeed encourage delivering point-by-point data on all the products in stock. Usually, a great hone by the seller since most sellers do not bother to provide buyers understanding on absolutely what kind of items they are buying.

Green Harmony Kratom

Green Harmony is an Indonesian kratom seller found in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. They offer an assortment of Mitragyna items, counting top choices like Green Malay, White Borneo, etc.

Green Harmony’s item costs are altogether lower than the western sellers. Nevertheless, since Green harmony ships from Indonesia, you will encounter longer conveyance times than nearby dealers.

Not necessarily. In the case of Green Harmony Kratom, you will think you are getting quality Korth from a local district, but consider this: Those who run kratom businesses in other nations are not bound by the same guidelines or rules forced by companies within the Western world.

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If an American seller burns you on an arrangement, there is an excellent chance that you will be able to chase them down and request a total discount. The same cannot be said for a few awful performing artists midway over the globe.

Unless you are a few silver spoon-sucking globetrotters who can fair jump in your private fly and head for the West Kalimantan timberland, you likely will not have much good fortune rectifying things out if something goes off-base.

Lab Test

One of the critical features of judging websites for their genuineness is checking if they give subtle elements approximately their items getting Lab tried sometime recently they reach their clients or not.

Lab testing for microbes, infection, mercury, and bug sprays should be necessary. In contrast, they were obtaining mitragyna speciosa items with fake kratom powder beneath wrong names on the free, no hazard.

Green Harmony Kratom does not have any data, and almost lab testing is said on their site, which raises an address almost the vulnerability of the items and puts a question mark on the quality. Being a web merchant, they ought to get their items tried to pick up the certainty of their clients.

AKA And GMP Affiliation

There’s no imply on the site if the items have met GMP benchmarks or not, which makes you think if the quality is up to that point. In any case, there is no sign around it from the merchant.

Kratom Strains

Green Harmony Kratom items are said to incorporate brown, gold, green, ruddy, yellow kratom, and white vein kratom strains, but I could not discover anything coordinating those choices when I went to their online shop.

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They right now stock pink Himalayan salt, an assortment of super nourishments, and homegrown tea, but then as it were, Korth recorded was their “premium” mitragyna speciosa kilo packs.

Maeng Da kratom: This is a kratom strain of the best quality determined by utilizing the traditional artisanship of grafting to adapt the Thai kratom tree. This korth strain is exceptionally prevalent. It is also known as Mitragyna.

Red Vein Bali: The kratom strain is commonly found and is known to offer an incredible smell. The particular assortment of mitragyna speciosa trees gives bigger clears than the ordinary ones, which are also known to extend. This makes the Ruddy Bali Kratom a temperate item that is found effortlessly.

Super Green Malay: The super Green Malaysian has its root on the mitragyna speciosa tree, the ketom tree. The green leaf alludes to the color of the veins and not the leaf. The alkaloids contained within the takes off more often than not shift depending on the vein color and the area of where the tree was grown.

This strain originates from the woodlands within the wide hilly open of Malaysia. The soil composition in these ranges is one of a kind and specifically influences the development of the mitragyna speciosa tree. This makes the green Malaysian strain have an involvement that keeps going for long compared to green songs from other nations.

High-Quality Products

Fulfill customers by giving kratom strains with normal and natural quality items. It is inferred from unadulterated mitragyna speciosa plant materials from nature. Set up a community of territorial operators to develop together & create the quality of life, work environment, and partners’ work.

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Ended up a familiar homegrown crude material supply company that gives homegrown and mitragyna speciosa items freshness and immaculateness from nature, which can be proven for affluent individuals and get the significance of characteristic things.

Our creation of mitragyna speciosa utilizes the strategy of the Week after week cycle of collecting, drying, and processing. This handling strategy continuously gives clients new and steady quality items. Our items are of tall quality and tried within the Lab. We offer simple, quick, and secure installment strategies for clients to purchase. We continuously guarantee all orders conveyance will reach the client safely.


  • They have a massive variety of kratom strain products.
  • These products are in demand by many clients.
  • Green Harmony deals in bitcoin quickly.


  • Delivery might take a much longer time than expected due to overseas shipment.


This can be where things get particularly suspicious. Green Concordance offers mitragyna speciosa kilo packs for a fair $20 for a part kilo. The average advertising cost for a kilo ranges between $80 and $150. A few smoke shops and online merchants charge as much as $17 0 for a kilo.

The Green Harmony Kratom ordinarily acknowledges checks, cash, cash arrange, and money on conveyance. A client can moreover pay through Visa, PayPal, or MasterCard. If a person needs to utilize extra elective installment strategies, they should feel free to contact them. Their client back framework is dynamic, and one will get a reaction nearly quickly.

Coupon Codes

Once you visit gatherings like Reddit and Twofold M herbals, you are bound to falter onto coupon codes of up to 15%. These everyday advancements are carried out each month, and one ought to create an inclination to visit the gatherings regularly and take full advantage of the offers.

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Customer Services And Feedback

Shockingly, Green Harmony Kratom has scored focuses with a few within the community. In reality, they have indeed been appraised on I Adore Kratom, where one client said their ruddy strain was exceptionally unwinding and “excellent.”

This same client overcame their green strain, saying that it “will fair lift your spirits if you are discouraged or fair having a terrible day.” They scored average numbers for their shipping and client benefit, but their quality and estimating were exceedingly rated.

Elsewhere a client vouched for Green Harmony Kratom, composing “extremely reliable” and noticing that they continuously have the proper paperwork. Another client said that they are “on portion with Gaia,” alluding to MitraGaia, the merchant once in the past known as Gaia Ethnobotanical.

Payment And Shipping Method

Clients will likely be satisfied to discover that Green Harmony Kratom ID acknowledges Bitcoin, Western Union, and bank wire exchanges. Nevertheless, one ought to use caution in almost such discussions.

There is no way for US citizens to recover their monies when utilizing cryptocurrencies to pay for an abroad transaction. Green Harmony Kratom ships using EMS, Cargo Post Airfreight, or DHL Express Worldwide.

Those who need to get their bundle promptly ought to be beyond any doubt to choose DHL Express at checkout as this can be the sped-up shipping alternative (bundles are evaluated to reach inside 3-6 trade days).


The Green Harmony Kratom Indonesia has respected as one of the most excellent kratom sellers. The reality that they get the mitragyna speciosa straightforwardly from their source guarantees that the item quality that continuously ensured.

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Their costs are too exceptionally reasonable to numerous clients regarding the quality of their items: Do not judge a book by its cover. From our client’s experience with Green Harmony kratom Indonesia, you can better understand the topic.

This mitragyna speciosa seller could appear beautifully terrible and become flushed, but their item is sober, solid, and exceptionally fulfilling. Check them out nowadays, and let us know what you guys think about the vendor and its products.