The Green Hulu Kapuas is one of the hard to find Kratom strains in the market today. This is most probably due to its uniquely high potency and active effects. This strain is made from the Mitragyna speciosa tree that grows on the Kapuas Hulu river banks and in Borneo forests of South East Asia. Its effects are recognized by many users who claim it has greatly changed their lives.


  • The Hulu Kapuas is a brand of Kratom with unique alkaloids such as 7-acetoxy mitragynine, Mitragynine, Isospeciofolin and Stipulation among others, that have bioactive qualities that trigger effects such as muscle relaxation, euphoria, sedation and pain relief.
  • While the Green Hulu and the White Hulu have specific effects attached to them, the Green Hulu Kapuas has partial green and white effects.
  • That means the Green is a potent relaxant while White is good at stimulation. Therefore, Green Hulu has moderate laxative and stimulant effects.
  • This enables buyers to enjoy the best of both without having to buy two strains.
  • The Green Hulu Kapuas is available in the form of capsules which you can swallow or powder that you can mix with your drink to energize you.

Effects of Green Hulu Kapuas

Energizing effects:

Green Hulu has high potency hence increases the levels of energy. This makes it a good starter in the morning and gives you an active day throughout.

Warning from Health Officials About Kratom

Sleep induction:

Sleep is essential for our health and well-being. At times, greenness, stress, and anxiety lead to lack of much-needed rest. Green Hulu does the trick. It eliminates insomnia, calms your nerves and puts you into a peaceful sleep.

Analgesic effects:

Green Hulu is an excellent pain reliever that frees you from the pain in your body after a long day, heavy work or extreme exhaustion. It helps you relax painlessly and even get up to work some more.

Anxiolytic effects:

For cases of panic, anxiety, and depression, the Green Hulu helps presents laxative and calming effects. It works on your nervous system to regulate stress levels and anxiety. This means your confidence, get rid of stage fright and improve social abilities.

Nootropic Enhancement:

Green Hulu Kapuas improves brain function since its alkaloids attach to the brain receptors to regulate the system. It gives you sharp focus which is impressive at work and anywhere else. It also improves your memory hence less time is wasted looking for misplaced things or rushing to forgotten meetings.

Muscle relaxant:

As human beings, we are prone to getting green quickly after a long period of heavy work. If we push ourselves to the limit, it might cause unexpected effects to our mental and physical selves. That is why there is a need to let your muscles take a break once in a while. Green Hulu is a great muscle relaxant. It puts your body at rest to reboot and restore lost energy. This way, you will have an all-day everyday complete productivity and remain healthy.

Though Green Hulu Kapuas is rare, it is not exactly a needle in a haystack.

There are ways of obtaining this unique Hulu Kapuas strain in the market. There are some Kratom vendors with quality products and a good reputation. Note that some do not mean all. There are indeed sellers who are illegitimate and sell poor quality products. They always exaggerate the potency of their strains to attract buyers. To ensure your vendor is trustworthy, check the seal for any tampering. The packet should be labeled properly and the company named. Products that have a plain covering with no directions, instructions or any information are suspicious and are probably not the quality you want.

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Green Hulu Kapuas Vendors

Kingdom Kratom- it is a universal seller that is trustworthy and offers a wide variety of Kratom products. They offer free shipping.
Oregon Kratom-offers some of the best Hulu Kapuas strains, updates on new products and excellent price offers.– offers powder and capsule form of Green Hulu at affordable prices depending on quantity.
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Final Thoughts

The scarcity of Green Hulu Kapuas is the reason it has high demand in the market. You should try this product and experience a whole new level of potency and powerful effect.