As kratom products continue to gain popularity, the number of kratom vendors has also increased. A consumer will only gain maximum benefits from kratom products if you source them from a trustworthy source. Green leaf kratom is emerging as one of the giants in the kratom industry by offering quality and affordable kratom products.
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Green leaf kratom is a company in California, USA. It solely deals with kratom products. They have one of the longest lists regarding a variety of kratom products. The fact that they only deal with only kratom products makes them offer all their resources and time to provide quality kratom products. They offer among the best prices for kratom products in the market. Besides providing quality products, they also pride in offering fast and reliable delivery services.

Their products are made from kratom leaves to make sure that the powder is super fine.

variety of products

Green leaf kratom offers a wide variety of products. Their product range includes;

Green leaf kratom products

Green leaf kratom offers powders from different kratom strains. The prices vary based on the strain and the quantity. Most of the Greenleaf kratom powders are packaged from 30 -300grams. The powders are made from kratom leaves to ensure they are fine.

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Popular Green leaf kratom powder brands

Popular Green leaf kratom powder brands include;

  • Espresso Bali blend($12.99-$125.99)
  • Total Chaos blend($12.99-$125.99)
  • Mystery blend($12.99-$125.99)
  • All green strains combo($115.99)
  • All red strains combo($105.99)
  • Bali blend crushed leaf($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Bentuangie($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Classic Red Bali($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Green Horned leaf($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Green Indonesian($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Green Maeng Da($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Green Sumatra($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Green vein Borneo($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Green vein Riau($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Green vein Thai($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Horned leaf Maeng Da($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Hulu Kapuas($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Maeng Da(Red Vein)($11.99-$375.99)
  • Maeng Da Red vein supreme($12.99-$125.99
  • Pleasant Green Bali Supreme($12.99-$125.99)
  • Red Indonesian($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Red Malaysian($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Red Sumatra($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Red vein Borneo($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Red vein Thai($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Red vein Riau($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Super Indonesian($12.99-$125.99)
  • Super Green Malaysian($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Vietnam($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • White Bali($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • White-Horned leaf($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • White Maeng Da($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • White Sumatra($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • White vein Borneo($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • White vein Riau($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • White vein Thai($ 11.99-$121.99)
  • Yellow Sudanese ($12.99-$125.99)

Green leaf kratom capsules

Green leaf kratom also sells kratom capsules. Each capsule weighs 0.5 grams. Remember this weight only accounts for the entire weight and not just the kratom powder.

They include

  • Bentuangie capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Classic red Bali capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Empty capsules ($5-$15)
  •  Espresso Bali Blend capsules ($10.99-$55.99)
  • Green Borneo kratom ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Green Horned leaf capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Green Indonesian ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Green Maeng Da ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Green Riau capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Green Sumatra capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Green Thai capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Horned leaf Maeng Da ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Hulu Kapuas capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Maeng Da (Red vein) Capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • Maeng Da (Red vein) supreme capsules ($10.99-$55.99)
  • Mystery blend capsules ($10.99-$55.99)
  • pleasant green Bali supreme ($10.99-$55.99)
  • Red Borneo capsules($10.99-$55.99)
  • Red Indonesian capsules($9.99-$54.99)
  • Red Malaysian capsules($9.99-$54.99)
  • Red Riau capsules($9.99-$54.99)
  • Red Sumatra capsules($9.99-$54.99)
  • Red Thai capsules($9.99-$54.99)
  • super Indonesian capsules($10.99-$55.99)
  • Superior Green Malaysian capsules ($10.99-$55.99)
  • Total  Chaos blend capsules ($10.99-$55.99)
  •  Vietnam capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • White Bali capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • White-Horned leaf capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • White Maeng Da capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
  • White Sumatra capsules ($9.99-$54.99)
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Green leaf specialized blends

Green leaf has three special blends.

They are

  • Espresso Bali Blend($12.99-$125.99)
  • Mystery blend($12.99-$125.99)
  • Total chaos blend($12.99-$125.99)

Green leaf combinations

Green leaf has two combinations.

  • All red veined strains combo- this is a combination of 10 red strains of kratom packaged as 250 grams each strain contributes 25 grams.
  • All green veined strains combo- It is a combination of 11 green veined kratom strains packaged as 275grams each strain contributing 25grams.

Green leaf branded products

Green leaf has several branded kratom products that include;

  • Kratom therapy FSE kratom extract ($14.95-$29.95)
  • Kratom therapy full spectrum Alkaloid tincture ($29.95)
  • Kratom therapy premium Bali capsules ($23.95)
  • Kratom therapy premium Bali powder ($17.95)
  • Kratom therapy superior Maeng Da capsules ($23.95)
  • Kratom therapy superior Maeng Da powder ($17.95)
  • Kratom therapy superior Malaysian capsules ($23.95)
  • Kratom therapy superior Malaysian powder ($17.95)
  • Kratom therapy superior red dragon capsules ($23.95)
  • Kratom therapy superior red dragon powder ($17.95)
  • Kratom therapy white vein Thai capsules ($23.95)
  • Kratom therapy white vein Thai powder ($17.95)
  • O.P.M.S. Gold capsules ($18.95-$24.95)
  • O.P.M.S. Liquid kratom ($18.95)
  • White rabbit Maeng Da capsules ($8.95-$30.95)
  • White rabbit Thai capsules ($24.95-$35.95)
  • Zen kratom extract capsules ($9.95-$45.95)
  • Zen kratom liquid extract ($15.95)

Customer service

Green leaf kratom boasts of an excellent customer service department, who are always ready to respond to customer concerns during regular working hours.

How to place an order

Placing an order at Green leaf is pretty easy if you are new in the site, you need to sign up and create an account by providing the relevant information. One must sign in every time they require purchasing products from Green leaf kratom. As you exist, the system will prompt e buyer to pay for the goods. The order is delivered once it has been processed.

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Coupons deals and discounts

If you purchase their kratom products using bitcoins, you attract a 25% discount. Those who opt to pay via check attract a 15% discount. Besides the discounts offered, shipping is done free. This is one aspect that has made them famous in the kratom market. They also reward their members with discounts based on their subscription levels. Green leaf kratom runs different promotions and issues coupons for their customers. What out for these coupons on special days and occasions like black Friday.


Reviews by their past customers depict Green leaf kratom as a reliable kratom vendor. Their quality and speedy delivery alongside a responsive customer care department are some of the most impressive traits. Some of their customers complain that their prices are pricey compared to their competitors though they applaud them for the quality. In 3 days, one should expect the shipment of their ordered products.


You can reach Green leaf Kratom Via (866) 280-1212 or contact the relevant department. One can also fill a contact form from their website. According to information on their website, responses are available after a few hours during regular business hours. If one does not get a response in 3 days, they advise their customers to resent the email.

Contact the respective department via these emails

Business hours

  • Monday –Friday: 8AM-4PM PST
  • Saturday & Sundays: Closed


Green leaf kratom, 2410 Birch St, Vista, CA 92081

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Final thoughts

Green leaf kratom is an emerging leader in the kratom industry; they pride as an entity that specializes in kratom products only. They offer a wide range of high-quality kratom product. They deliver fast besides having a responsive customer care department. For high-quality kratom products, Green leaf kratom will be the answer.