If you are a Kratom enthusiast, you probably know that Kratom plant is barely grown in the United States or any other country apart from countries in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. This is merely a reflection of how elusive getting a headshop that sells quality Kratom can be. Despite being considered as an herbal medicine with some influence in the medical world, it is not considered as alternative medicine. As such, it’s not distributed by drug stores thus hard to find.

Perhaps you’ve taken the initiative and Googled “head shops near me that sell Kratom” but still did not get any satisfactory results? There are other methods you could use to locate a headshop nearby that sell Kratom.
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Other Methods to locate a headshop

Using your Smartphone

  • Since smartphones are the most disposable devices that can be used to locate things, it’s only logical to try and use them to find headshops near you. Amongst the multitude of applications offered by Google, Google maps are perhaps one of the most useful tools to locate Kratom headshops.
  • Reliable technology that lets you track business and other items through satellite imagery. It doesn’t get better than that. It’s hard to ignore the efficiency of the app which gives you the travel time, distance, and possible landmarks.
  • Depending on the legality of Kratom in your location, you can type in headshops that sell Kratom near me, and you are good to go. If you are lucky enough to live a state like Florida where Kratom is legal, you can ask for some sample before purchasing it.
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Kratom Maps

  • Kratom maps are the other efficient tool used by most Kratom users to track vendors and headshops. The website is constantly updated with reputable Kratom dealers. On the website is a section for the visitors where you can enter your zip code or address and wait for their website to crosscheck for their database for headshops near you.
  • Visitors can also select different modes of transit such as cycling, driving, or walking before the distance and time to the nearest headshop can be calculated. Kratom dealers can also add their shops to be added to the Kratom maps database.


  • Craigslist is the least attractive option, but the chances of getting a headshop near you are relatively higher. The best strategy when buying Kratom for a headshop you found on Craigslist is to ask questions and do some research beforehand.
  • Many countries in Europe and the United States have welcomed the use of Kratom, however, finding the best headshops locally can be challenging and requires some trial and error.

Tips when Buying Kratom from Headshops near you

Before buying Kratom from the headshop, it’s important to appreciate that there is a multitude of varieties of Kratom with varying potency. Therefore, it’s essential to do some researcher seek some guidance from someone who’s familiar with purchasing Kratom from a headshop. That’s where we come in giving you an insight of some of the basics and tips of buying Kratom from a headshop.

It’s common to find a headshop that does not have your best interest at heart. The Kratom might be adulterated with other substances or generally of poor quality. This can be dangerous. Stay away from shiny or products with attractive packaging. They are often used as a ploy to lure in Kratom users. Eve id the headshop has above average reviews; you can never be too sure. If you have to buy Kratom from a headshop make sure you visually inspect the product.

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To avoid purchasing expired products, buy Kratom in powder instead of capsules or extracts. Moreover, before you are purchasing the Kratom reevaluate the main reason for buying the Kratom.

Some of the things you should consider before buying the Kratom are:

  • The exact reason why you are buying the Kratom in the first place. You probably already know Kratom has different benefits and effects. From medical, recreational, to helping you with the daily activities, you can get the most out of your shopping expedition.
  • The strain you want to ingest should also be considered. It’s important to note the different strains of Kratom available and their unique benefits. After consideration of the type of strain that best suits your needs, you can now delve into choosing the right one for your needs. Furthermore, since Kratom can be ingested in different ways, you’ll have to consider the form of Kratom you should ingest.

How do you know the Headshop is selling quality Kratom?

There aren’t many indicators that can be used to spot quality Kratom products. The only thing you can do is get your facts straight. You can do this by reading about Kratom and noting the prices of different Kratom products. Good quality Kratom is always sold out at a reasonable price. Kratom that is sold out at a price below the standard one is often tainted. If you intend to buy quality Kratom products, then you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. Other indicators you can use to spot quality Kratom are; texture good Kratom doesn’t have stems or veins in it. If the headshop offers samples before purchase, then you can also use this to grade the quality of the Kratom.
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Head Shops vs. Online Vendors

  • Purchasing Kratom from headshops is not a welcomed idea. Online vendors have a better reputation than headshop dealers. Some headshops mainly focus on selling other products as opposed to some online vendors who primarily focus on selling quality Kratom. Therefore, headshops are likely to have low-quality Kratom.
  • Low-quality head shops often have Kratom products with weird names and shiny packaging, if you notice this, step back and look for other alternatives to get your Kratom. Always ask for a sample before buying it.
  • You don’t have to ingest the Kratom to determine the quality; you can study it visually, touch it to feel the texture or even smell it. Generally, buying Kratom locally from headshops near you is not a safe bet, the owners rarely know the herb apart from the fact that it’s profitable.
  • It’s possible to find good Kratom from a headshop, but it takes tons of research. The worst case scenario is if you buy Kratom that’s filled with other herbs. Headshop dealers, in most cases, do not know how to handle the Kratom products, that’s why online vendors are the better option.