Whenever in need of Kratoms, Herbal RVA is the best place where all your Kratom wants will be satisfied. Herbal RVA is the best vendors in this industry and never have I been able to see any other vendor who can compete with RVA’s prices, quality, and inventory among others. It is also an excellent option to try and see what other vendors offer to be able to differentiate between them.

Many vendors mainly sell on bulks meaning to get kratoms on a retail price is hard. It might be a waste of money at the long end if one finds the vendor not offering the type of Kratom he or she is in interested. Herbal RVA shipping is done at affordable prices making it very affordable for their customers.

This is one of the ways which the RVA vendors have managed to keep their customers to subscribe to them for very long. Most of their customers are very loyal and have no plans of stopping their business with the vendor at any time soon.

Herbal RVA vs Speciosa

Over the years Speciosa has been one of the biggest rivals to RVA in the vending of Kratoms. Herbal RVA has been working day and night to outclass them in their services and some of the structures that they have been putting in place over the years have ensured that they remain relevant in the trade. Herbal RVA has all the varieties of Kratoms available at their disposal and is available at affordable prices and top-quality form. Some of the favorites will discuss here.

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Herbal RVA Matcha Green Tea

Over the years Matcha Green Tea has been a long-standing tradition of the Japanese culture. It is the highest quality of any powdered green tea available. It is made from the nutrient-rich young leaves picked from tips of shade-grown Camelia Sinensis plants. It has been consumed for over a millennium in the far and middle east and today is considered one of the most powerful superfoods in the market today.

At Herbal RVA the best quality of this product is available at $22 for each kilogram. The vendor also advises us on when and how to use it which is an added advantage since many other vendors do not do the same.

Herbal RVA Organic Green Tea

It has been a very significant challenge over the years to overcome caffeine addiction. Most have been trying to come up with solutions against it and on many occasions have failed. Science has enabled us to come up with possible ideas in decaffeination, and the organic green tea must be just the perfect solution to this. Organic green tea exploits almost all the health properties of the green tea leaf without the drinker having to get accustomed to caffeine addiction. This is much beneficial to the health status of every consumer in the long run.

To add on that, Organic Green Tea is also very delicious. To all the enthusiastic teal lovers this might be just the best solution for them. The product is available in good quality and form, at all the Herbal RVA vending points. Its price ranges from $11-$63 on different quantities sold. Shipment can be made to any location that you need it in.

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Root Beer Iced Tea

This might be the perfect beverage you need as you relax with friends having nostalgia for the memories that make you all excited. This is a form of black tea which blends monk fruit, wintergreen oil, sarsaparilla, natural root beer flavor, and Vanilla to create an undeniable delicious and tasty tea. Another healthy trait in it is that it doesn’t need much sugar.

It can use without all the sugar. This is very advantageous. It is not caffeinated and has low levels of possible addiction making it another healthy product for human consumption. Its also available in all the RVA vending points and there you get the best quality at $9 for the minimum quantity (100g).

Honey Bush Tea

In recent years, drinking of herbal tea has become a trend in many households and societies. All over the world people are forgoing the everyday tea for herbal tea to stay healthy. This is something that has been very beneficial to many people regarding their health statuses.

Herbal teas are good for everyone healthy this is not a fallacy that it is being spread just for marketing, it is the plain truth. Different types of herbs can be use in the preparation of herbal tea. The honeybush herb is one of the most beneficial herbs that can use in this case. Its flowers are huge and most of the times can be either yellow or red. This fantastic type of tea is the perfect substitute for your regular cup of coffee or tea. It’s also very much is available at RVA. It goes at $22 per kilogram.

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Organic Assam Tea

This is the perfect kind of beverage to start your morning. Organic Assam tea is rich in nutrients and a full-bodied tea which is always good for your health in the long run. It is considered one of the best in the world for use as a beverage. It is also known for its very consistent color and robust. It has a slightly bitter taste, and it’s too woody.

Its major benefit is that it helps reduce cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is the source of many heart problems and certain cancers hence its reduction is much beneficial. The tea is available at Herbal RVA in large stocks and an affordable price. It goes for $21 per kilogram.


This is a spice that originates from the Turmeric plant. Most Asians use it in their foods. In curry, it is the main spice. It is warm and bitter and mostly used to flavor and color curry powders. It is also used widely for medicinal purposes. In medicine, it is used for Heartburn, Arthritis, Joint pain, stomach pain, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.

It has many other uses in the field of medicine making it an essential herb. It is very beneficial to its users. People taking food enrichened with Turmeric are very advantaged and can keep most infections off their doors. Turmeric costs $5 on every 100g sold at Herbal RVA.

Herbal RVA Other products:

  • Honey Bush Tea @ $22.00
  • Matcha Green Tea @ $22.00
  • Organic Green Tea Decaf @ $11.00 – $63.00
  • Root Beer Iced Tea @ $9.00 – $63.00
  • Organic Assam Tea @ $9.00 – $63.00
  • Rooibos Herbal Tea@ $7.50 – $70.00
  • White Peach Tea @ $15.00 – $44.00
  • Winter Berry Blend @ $9.00 – $63.00
  • 8oz Container Candle @ $9.00
  • 8oz Molded Candle @$9.00
  • Moringa Rated 5.00 out of 5  @ $9.00
  • Turmeric @ $5.00 – $10.00
  • Black Pepper @ 8.50 – $40.00
  • Ginger @ $10.00 – $33.00
  • Sarsaparilla Root @ $9.00
  • Tongkat @ $9.00
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At Herbal RVA all the mentioned Herbs and many others are available in the best form and at affordable prices. The use of the vendors to obtain the Kratoms is much convenient to the users as they also provide coupons. These coupons make obtaining the herbs to be very simple for many users. Thus, at Herbal RVA, you will get the best quality of Kratoms at very affordable prices.