A student at Winchester University was found dead due to the excessive use of the kratom. This substance is legal in the country, but it has toxic effects, which is proved by the death of David Daniels who was studying at Winchester University.

First Time Kratom Is Solely Responsible For A Death In The Country

It has never before happened in the UK that kratom alone was responsible for someone’s death. Kratom is an herb that comes from Southeast Asia, and currently, there are no restrictions over its use, and it is legally allowed to sell in the UK. However, the death of Daniels has caused the government to be alert and take some action.

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Daniels Forged A Reference And Personal Training Certificate

Daniels was from Hampshire and intended to study sports science at Winchester and had lived with his girlfriend in New York. He was also involved in a physiotherapy and psychiatry business with his partner.
An investigation performed by the Home Office Officials over the documents Daniels used to attend Winchester. It was discovered that Daniels forged a reference and a personal training certificate and he got arrested because he was also accused of stealing items from his ex-girlfriend. The Winchester Police questioned him, but later the investigation for theft was dropped because he was to be deported back to the United States after two weeks.

Confirmation About His Death; Kratom Took His Life

After a week of the investigation, some concerns were raised over his welfare and police entered his flat, where his body was found lying on the floor in the kitchen.
During the inquiry, it discovered that Daniels had been using kratom for a few years, as according to Peter Street, a toxicology consultant, high levels of the substance were present in his blood. He reported that it was not the only substance in his blood; rather there were at least 10 more substances that included anti-epileptic medications and anti-depressants. Confirmation on the reason for his death from coroner Graham Short showed that two of the main chemicals of kratom, 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, caused his death.
The drug might be taken for recreational purposes and on a regular basis; that was why an extra dose had been consumed. It stayed in his body and caused some critical problems. Another possibility may be that Daniels misunderstood the substance and its effects.

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What Are The Government’s Plans?

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker was asked whether the government is considering banning this substance. He said that the trade of such substances is reckless and the government will consider it, as some youngsters in this country have died because of it. There are almost 350 more substances which have been banned permanently which were sold as legal highs. A panel of experts has been appointed who are believed to be the best minds in the country. They will report how well we can fight against the trade of this dangerous substance. A report of their views will be made very soon.