Hill Country Kratom is also known as HCK Wellness LLC is one of the best kratom vendors to shop kratom online in the USA. But, how can you trust them if you are a first-time customer? You would certainly have to do your research and dig deeper into the user reviews over Reddit and other famous kratom forums like I Love Kratom.

To make everything crystal clear and transparent for you, this ultimate and honest Hill Country Kratom Brand Review will help you make your final decision regarding the purchase.

So let’s have a deep dive into the Hill Country Kratom Brand Review and evaluate if they are really legit?

Hill Country Kratom (HCK) Brand Review For Enthusiasts

Hill Country Kratom (HCK Wellness LLC) is based in Texas and has experience of quite a few years in the kratom industry. In 2016, their store in Texas was raided by authorities – officers of Gillespie County, who had a warrant against them.

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Without a doubt, they lost the bulk supply of their CBD and kratom products as a result of confiscation, but they managed to stand back and deliver like a pro in the local area. Their whole business was rebuilt and restarted to meet the needs of their worthy kratom users who had complete trust in them.

In the subsequent years after 2016, they got justice and incredibly paced up their kratom store by introducing the rarest kratom strains Red vein Kalimantan kratom.

Now, you can buy premium kratom powders and other botanicals at HCK Wellness LLC in US states where kratom is legal. A portion of their revenue goes straight to the native kratom communities. These donations are aimed at building schools for their children and financially helping them out.

Apart from Mitragyna Speciosa, Hill Country Kratom Brand sells all-natural botanicals like Tongkat Ali and Moringa Leaf Powder.

From Where Does Hill Country Kratom Source Their Kratom? (Kalbar Farm)

In the north of Bali, Indonesia is a pollution-free island known as Kalimantan. All of Hill Country’s premium kratom leaf powders are directly sourced from their reputable Kalbar farm located in the heart of Kalimantan Island.

If you open their website – www.hckwellness.com, you can instantly have a sneak-peek of the luxurious area where their kratom strains grow. Without a doubt, they are keen on hygiene and cleanliness, keeping the health of their potential customers on priority.

The Quality Of Kratom At Hill Country Kratom

Are you looking for a pharmaceutical-grade Mitragyna Speciosa? The kratom products at HCK Wellness LLC are the results of exceptional farming practices of seasoned and professional farmers of Southeast Asia. These farmers have led their whole life growing and harvesting kratom.

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All the strains are carefully harvested, de-stemmed, and de-veined, ensuring that only fresh, blemish-free, and juiciest kratom leaves make their way to the drying session and later grinding. They dry all the leaves indoor and use fast-acting grinders to make the powders granule-free and super-soft. The exceptional quality and your safety are for sure guaranteed when it comes to Hill Country’s Kratom.

According to the owner “We truly care about you as a respected individual doing the best for you and your family that deserves the best of you. We will always bring you along with us on our journey to bring the best. It is the way we roll.  Stainless steel grinding machines do not leave heavy metals and are sanitized after every crop is rotated and processed”.

Do They Lab Test Their Products?

Although there is no public evidence of lab tests report at the website of Hill Country Kratom brand, according to the user reviews and brand ranking, their kratom is all-natural and 100% organic.

You can contact them directly to check whether they lab-test their kratom products for contaminants like metals, E.coli, pesticides, and salmonella, and pathogens.

The Exceptional Product Line At Hill Country Kratom

Are you looking forward to buying kratom at Hill Country Kratom brand? Their exceptional product line with loaded potency will cross your expectations. You can buy organic botanical specimens, live Mitragyna Speciosa plants, and kratom powders with a wide variety of strains.

Kratom Strains That You Can Buy At Hill Country Kratom

At HCK Wellness, their Super Green Borneo, Green Vein Elephant, and Red Kalimantan kratom will steal the show for you. These strains are rich in alkaloids and produce ever-lasting and enduring health-boosting effects of kratom.

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However, currently, their website is being updated. Therefore they have only Green vein Elephant kratom available for sale. Since their website is under process for the update, we are unable to find other products. But, no worries folks! You can always make a call to their customer service and inquire about your queries.

Although their product line for kratom is not that massive, what they have got is of grade-A quality, and will definitely mark a prominent difference in your health regime.

How Much Kratom Would Cost At Hill Country Kratom?

As they have a bit limited product line, the sizes they offer are also a bit restricted. Currently, they offer only two sizes, 4 ounces, and 8 ounces. The pricing for each strain remains the same no matter what size you choose.

You can buy 4 ounces or 113g of kratom (Red Kali, Super Green Borneo) for $45 and 8 ounces or 227g for $70.

No doubt, their prices are a little bit at the higher end but their quality is worth what they charge.

Other Botanical Specimens That You Can Buy At Hill County Kratom

Additionally, Hill Country Kratom also sells other botanical specimens.  You can also buy premium quality Moringa Leaf Powder (one ounce for $30), Calm (Natural Vitality – a blend of Calcium and Magnesium) for $30, and Shungite EMF Blocker for $20 at their web store. These products are made with organic ingredients and do not contain anything artificial.



Does Hill Country Kratom Offer Any Coupon Codes?

Are you searching for Hill Country Kratom’s coupon codes? I know, a little bit of discount that too on your favorite strain can add to your happiness. To make your shopping experience a memorable one, we have explored and listed down Hill Country Kratom coupon codes. We are not sure if they are still in use at the time of writing this review because they can expire anytime, but you can give them a try.

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List Of Coupon Codes That You Can Use At HCK LLC

  • BITCOIN20 – You can get 20% off on your net amount if you are placing an order of more than $100 and using Bitcoin as your payment method.
  • HCKFAM – Place an order of $200 and get 20% off. Everyone can use this coupon code at HCK Wellness LLC.
  • PMS – This coupon code is just for ladies. You can grab straight 10% off your net amount if you place an order of $50.
  • VETCODE18 – Hey you all veterans! You can grab straight 20% off on orders worth $200 or more.

Are you sick, or struggling with any underlying condition? If you want Hill Country Kratom to assist you in any way, feel free to drop a message or directly call them. They would do their best to help you out even if you need any donations depending upon your condition.

Note: All the orders at Hill Country Kratom are exempted from shipping costa. You don’t need any promo code to avail this offer. It will be applied automatically at the checkout.

The Reddit User Reviews About Hill Country Kratom

When it comes to user reviews about Hill Country Kratom, you will find numerous folks praising their product quality and customer service.

One of the enthusiasts says “They’re one of the best vendors for quality Kratom”. Another user said “I really like HCK,” “I fu**ing love HCK.

Under the same thread, another user said “they are by far my favorite.”

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Other users commented “they are by far my favorite”

Final Thoughts

Hill Country Kratom (HCK) LLC is an authentic kratom vendor who has a family business of kratom and works directly with experienced and seasoned farmers of Indonesia. They are known for their superior quality kratom and exceptional customer service. For the best kratom experience, you have to try their Mitragyna Speciosa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can You Contact Hill Country Kratom?

You can contact Hill Country Kratom by following the “contact us” option at the left bottom of their website. The link will take you to their contact form where you will enter your email and query. If you want to call them directly, dial-up this phone number (808) 755-9105 and their customer care representative will respond shortly.

  • How To Use Coupon Code At Hill Country Kratom?

The coupon codes can be used to save a few bucks while finalizing your bill. When you checkout at Hill Country Kratom’s website after confirming your order, you will see an option “enter coupon code”. Enter the coupon code and you will get the following discount.

  • Do They Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, HCK Wellness does offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their products, simply contact them for a refund and they will ensure you get all your money back.