People of Southeast Asia have been using Kratom, the natural herb for the treatment of diabetes, for several years, therefore, it can be said that diabetes and this herb have an association there for many years.

Type-2 Diabetes

It is the form of diabetes due to which the flow of blood sugar into the cells by our insulin for the production of energy. The form of diabetes is found very commonly among people, and good news for these patients is that Kratom has been shown to restore the function of insulin, which is required in the case of type-2 diabetes.

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Is There Any Permanent Cure?

It is an unfortunate fact that we do not have enough studies as evidence of the success of this herbal remedy yet. The role of pharmaceutical companies is also not appreciative in this matter as they are not looking for a cure that would be proved more effective or in other words, we can say that they have no intention of making such a drug.

Why Do These Companies Have Such Intentions?

It is not a good sign that the pharmaceutical industry has its main focus on the profit rather than the health of the public and in the treatment for the symptoms of diabetes, there is a huge profit being earned by the industry, and it would never like to lose that to develop and provide better treatments for diabetes.

  • The profitability increases when diabetes takes a more severe form, and it gives birth to heart diseases. There will be new drugs for the remedy, which would hike the profits more. The problems increase and ultimately reach surgery.
  • If a disease like diabetes is cured, what will happen then? Patients will no longer require their medications for every month, and no test strips would be needed to test the sugar level in the blood. The profits will also go down with the decrease in demand of such things as the patients will not require insulin, which is a long-term remedy.
  • Moreover, the tendency of the patients to make frequent visits to their doctors will also come to an end.
Kratom Company – Has It Stopped Selling Kratom

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Agencies like this suggest the patients minimize the disease and its effects through the changes in the diet and lifestyle. For example, limiting the use of alcohol and tobacco and a routine of daily exercise. Although we have seen that it is a successful act to have control on your diet and plan your lifestyle to get efficient results and there are no side effects as metformin has, how long can you control your diet? It is not about two or three weeks, you will need to implement this plan long-term.

Which Kratom Strain is Best for Diabetes Patients?

Maeng da, Green Malay and White Maeng da are best for diabetes patients.

Role of Kratom

Diabetic patients have the problem of weight gain, and their energy level goes down with the passage of time and what is the best remedy for such problems?

Yes, the natural herb can be beneficial here as it has criticized for weight loss. On the other hand, it has an amazing ability to boosting your energy level.

The dilemma is that Kratom is not being given the status of what it deserves. The FDA which is the hurdle in the way of this herbal cure should recognize its importance and allow it to be promoted and used without any difficulty.