Why Red Horn Kratom Can Be So Difficult To Find & Is Easily Confused With Other Strains

Thailand has been cultivating Red Horn Kratom for centuries within the jungles of Borneo. Its rarity is just because the country is the only place it can be found, and it is difficult to grow or cultivate even there. For these reasons production is kept on a small level and due to Red Horn’s high medicinal and market value, crops are usually sold also before they are harvested. Being able to find any at all is a real score.

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Its ability to settle nerves and reduce pain make Red Horn worth any trouble it may be to find. With leaves so similar to Maeng Da’s many believe Red Horn is a hybrid of Maeng Da and red-veined Kratoms. However, don’t confuse the two because they may look similar, but they are different plants. A high value has always been placed on red-veined Kratom in any form for its undeniably therapeutic effect.

Still Confused? Get a detailed hand on Red Borneo Kratom

Reasons To Use Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn has a nickname, and people call it the “unpredictable one” with good reason. Effects are similar to Red Bali or Kali, and some consumers find that the opiate-like, laid back feel it produces hits them harder than another red vein Kratom. Under its influence, stressful situations lose their power to rattle a person’s nerves. As a sleep aid, it is invaluable because sometimes all it takes to cure stress is a good nights sleep and being able to wake to feel refreshed instead of suffering from an OTC pill “hangover.”

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Red Horn Kratom Dosage Advice

  • Remember that finely ground powders can be difficult to measure correctly. Red Horn is very potent, always take care to get the amount exactly right and avoid overdose.
  • An electric weight scale is highly recommended for anyone using powdered Kratom.
  • Depending on your metabolism, one gram per dose is typical except when taken for pain; then a slightly higher amount may be needed.
  • Never take more than recommended. More is not always better, especially for something as potent as Kratom can be.

Different Ways To take Kratom

Opinions on the best way to use Kratom vary from person to person. So far, the most popular two ways are either drinking or eating it.

Did you know that Kratom comes in forms other than powder?

How you use it won’t have any effect on the desired result, but if you don’t care for tea or Kratom spice in your food, there are other options. Try each of the following, and you’ll soon discover the method that suits you and your taste buds best. Whichever way you choose, the effect is going to be the same.

  • An extract can be mixed into juice, fruit smoothies, ice-cream, etc.
  • Capsules are simply powder or extract encased in gelatin. This is to date, the only known way to enjoy Kratom without any hint of its taste or smell.
  • The leaf can be smoked, but that is one of the least popular ways due to its harshness
  • Many natives of the areas where Kratom is cultivated chew the leaf. It can have a bitter tint to it though so this option isn’t for everyone.
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Mind and Body, Both Benefit From Red Horn Kratom

There is no doubt Red Horn has the potential to bring on blissful, euphoric feelings but keep in mind that it takes at least 9 grams to reach that point. That much is not a good idea for new users, and they should be cautious when dealing with this strain. It could just be that since no two people are alike, Red Horn can have a different effect from one person to another, and even from one day to the next for the same person which is how it earned the name “unpredictable.” You could use the same dose two days in a row and get a slightly different, though no less enjoyable feeling each day.

Other than being a natural painkiller, Red Horn is known to more specifically target healing rather than aiming for pure euphoria or mood enhancement.

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Effects last a long time which is one reason it makes such a good sleep aid. One dose is generally all it takes to sleep through the night.

So many red kratoms available in the market, Thailand Red vein kratom is also one of the strong kratom.